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Today on Naturally Inspired Radio the new war is spiritual, IG Farben and the merger with Bayer, Factor 8 and how it poisoned people, Joe Scarborough on medical corruption, human sperm down 50%, chemical violence, low testosterone, 7 tips for the new spiritual war.    

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Show Transcription

Show Introduction: Welcome to naturally inspired radio. Coming to you from Wild County, Colorado, a right to farm community, and a Atlanta of America. Providing real solutions for a healthy living, get back to basics, defend your right to health, big pharma, big assurance big food needs a big overhaul, naturally inspired radio, helping people feel good so they can do what they love for long haul.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: While Hello. Welcome to Tuesday Tuesday episode of Naturally Inspire Radio. A very crisp day here in Northern Colorado. I hope your week has gotten off to a good start, that you had a good Monday, and that you’re just out one more day closer to Christmas. No pressure.
No pressure. I’m still getting stuff ready myself as we’re getting closer. Trying not to stress it. Right? Because it’s all small stuff.
Nobody’s gonna notice if their stocking is missing some this or that. Right? They’re not gonna notice. You don’t have to stress out over all that stuff. It’s all about just making sure we show our love for one another.
And that we enjoy the day. Right? Especially moms. Moms listen. It is not worth you being in a bad mood.
Your family does not. They would much rather you be happy and relaxed and enjoying the day then you rushing around, trying to make sure you got just the right stuff for the stockings and all of the food and all of that stuff. So try to keep that in mind. I say that for myself too, of course, because I know how it is, and we can do that to ourselves. So take a breath and try to enjoy each and every day as we approach closer to the holiday.
Christmas. Yes. What have I noticed? So in social media right now, I don’t know if you noticed, but I definitely noticed. There’s some people like Tucker, Carlson, you know, other other kind of mainstream presenters that have noticed that has kind of started a conversation about the thing we’re in, which is most definitely spiritual warfare.
You and I, you know, this audience here on thirteen sixty definitely probably knows that. But this is kind of new to a lot of people that what we are in has felt bigger to those of us that are connected that recognize our consciousness and and, you know, connect to God. We we have known that this is a much bigger thing that’s been going on for the last almost four years. And we’ve referred to it as spiritual warfare and, you know, you just feel like it’s spiritual because it it has gotten so crazy that what was commonly known as good. Like, we could all agree, this is this is good, was flipped upside down.
And that became bad. And everything that’s kind of dark and what like, almost like craziness was then you know, regarded as being good. This complete shift. And I was talking to Jay this morning, actually. And talking about this whole idea that people like Tucker Carlson are now recognizing, hey, this is actually much bigger.
Than what we’ve thought it is. It’s not about politics. It’s not about, you know, my way or this way or technology or whatever. There’s there’s something else going on here that feels pretty much like a spiritual warfare. And when you hear people like Tucker Carlson talk about it or maybe even like Elon Musk or some, you know, some of these other people that wouldn’t really use that language in the past.
It’s just reaffirming to me that, yeah, this is what we’ve been trying to tell you this whole time that there’s there’s really evil at foot here. And that’s that’s just kind of interesting. I I can’t wait to see where this discussion goes because Tucker has, you know, he said on a podcast the other day. And he’s been asked about it several times since when he said, you know, I don’t know for sure but it feels like, you know, that there’s dark energy, that this is spiritual warfare, that maybe this is even, you know, maybe it’s not aliens. Maybe it’s maybe it’s more demonic entities.
I mean, the way he was talking I felt like he was he’d been talking or reading my friend David Ike’s books because I was like, wow. That’s something I never thought I would hear out of, like, someone like Tucker Carlson or some of these other people that are mentioning this. Like, wow. I thought So shout out to my friend David Ike and and the Ike family because they’ve been saying this for a long time. And it’s I don’t know where this is going.
I don’t know where this is going. This conversation is going, but it’s definitely is getting more out into the masses that we are dealing with dark energy here and that we are much more than just a meat suit of human, you know. We have a frequency. We have we connect. We have consciousness.
We We have these things that we have not paid attention to for decades now. For decades, we have been conditioned to think your human body, you know, you gotta hurt, you gotta bring your everything compartmentalized. It’s all physical. It can all be explained through science, biology. Take this pill, take this procedure, you know, and we’ve completely stopped putting any thought into this other thing that we have.
