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Today on Naturally Inspired Radio lifestyle activities, Dr Joseph Ladapo sends letter to FDA and CDC, pharmacies giant paid 25.8 million dollars to obesity specialists to sell weight loss drugs, anti human cult is after a cure for death, ARPA-H supported by the Biden administration, arthritis solutions, leaky gut, allergies, MSM, healing properties of laughter   

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Show Transcription

Show Introduction: Welcome to naturally inspired radio. Coming to you from Weld County, Colorado, a right to a farm community, and Heartland of America. Providing real solutions for a healthy living, get back to basics, defend your right to Big pharma, big insurance, big food needs a big overhaul. Naturally inspired radio, helping people feel good so they can do what they for love here.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Well, hello. Burr here is cold out here in Northern Colorado. I mean, not just a little chilly. I mean, like, biting cold where you can’t go outside without your jacket. Or even get away with a light jacket today.
It’s really cold and it’s kinda dark and it’s kinda gloomy. I hope this means we might have a white Christmas. Do you think we’ll have a white Christmas this year? We’ve been missing that the last couple of years. My daughter always looks forward to a white Christmas and gets so disappointed when there isn’t snow on the ground.
So Here’s hoping that she gets her wish this year. We had a great show yesterday. So Steve Kirsch was with us yesterday. Hopefully, you caught it. If you didn’t catch it, you can always catch the replay of course.
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If you feel nervous calling in or any of that, you can just throw a text. The number is eight seven seven five three six thirteen sixty and just ask Jason to enter your name in to win because this week we are giving away some great products for immune support. Of course, like I always say, supplements, vitamins, all of that stuff they’re great, and they’re complementary to your your lifestyle. But of course, really the foundation of your health starts with your lifestyle. It starts with your nutrition.
It starts with your activities that you do every day. We’re talking sleep. We’re talking stress management. We’re talking nutrition. All of these things.
I never ever want to give the impression. That health can be curated with, like, a line of vitamins or or, you know, a one shot kind of deal. Because that is the message that the mainstream health paradigm has been saying for far too long. And we really have to change the way we look at our health. We have take personal responsibility for our health, and that means we start with the foundation.
Then we add in what I like to call the special sauces. Right? These supplements that, you know, work with our genes to enhance our health and keep us in prevention and not moving towards disease. So I always want to say that. It’s super important that these supplements and vitamins are important to your foundation to achieving health, but we have to start with the lifestyle activities.
We have a great show for you today. Florida I think doctor Lattepo is pretty awesome down there in Florida. He has sent a strongly worded letter to Robert Caeliff of the FDA Commissioner and Mandy Cohen, the CDC Director. So we’re gonna cover that. And I want to give you a little bit of my thoughts about why he might be doing that.
It’s really important to actually, given the new developments, that we’re seeing I mean, there seems to be a new development almost every day to be honest honest with you, new studies coming out, new doctors speaking out, as I talked about yesterday with Steve Kirsch, right, that there’s there’s a it’s a very small window now, very, very, very small window. It’s never been easier to jump on the right side of history than it is right now. Almost too late. You know, you’ve got just that just that you just got a little bit of a sliver of a window to reclaim some of your integrity. If you’re still holding back because you’re afraid of repercussions.
I don’t know. Repercussions are common. And even at this point, I think, you know, you’re going to be held accountable for whatever you, however, you’ve conducted yourself, whether that’s in the media, spreading false information, whether you’re a politician that didn’t stand up for the people. Whether you’re a nurse or a doctor that followed hospital protocol, even when you knew that wasn’t getting results, those types of things. I would say that the window is closing quickly, but at least redeem yourself at this point and come forward and start supporting the good, the truth about this entire fiasco over the last almost four years.
Doctor Lattopo certainly has been leading the charge down there in Florida. So let’s talk about his letter later. Pharma giant, a pharma giant has paid obesity specialists. This article comes to us from Children’s Health Defense. Twenty five point eight million dollars.
Yes, million dollars to sell weight loss drugs. So the so called experts, you know, the specialists in the field Yeah. Yeah. So pharma just pays them to be their spokespeople for these products for weight loss. We’re gonna dive into that story.