As human beings, which is this consciousness thing, this connection to god, this this vibration, this creative ability that comes from, where does that come from? It appears like it comes out of nowhere. Right? It can be explained by science, maybe, that our synapses are firing in our brains, and it’s it’s really just the way your brain is formed and They try to explain it, but they really can’t. Nobody can.
It’s just called being human. And I think finally, we’re starting to talk about it in a much broader sense than just like us, you know, woo woo people that have been targeted as cooks or or whatever, you know, not not real or or really out there. No, though. I’m you know, you’re gonna have to deal with this. People are going to have to deal with this because it’s becoming obvious that there’s something much bigger at play here.
And so I’m excited. I hope you’re excited. I can’t wait to see where this conversation is going. Now that it’s starting to edge in to the more mainstream. And, you know, when you start here in Tucker Carlson, talk about possibly demonic entities and and, you know, talking to God and consciousness and all this stuff.
You know things are changing. And I laugh because, I don’t know, told you. Right? It’s it’s kind of a funny place to be. But let’s get to our show today.
I wanted to tell you we’re going to cover IG Farben We’re gonna get into that a little bit more as promised. We’re gonna talk a little bit more about that. We are going to cover Let’s see what do I have on my list here today. We are going to cover testosterone decline We are we are we are at a a decline. And this is actually comes in from one of our listeners who was asking about this.
He wanted to know more about why. We are in decline as humans. I’m talking about males here. When it comes to testosterone. And so we’re gonna talk about that.
We’re gonna talk about solutions. What you can do to build up your testosterone And there are things that you can do because humans sperm actually the concentrations have been falling by fifty percent over the past fifty years and there’s a reason for it. So we’re gonna come up with strategies and we haven’t lost more for today’s shows that we’ll cover as soon as we come back after this break. Thank you so much for being here. This is Natalie Aspired Radio, and I’m Tammy Cuthbert Garcia.
We’ll be right back.

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Okay. So back to today’s show, I got a little discombobulated there. I mixed up my notes and I kinda lost my train of thought. So let’s just go over. We’re gonna talk IG Farben.
That is bear. Behr AG. Right? You know, Behr, they just make aspirin. Maybe not.
Okay? Let’s talk about Behr. We will. And we’re going to talk about a story that was you know, years old now, it’s about factor eight. And what the government did to human beings, to human beings, they did this And it has to do with a product that’s called factor VIII.
It was for hemophiliaX, and it was actually tainted with HIV. And I’ll tell you what they did with it. It is extraordinary. And then we’re gonna talk about the human sperm decline because that’s really important. And then we’ll head right into all that stuff about low test, what you can do about it, why you have it, and you aren’t alone.
I can imagine that that’s kind of a hard thing for a a guy to come to grips with. Like, oh, I’m low test, but I don’t feel low test, you know, maybe or may you know, it’s just something it’s one of those weird things that you don’t wanna have. And you don’t want to think you have. But here’s the truth. Many, many, many people have it.
And if you’re not working to keep your testosterone levels up, then you probably have low test. Because that’s the world we’re living in. So it doesn’t make you any less of a man, it doesn’t mean anything other than it’s time to take to make sure that you’re being purposeful with your actions to bring up your testosterone levels. So we’re gonna talk about that. And I’ll give you some solutions, and then we’ll head to an inspired moment because that is what we do at natural inspired radio.
We’re going to talk about keeping yourself up when things are dark. The topic show we’re talking about this dark energy. People, the mainstream’s even starting to recognize, you know, it could be spiritual warfare here. I’m gonna give you some strategies to get through spiritual warfare, and I hope they will help. So let’s get going.
We’re gonna talk about this IG Farben. So IG Farben was a German chemical company. Okay? And as you can imagine, They participated in the atrocities of World War II. They actually established a synthetic oil and rubber plant at Auschwitz in order to take advantage of slave labor.
So the company conducted drug experiments on live inmates, and after the war, several company officials. Were convicted of war crimes, nine being found guilty of plunder, of property, and occupied territory, and four being found guilty of imposing slave labor and inhumane treatment on on civilians and prisoners of war. Not a good company. Some things that I wanna point out about this relationship is pharma and government. And this goes back to what we were talking about yesterday and knowing what we’re dealing with here.
Because, again, I said it yesterday and I’m gonna say it again. I’ve been told multiple times that, you know, the belief is that we are far past this kind of evil, that this ideology is long gone. We won World War two. This doesn’t exist anymore. And to those people who think that I would say go investigate operation paper clip and understand that many of those people, scientists, military people, you know, intelligence, people that worked in the field of intelligence and warfare, they didn’t actually go away with World War two, that they were transplanted to many different areas And one of those areas is the United States.
So the ideology, I’m sure, you know, it’s much like you or me when we’re online and we’re we’re told not to think something because you can’t post that here. That’s misinformation. Does that change your mind? Do you stop thinking that? No, you don’t.
You just don’t post it. Right? Because you know you’re gonna get kicked off. Or if you’re like me, you do post it and then you do get kicked off. But most people say they take they take a little pause and they am, well, I’m not gonna say that here in this environment.
I’m going to save that for somewhere else. Well, so I don’t know why people think, well, you know, those ideologies are dead. It’s quite the strategy, though, because when we think something’s gone, done no longer exists, then we don’t have to push back against it because it doesn’t exist anymore. It’s over. And that is exactly how, what’s happened over the last four years, has been able to happen because this people couldn’t identify it, but let me just help you identify it.
If you’re discriminating against people because they refuse to take an experimental injection, That’s evil. If you are for taking people’s freedoms from them, based on a why, you’re empowering the lie. That’s evil. It’s all leading to even more evil in the end. Because what these people want, this agenda, Right?
This agenda twenty thirty, this climate cult, this digital currency for mass surveillance. What they want here is complete and utter control over every facet of our life. And that means even who gets to procreate, Yes, they talk about this. All you have to do is sit down and listen to some of these hours and hours of open public meetings where they talk about the future and how you know, they’ll have to be in control of who populates. Does that sound familiar?
But yet there’s this belief that we’re over that ideology, and so it can possibly be the motive here. It looks a little different. We’re talking now about transhumanism. We’re talking now about technology, gene splicing, all in the effort to create a different kind of human. A superior human that doesn’t maybe succumb to certain viruses or can be integrated with machine to think faster, to be more efficient, there’s all kinds of different reasoning behind why they want to achieve this.
But it shouldn’t be mistaken for anything else. Than anti human because that’s what it is. It’s anti human. It’s anti freedom. And if you’re supporting it, you’re support is supporting an evil agenda.
So know who we’re dealing with here. And this is the danger of government, a government regime ideology colluding with private corporations. That’s what we saw in Nazi Germany. With this company, IG Farben, they wouldn’t have been able to carry out chemical experiments and such if they didn’t have companies, scientists working for companies to be able to do that, and that’s what we’re seeing today. So there’s danger.
There’s danger in a government regime that has an ideology that colludes with a private corporation and that is what we have with the pharmaceutical companies, two day. They mandated the product of a private company And this thing has had severe consequences. And don’t tell me there hasn’t been consequences my goodness. It’s they’re littered everywhere. If you are sticking your head in the sand about the consequences from these shots, Wow.
You’re gonna you got some hard times to come in. That’s all I can say, because the truth is coming out more and more every day. The merger of many companies, this is also kind of a flag. This this IG Farben didn’t actually they merged with several small chemical companies until they finally turned into bear. And that’s what we’re gonna see with the biotech industry.
Biotech, as we’ve talked about before, this idea that we’re seeing now that some people are starting to recognize pharma is bad. The shift will be into biologics. And into biotech. And this will be the new saving grace for your health. So yeah, we know, you know, pharma wasn’t the greatest solution.
But guess what? We have a new way to deal with it now. We have way to manipulate your genome. We have biotech. It’s all natural.
See, we’re using your own human qualities. To alter you. And this will be covered under a whole different umbrella of biologics. So don’t make any mistake about it. You know, just because it’s dressed in different clothing doesn’t make it any less evil.
And that’s what we have to keep in the forefront of our mind. Here’s another example of just how evil these corporations colluding with government can be. Let’s check out this clip. It’s about factor VIII. This was a drug for hemophilia.
That was tainted with HIV. This is on MSNBC. This is Joe Scarborough. Take a listen.

Clip 1 – Joe Scarborough: Why does their corporation internal documents show that after this company positively absolutely knew that they had a medication that was infected with the AIDS virus. They took the product off the market in the US, and then they dumped it in France, Europe, Asian, America. The medicines called Factor VIII, it was an injected, an injection medicine that was used for hemophiliacs, mostly children. Children have been worn with an injection.

Clip 1: Hold on. Hold on. Mike’s hold on. Hold on. So you’re telling me that beer knew that this drug was infected with the AIDS virus.