The cult as I refer to them. They are the anti human cult at this point. They are after a cure for death. Yes. They think they can cure death.
And rpa h is leading the way on that. If you don’t know what rpa h is, stay tuned because we’re gonna talk about it. And you will learn quickly how the Biden administration has supported ARPAH and what their goals are with it. Our health topic today is arthritis. We’re going to discover some information about arthritis.
How you can deal with it better some simple solutions that you may be able to implement into your lifestyle. How leaky gut actually connects to arthritis? And then, of course, I’m gonna leave you with something inspired because that’s what we do here at naturally inspired radio. We’re gonna talk about laughter. Because there is just I was kind of inspired yesterday by Steve Kirsch when he mentioned how he was tweeting people directly and asking you know, for for them to cut for for them to call him and using references to pop songs and whatnot.
It inspired me that, yeah, he’s right. Although this is a super serious topic, lives have been lost, people have died, it’s been a horrific ordeal over the last four years to, you know, to say the least and many of us have lost people and all of that, but we do have to make sure that we’re taking care of ourselves. And part of that is making sure that we are laughing more often. And I know it can be it could seem odd, you know, to plan for laughter. And to plan some of these things and be purposeful with our activities to create different states of being, but we must do it.
Because our health is at is at stake here. When we’re not paying attention and being purposeful with our actions, we can get you know, drag down in darkness. And it’s not hard to do in today’s world and climate. With everything that goes on. So we have to counter that with purposeful action, and that includes building in time to laugh.
What better thing to have on your schedule? Than to have laughing time, fun time. Right? I know it sounds weird. We’ll talk more about it though.
And it’ll make sense. I promise. Wow. You’re listening to nationally inspired radio. I’m Tammy Cooper Garcia.
So glad you’re here today.

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We’re so grateful that you do do that. Okay. Let’s look at this letter. So as I mentioned, Joseph Ladda Poe, Dr. Lattepoe, if you don’t follow him, I would encourage you to follow him.
Finally, health professional, doctor you know, somebody who is in leadership for health practices what they preach. I love this about Lattipo. He’s always posting his own activities for health. He seems to walk his talk. He’s a swimmer.
You know, he talks about diet. He talks about vitamin d. He talks about the most basic of things that you would think of. That should have been promoted during COVID, but were not. Joseph Lattipo was, doctor Lattipo was.
So Interesting though, he put out a letter, and I just love that he’s so transparent about this. So this, you can you can download this letter online. It comes straight from Florida Health, you know, and it’s on his letterhead. It is addressed to Robert Caleb MD Commissioner of the FDA, and it’s copied to Ms. Mandy Cohen, the direct of the CDC, now the current director of the CDC.
He addresses them dear doctors Caelif and Cohen, ensuring that pharmaceutical products are both safe and effective for the public is principal mission of the US FDA. He goes on to, you know, make sure that they know their role. I feel like that’s what he’s telling them in this letter. Like, hey, this is what you’re there for. Your primary role is to protect the public.
And then he goes on to point out a couple of catastrophes that they’ve had. I don’t know. Like, the opioid crisis. Right? He says, you know, for the last two decades, we’ve had some problems basically with prescription drugs, I.
E. The opioid crisis. And now he points out that these the risk with COVID-nineteen and the accelerated process of these drug approvals. He he points out that he’s not this is not the first time that he’s corresponding with them. He says on November fourteenth, the Florida public health Integrity Committee met to discuss this topic and encourage your team to review the constructive criticism that will further our mission of credible and safe public health.
So, you know, he had this debate. He said there are some serious problems here. And you know what their response was? Gas lighting, basically. Which we’ve seen all along, that this is hysteria, you’re creating hysteria, it’s misinformation, it’s disinformation, all the typical stuff So he points out that, you know, this is what you’ve told me in the past.
Even though he’s highlighted some of his concerns, back in May tenth of twenty twenty three. And he points out that he sent those to Rochelle Walensky. He’s had no response from them. None. Okay?
So now he’s adding to his list of concerns in this letter. He’s saying, hey, now we have new information, and now it’s time for you to address the discovery of the host cell DNA fragments within the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-nineteen mRNA vaccines. You know, this is this is incredible because, of course, you know, we’ve seen this kind of slow roll. Absolutely not. Right?
In the beginning, it’s absolutely not. These are safe and effective, a hundred percent. Absolutely safe and effective. And then it’s like, oh, Well, some people get myocarditis. Some.
Right? But not enough to worry about it. And then, oh, no, of course, there’s no DNA involved in the injections. Of course, not. And now, Oh, it seems like there is some fragments in there.
You see, we’ve been gas lit this entire time. And now it’s starting to unfold here. So he goes on to say that this is a real concern not to mention this Simeon Virus forty, the SV40, which of course we were all accused of being conspiracy theorists for pointing out he wants answers on this. So he’s asking them point blank the presence of the s v forty promoter enhancer DNA may also pose a unique and heightened risk of DNA, elongate, elongate, elongation, elongation, into hosts, oh my goodness. I’ve got a mouthful here.
Anyway, he then goes on to to cite their own research. Which I think is really good. So he goes and he says in two thousand seven, the FDA published guidance on regulatory limits for DNA vaccines two thousand seven. Okay? So he cites their own research back to them and highlights how this could have been a concern and is a concern.
And point by point he takes takes into consideration how this is an issue. And how it has impacts on blood, heart, brain, liver, kidney, bone marrow, ovaries, testies, all this stuff, which we’ve been seeing. We’ve been seeing this stuff, but we’re just getting gas lit right through it. Oh, no. No.
No. But yet, we’re seeing the heart problems, we’re seeing the blood disorders, we’re seeing all of these different things, especially the ovaries, and and the disruptions in in in menstrual cycles, blood clots. All of that. So he’s point blank in this letter, letting them know, hey, I’m lining this. So these are my concerns.
Are you going to answer me? And, you know, of course, this is, I think, a direct result of the research that has come from, like, Jessica Rose, Kevin McKurran. Steve Kirsch, of course, has been backing all of those researchers in their papers, Dr. Peter McCullough, he he’s he he’s just putting it on the record, you know? And yesterday when we talked to Steve Kurt, he pointed out that it’s gonna need to come from the states.
Right? The CDC isn’t built in a way where they want to conveniently conveniently, they aren’t set up to track the data conveniently. So all they have to say is, well, we don’t track that data. But the states do. And I think Lattopo knows that.
Obviously, he knows that. But he is taking extra steps to make sure that he protects himself and says, hey, I covered my end here. I’m telling you guys These are the safety signals we’re seeing. This is based on the research that I’m reviewing. What are you gonna do about it?
What are you gonna do about it? And this is this is the kind of response that we have to push for our own states. We have to push for this. So it’ll be interesting to see if they do. This is this letter is dated December six, He calls for them to respond by December thirteenth, which of course is tomorrow.
So we’ll see if they respond at all. My my suspicion is they probably won’t as they haven’t yet so far. So anyway, congratulations to Dr. Lattopo. I’m a huge fan.
I’m a huge fan that he not only walks this talk, but he has been out there advocating for the safety of the people in Florida. If not globally, really what he’s trying to hit as far as he can. Is if you didn’t know that corporations and government work hand in hand and there’s a lot of corruption out there is if you didn’t already know that, yet another indicator of that, pharma. Has actually paid elite obesity specialists. Right?
These are the experts I would assume. You know, the science that’s bought that we always talk about on here. Yeah. So what they do is they just pay those experts to basically recommend and promote their products. And I’m gonna play this short clip just to remind you that these new products, which I’ve been on the market, being touted to our young girls specifically, I feel like their target market is young women.
For weight loss, it will go v. And just you know, how those really are not without side effect. Just a little reminder for you. Take a listen to this clip.

Clip 1: Ozempic and Wiggovia, the brand names for semaglutide drugs that were developed to help people with type two diabetes, but with a desirable side effect. Weight loss. Baby. The hype is great. Big names like Elon Musk Amy Schumer and Chelsea Handler have admitted taking it. And from celebrities to social media influencers, this trend has taken the weight loss world by storm. Many are using it off label. Analysts are projecting this market could be as big as eighty billion dollars at its peak for the on label uses for these medicines.