They yanking from the market in America, and then they dumped into the markets overseas.

Clip 1: They had to figure out a way Joe to make a profit on a product that they could not sell in America. So they made a huge profit they jumped. They dropped the product in Japan, Spain, and France. By the way, the government officials in France allowed that to happen actually had to go to prison for it in America. Not one corporate executive for this company is a med mediter or even criminally investigated by our justice department.

Clip 1: Why not? But you’re telling me that these people that dumped this aid state of blood in foreign countries, you kill children have not been taken the task of the

Clip 1: United States. It’s worse than that. The US government allowed it to happen. The FDA allowed this to happen. And now the government is completely looking the other way, thousands of innocent hemophiliacs have died from the AIDS virus and not only they’re done, their family members are done because they’re becoming infected.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: And as we listened yesterday to Leonard Horowitz, talk about the hepatitis the hepatitis shots that were given to many gay men in San Francisco. This makes me feel like I get I get the outrage here with this with this conversation. But I think they’re missing it. And this is just my opinion. Definitely go do your own research.
But to me, this isn’t about profit. This isn’t about profit. They have so much money. It’s it’s not about profit. I mean, yes, they do have fiduciary responsibility as shareholders to their shareholders.
And when I think pharma, I really just think Wall Street. I don’t I don’t think pharma. Oh, they’re saving lives. No. That’s not that’s like a byproduct even if you can call it that.
I think there are specific campaigns that may even be hijacked, you know, by by outside forces, let’s say, using a pharmaceutical company for biowarfare. And so when this guy says, yeah, you know, they needed something to do. They needed to to get rid of this product, this factor VIII, and they had to make profits on it so they dumped it overseas. I think it was probably more likely it was an experiment. They wanted to see what would happen.
Because certainly there was no shortage of profits for bear. Let’s talk more about that when we come back. You’re listening to naturally inspired radio We’ll be right back after this short break. Today’s show is brought to you by naturally inspired minerals dot com. If I could pick only one supplement to take with me on a deserted island it would probably be my plant derived minerals.
I’ve been taking these minerals for years now, and I can’t say enough about them. Our bodies need efficient amounts of minerals, many in trace amounts to function at optimum levels. Keep your mineral levels high and your body feeling good with naturally inspired minerals dot com while supporting our show. If you haven’t visited naturally inspired Radio dot com, when you’re there, you can click on the naturally inspired health network. And when you do that, you’ll be able to see all of the people that we partner with we have some wonderful partners there in the health network that can bring you real solutions for health.
So when you go to naturally inspired radio, head there and you can see all of the different practitioners in our in naturally inspired health network. These are real solutions. And that’s that’s the point here. We gotta get away from these, you know, fake They’re not even solutions. I don’t know what they are.
They’re they’re temporary fixes, I guess, which is what they offer you. We we our practitioners aim to get to the root of the problem. And that’s what we should be paying attention to nowadays, is what’s the cause? What is the cause? Okay.
Let’s get to the story about the decline of testosterone. Maybe you’ve heard it. I think, you know, there’s enough people talking about it. I know I’ve heard RfK junior talk about it. I know Alex Jones talks about it all the time.
That, you know, why? Why is why are men losing the concentration of their sperm? And this is an from chemical violence, where human sperm concentrations have fallen by fifty percent over the past fifty years and pesticides. Are partially to blame. So this is new research out of Virginia that found that commercial pesticides used in gardens on laws lons and elsewhere in and around people’s homes are drastically reducing men’s sperm counts that Melissa Carrie.
She’s a dean of the College of Public Health at George Mason University, found that over the past fifty years, the use of chemicals at home has contributed to an astounding fifty percent reduction in sperm concentration. Okay. So I like how she’s careful there with her words. Right? Like, it’s it’s got a lot to do with the way we’re growing our food, industrial farming.
Okay? Our soil is depleted. Glyphosate, as we’ve talked about so many times on here, is so widely used now. That it’s actually found in most human tissue in in urine in humans. And, you know, amongst many other different chemicals that have become part of our daily lives and have been a part of our daily lives so long that they are now part of our flesh And to think that those types of things wouldn’t have consequences is simply just being naive There’s only so much that your body can can tolerate before your toxic burden becomes overwhelming and you start suffering physical consequences to it.