But it’s really not the best long term strategy because you have to take it forever, otherwise you regain the weight.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That was doctor Mark Hyman at the end there. So clearly, you know, he’s so delicate kit in his language, doctor Rabin is. You know, he’s careful about what he says. And he’s saying the truth right there. It’s really not a long term strategy.
And the reason why it is not a long term strategy is because you have to keep taking it in order to maintain the weight loss. And there are specific side effects from these that are listed on the actual product website. So if you go to the product website, you can see the truth about it. Do you see a pattern here? Because I do.
Right? You hear one thing in the mainstream media. You hear one thing through social media influencers. You hear one thing through celebrities. And then when you actually do your own investigating, into the product website.
You’re gonna hear the truth. Right? Because the product website cannot lie. Because then they have liability that will come down hard on them. And it’s evidence in the court of law if they put it on their website.
So instead, they pay influencers or they, you know, cham go through certain channels that you know, they’re associated with and those associates then pay influencers. Trust me, they’re they’re getting as far away from the marketing aspect of their product as they possibly can because the more tied to the marketing aspect they are the more liability can come back on them. So you wanna go directly to a product website to learn the truth about it. You also want to make sure that you look it up and read its black box warning, if it has one, what kind of information in terms of side effects. It’s usually a very long sheet, but well worth well worth your time in reading it.
And so there’s just, you know, this this this toxic relationship of paying science And it I mean, that’s really what it is when you’re paying people to tout your product that are experts in that field that solve the problem. In that field, in the form of a product, then really what you have there is a marketing campaign. Right? It’s a marketing campaign. So when I think pharma, I think Wall Street, because that’s what it ends up being all about these products.
It’s all about Wall Street stocks It’s about fiduciary responsibility to investors. That’s what it’s about. A very, very, very small piece of that pie is taking your health into consideration. And even that, I don’t even know if they care about your health really. It’s more about not getting in trouble for hurting you.
We’re gonna talk more about this story and more. Your listening to naturally inspired radio will be right back after this short break. Would you like to be a part of a growing network that provides real solutions for optimum health join our affordable health network campaign, get an annual membership to naturally inspired health network, and all of its benefits. A naturally inspired radio show appearance. Be featured in hundreds of commercials played on radio worldwide.
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Okay. So this children’s health defense story featuring, you know, the that pharma giant has paid elite obesity specialist twenty five point eight million dollars to promote weight loss drugs. And as we just heard on the clip, you know, these weight loss drugs don’t come without side effects. So this is an influential group of obesity specialists. And over the last decade, they’ve pocketed at least twenty five point eight million in payments from Novo Nordisk.
And that’s the maker of weight loss drugs with Govi and Saxenda. In exchange for promoting the drugs in their lectures, treatment guidelines, clinics, medical societies, And this is all according to an investigation done by Reuters. So, you know, it’s it’s not speculation at this point. So these payments are part of a campaign to just convince US doctors to make WOGOVY one of the most widely prescribed drugs in history and to persuade skeptical insurances to pay for it. I mean, that’s what I that’s what I’m always saying.
Right? Like, we we know big pharma is bad, but these two entities, big pharma and big insurance, you see how they work together to to to as a as a combined system that enforce you and I as the consumer into a pair like, a specific protocol. And this is just one of those products. There there’s there’s many, many, many, many other products. This is why when they can get their foot in the door to, you know, come up with a standard protocol, The insurance then says, okay, we’ll cover this protocol for this diagnosis, and it feeds the pharmaceutical.
System. So the insurance and the pharmaceutical companies, they’re really one. You know? So I think most people now know about big pharma and what’s going on there without corruption. But we also have to look at the insurance aspect of this because this is pushing this outcome that we’re having with this epidemic of chronic health disease in this country.
It’s one big system and they want you funneled into it and they use, you know, tactics of marketing that are they’re everywhere. Right? Not now they’ve kind of pivoted We know seventy five percent of the advertising on twenty four hour news cycles comes from pharmaceutical companies, but it doesn’t stop there. It doesn’t stop there. I think, you know, these pharmaceutical companies are more more than aware that not as many people are watching these mainstream outlets and that’s not the way people like Gen Z get their news that mostly Gen Z, they get their news from from social media.