And for some reason, you know, that just seems to escape us on a lot of levels. Like, you know, it’s we have such a cause, you know, reaction type of way of thinking, like, if I do this, this is gonna happen. And if it doesn’t happen right away, we tend to think, oh, that couldn’t have been it. But it’s really not about, you know, an isolated exposure to something as much as it is. Like, we’re talking exposure after exposure over long periods of time.
And accumulative. And that’s that’s what always gets overlooked. People seem to think, oh, it got sick last week. Well, you know, on this day. No.
Like, there were certain you you set the stage two weeks ago. To get this particular outcome today? Or thirty days ago, I was just trying to explain that to my daughter. You know, she’s she’s got congestion going on right now and it’s kind of been up and down and back and, you know, like, over the last six weeks or so. And she’s sometimes consistent with what I tell her to take and then other times she’s not consistent and then she goes to sleep over and stays up all night and then she wonders why it’s back the next day.
And that’s because she’s setting the stage. Right? If she if you if she really locked it in and stuck to the protocol, got the right sleep, was doing morning routine where she’s getting vitamin d outside, you know, but she’s a kid. I understand. I’m not, you know, militant about this stuff, but I’m just using it as an example, that we tend to think it just happens to us.
So I just caught this cold. Or I just caught this disease. And that isn’t at all the way it happens. It’s a slow progression. The body is amazing.
It is so amazing. It blows my mind. It blows my mind when I see people, you know, struggling to to move this sleep maybe because they’re overweight or they’re they’re injured and they’re smoking and they’re drinking and there’s all kinds of signals showing the body’s trying to signal issue here issue here and the body keeps going it gets up every day and it still allows you to function. That’s how amazing it is. So you know, we Like I said before, you can’t you can’t completely get away from toxic burden.
It’s just not gonna happen. You’re living in the modern world. But you can decrease your toxic burden, and that’s what we should be aiming for. One thing to remember is that your skin is the body’s largest organ. And so many people, I think we tend to think that our skin is, you know, sealed up tight because we’re not leaking blood all over the place.
You know, we don’t We don’t leak. So we must be sealed up tight, no. Your skin is very porous, and it absorbs, and it’s your largest organ. So when we rub on things or, you know, we’re we’re using chemicals or whatever, we do have to be cognizant of that. In addition to that, When we absorb some of these things, they’re endocrine disrupting, meaning they disrupt our endocrine system, they’re messing with our hormones, And in in particular, there are chemicals that are similar to our hormones that mimic the same effects in our bodies.
And so that’s another whole thing. So, you know, it it’s it’s complex, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t do things about it. So let’s get more specific and let’s talk about testosterone because I wanna make sure we address this clearly. So testosterone of course is a prime the primary role of testosterone is, you know, sexual and reproductive function. Right?
I think everybody knows that. It also contributes though to muscle mass. And hair growth, and maintaining bone density, and red blood cell production. And this is a big one, emotional health. Because too too much too much of the time, we completely disregard our emotions when it comes to our health.
It is a signal. It’s a signal. If you are struggling with mood or emotional health, it is a signal, just like your high blood pressure is a signal, just like your, you know, you know, rash on your skin, whatever the signal is. Right? These are all signals.
This allopathic model calls them symptoms. I don’t. I don’t call them symptoms because symptoms have been programmed in your brain to create fear. You when someone says you have this symptom or this is a symptom, your your brain goes, oh, freak out. So we’re changing that language.
Now when you get something pops up, this is a signal. This is your body signaling to you, we gotta do something. It’s time to do something because this is a problem. I can’t handle this anymore. I’m gonna signal to you that I can’t take this anymore and we have to change what we’re doing.
Now that’s a much different thought process because now you understand your body’s working with you. You do not fight your body. It knows nothing else but to keep you alive. And that’s what it’s trying to do every day, all day long, trying to keep you alive. We can help it and thrive or we can sabotage it and make that process painful.
But it doesn’t know any different. It just knows keep on going. I’m gonna keep on going. I’m here to survive. We’ll talk more about that, and we’ll get into the depth of this testosterone.
When we come back, you’re listening to Napoli inspired radio. Stay tuned.

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This movement is growing, you know, this this need for wanting real health solutions is never been bigger. And so we wanna bring that to you. And we wanna help as many people as we can get healthy. That is our mission. Alright.
So testosterone. Some things you need to know. So first of all, let it be known that testosterone levels in men naturally decline with age. Okay? That begins at thirty.
Now that might be a little bit earlier than you would think, but they do start to decline at thirty. And so that’s totally normal. Right? That’s that’s something to be expected. But what’s not to be expected is the endocrine disrupting chemicals.
And that is a real concern because instead of, you know, naturally decreasing testosterone in men, at thirty. We are seeing low testosterone levels in very young young boys. And that’s a real concern. That is a real concern. So this is just one of the reasons why it’s the endo in disrupting chemicals.
Now, what are those? Well, they’re in your household. They’re in personal hygiene products. They’re in chemical cleansers. They’re in contraceptive drugs, and they’re in food and drinking water.
Mhmm. Yep. So some of them you might recognize and we’ll go through we’ll go through those. But EDCs is what they’re called endocrine disrupting chemicals, they do pose a threat to men’s health as they interfere with testosterone production, causing men to take on more feminine characteristics. Some of the other things that they’ve noticed in early infancy.
So early, you know, as early as nine. Some boys even developed in large testicles and other side effects as early as nine. So early puberty is not something to be taken lightly because it can significantly influence physical and psychological health, including an increased risk of hormone related cancers. So some, you know, things that you need to be kind of on the lookout for, and you should be protecting your kids. This is this is This is something I want to cover for sure is that as the parent, you know, we have an obligation to protect our kids and we think We keep them off drugs.
We keep them out of this. Don’t let them, you know, run with the wrong crowd. We we have this idea of what we’re protecting our kids from. But yet, We seem to be completely complacent when it comes to their food in a lot of ways. We put convenience over the health of our kids.
And we cannot do that anymore because we’re suffering consequences. Our kids have never been sicker. And there’s not not only physical sickness like fatty liver disease, which has never been shown in kids until now because of the overconsumption of sugar. That they have. But the overconsumption of sugar doesn’t just stop at fatty liver or physical ailment.
It also contributes to depression it contributes to low self esteem. These mood issues that are that seem to be so prevalent everywhere and that some practitioners seem to be quick to slap a label on so that they can be attached to a lifetime prescription. That feeds big pharma. As a parent, we have to protect our kids from this. We have to protect our kids from this.
So another thing to be conscious of is phasing late. So you’re talking like perfumes and, you know, aftershaves, that type of thing. Opt out. Do do essential oils that smells better anyway. Essential oils.
Right? With a carrier oil, that’s the way to go. Because these things can be endocrine disruptors, and they have some of these covalones and perfumes have over seven hundred different chemicals in them, if you can imagine. Deodorants, another one, shampoo. So I if if I was if I was if I was a guy and I was struggling with low t, the first thing I would do would be to clean out my house.
I would go all natural with products. And we actually on the on the naturally inspired health net products section, you can go in and find a great cleaning home product, a home cleaning product, that’s all natural. And that’s where I would start, get all those chemicals out of the house. Even if you’re not using them, you know, yourself, like somebody else does a cleaning in your house or whatever. You’re still breathing them in.
You’re breathing them in. They’re getting in. You’re ingesting it. You’re inhaling it, you’re absorbing it. This is how this stuff gets into your body.
And we shouldn’t we shouldn’t disregard that. So some other things, stop microwaving your plastic. Good Lord. Stop. Oh my gosh.
I know I’m a bit of a freak show, but I see that still. And I’m like, oh, don’t do that. Don’t do that. It’s so bad. So do not microwave your plastic food containers.
Take it out of your plastic. If you can get away from using plastic at all, I would. You know, I’ve I’ve gotten rid of most all my stuff now. I’ve I’ve gone to glass. Of course, my kids are older, so I can do that.
But you know, minimize it the most you can. PFOAs, this is a carcinogen, and it’s used in water and grease resistant food coatings. So those cooking utensils and stuff, you gotta check them. What else do we have here? Bovine growth hormones?
That’s something you need to be really observant of because they’re estrogen mimicking growth promoting chemicals, and they’re added to a lot of commercial dairy products, co organic. It’s not a scam. I see so many especially conservative people. I seem like I have these conversations with a lot of conservatives and they’re like, oh, man. That’s just another way to get all your money from you.
No. No. It’s real. It’s real. Now you don’t have to buy everything organic.
Look up, you know, the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen. Start with that. The dirty dozen and the clean fifteen, it’ll give you twelve things you should not buy, and it’ll give you fifteen things that you you should buy clean, if that makes sense. If you Google that phrase, you’ll find it. What else?
Pharmaceuticals? Pharmaceuticals, if you’re on medications, that can mess with your testosterone levels as well. It can even, you know, it can mimic other hormones and you’re not responding in the same way. That you would without it. Floride.
Floride is a potent neurotoxin. And I just tested our water actually and it had a ton of fluoride in it. We use a water filter and that just re reinvigorated my passion for water filters because, yeah, that’s a lot, fluoride. MSG, this is an at a different so many packaged foods. And

this is contributing to your low testosterone. All kinds of different other things too. I will come to some solutions. When we come back, one simple solution that you might not have thought about. So stay tuned.
This is naturally inspired radio. Today’s show is brought to you by prepare with Tammy dot com. One of the best ways to build independence and confidence is being prepared. Here at my home, eighteen ninety homestead, we focus on self sufficiency like gardening, water filtration, and storable food. For more information and to order the supplies you need, go to prepare with tammy dot com.
I wanna get to these solutions, so I’m just gonna go through them here. Okay? Doctor Lustig, if you don’t know who he is, you definitely worth looking him up, doctor Lustig. He is probably the, I would say, the leading expert on sugar. And everything you need to know about sugar.
The one thing you may not discover or know is that eating a lot of carbohydrates is contributing to your low testosterone. Carbohydrates, we eat far too many, because of convenience foods, because of the whole fat free thing that was pushed on us through the late seventies and eighties. These these product processed foods are not doing us. Any favors. I cannot stress that enough.
And high carbohydrate intake leads to low testosterone. You know, sugar. You have to watch your sugar intake. I had a clip and I’m I don’t think I’m even gonna play it because I’m getting to the end here, but there was talk where I’m Dr. Lustig talking about how a child having a bolus serial and a glass of orange juice before going to school, you know, there the whole daily recommended intake of of sugar for a child is twelve grams.
Twelve. Just that breakfast meal alone is like forty one grams of sugar for most kids. And that’s that’s the standard American diet. So imagine what that is doing to our boys. Imagine.
They’re dealing with copious amounts of sugar, and their body doesn’t know how to deal with it. And it is our responsibility as parents to guide what is healthy. And that starts with our own diet. You can talk your kids into something about something till you’re blue in the face. But what really drives at home for them is your actions.
And that’s that’s true for your nutrition and your way of eating as well. So you wanna consume vegetables, healthy fats, of course. Just think real food. Just think real food. Right?
Nothing out of a box or a package, olive oil, raw nuts, grass fed meats. You wanna make sure that you’re getting all of that good stuff oysters, lots of protein, you know, there’s some emerging evidence that intermittent fasting helps increase testosterone levels. Exercise helps boost testosterone levels. Doesn’t have to be crazy. You know, strength training.
Strength training start with that. So lifting stuff. This these are some very, you know, simple ways before you entertain any other types of medication or even bio identical hormones. You know, these this stuff should be really last resort. If you haven’t tried changing your diet, if you haven’t tried changing your activity, you gotta try that first.
And and managing stress as well. Alright. Let’s jump into the inspired moment because we only have a couple minutes left. Gosh. It just goes by so fast.
I wanted to give you some tools today for spiritual warfare because at the top of the show, we were talking about this being a spiritual war that we’re in. So here’s some things, a list of things that I came up with to help you fight through the spiritual warfare that we feel like we’re under every single day these days. One thing to remember, stand with the truth. You can’t go wrong when you’re telling the truth. Keep yourself rooted in the truth If you and and now it’s more difficult than ever.
One way to do that is to make a list of the truth versus the why. And review. Because people have a way of double speaking and talking over you and You start to think, wow. What what what am I even thinking here, especially with the propaganda that comes out. So one way to combat that is to make a list of the breathe and then make a list of the lies right beside it, so you can see it right in front of your face.
Use a mantra that resonates with you for meditation. So one of the few mantras that I have here, my thoughts alone, changed the world. I am exactly where I need to be right now. God is with me. I cannot lose.
These are just sentences, that you can come to to ground yourself and and keep yourself in a space where you can continue to put out there what is real, what is right, and what is good. Don’t live in emotion. Don’t live in the emotion of an argument. Refuse it. The truth brings peace.
It’s liars who have to use emotion to manipulate. So remember that. And you can be at peace when you know you’re on the side of truth.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That’s all I have for you today. Thank you so much for joining me.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: is Naturally Inspire Radio. We’ll be back tomorrow three o’clock thirteen sixty.

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