They get it online. And so now they’ve even infiltrated the social media platforms and they use influencers to tout their products. There’s an there’s tons of TikTok videos about these weight loss products. And they’re mostly young women who are, you know, sharing their experience with it. And then what does that do?
That just promotes these, like, complete accounts that are based on a pharmaceutical product. And it doesn’t stop just with the weight loss. It also has infiltrated into, you know, behavior and and and mental illness. Accounts. So there’ll be entire accounts that are made up of a specific mental illness or weight loss or it’s basically made up around a pharmaceutical solution.
And this, you know, is dangerous especially for our young people, right, that think that a silver bullet solution is the way to go. As doctor Mark Heimann said on the clip we just listened to, This isn’t a long term solution. And there are side effects that come with these products that they’re not highlighting. You know, stomach issues, thyroid issues, and and these aren’t light issues. If you go to the product website and look at trials and look at the information there for yourself, you’ll see that these aren’t light issues.
This isn’t just a tummy ache. We’re talking about stomach paralysis. In some cases, and worse. So this article from Reuters that children’s health defense featured. It just points out yet another part of the cycle of how this this continues.
Even though the population is getting sicker, there’s big money invested in this and a lot of people get paid out, big money. I mean, twenty five point eight million dollars in payments they paid out to experts. To tout their drugs, And I I I doubt they were talking about stomach paralysis from those stages and from those conferences. I doubt they were. So we have to be our own, you know, critical thinkers and and make sure that we’re looking out for safety of ourselves and especially our kids when it comes to this type of thing.
The best solution for weight loss is understanding, you know, where your activities are going wrong daily. Right? What am I doing that’s bringing me these results on a daily basis. And that transformation process takes time to get to be go you have to go through a process of change to get to be the type of person that has the health results. That you want and is able to maintain them.
And when we cheat that process, we’re only cheating ourselves. And that is what we have to keep in mind when we’re tempted with these products. And we have to explain that to our kids and and young people as well, like, hey, you don’t really want this prop. This this as a as a fix, because it it’s not an ultimate fix. It could create more problems.
But, you know, with the cult in mind and I call them the cult because, you know, they are. They they really are a cult. It’s my way or the highway. You do it this way. It’s a medical mafia.
It is, you know, you you adhere to the way we do things or else. And we certainly saw that through COVID. They are they are They’re not hesitant to inflict a death upon us as it would seem, as they take zero consideration on products like we just were talking about, these injections. They don’t seem to care if we die, but they sure are eager to solve the dilemma of death. When it comes to themselves.
So have you heard of DARPA h? This is that It’s basically an extension of DARPA. So it’s a federal program that Biden has started, and it is specifically targeted towards health innovation. So I want to kind of play this clip for you that explains the Biden administration and their focus on anti aging technology. And this may bring some context as to why we heard Jared Kushner talk about I think we’re almost close to solving the problem of death.
Do you remember when he’s come back? We’re gonna listen to this clip when we come back after this short break. You’re listening to naturally inspired radio. Stay tuned.

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Okay. So the cult. Yes. The cult. I call them a cult because they have all the characteristics of a cult.
You know, they will outcast you. They they will, you know, extort you. They will it’s their way or the highway. There’s no other way. But this program, the ARPAH program that the Biden administration developed is basically alongside with another executive order has taken the reins off of development for technology and artificial intelligence when it comes to genetic manipulation, biotech, essentially.
Interesting little piece of legislation or documentation rather that this this little clip outlines take a listen.

Clip 2: President Biden has really set this agency up as one of his marquee initiatives. It’s true. Biden is throwing a ton of money at curing his biggest political problem, his age. This is the Senate Appropriations bill twenty twenty four. Biden gave Arpa h two point five billion in twenty twenty four, up from one point five billion in twenty twenty three.
And on page one thirty six, It talks specifically about reversing aging. The committee urges ARPAH to prioritize two areas of neuroscience research that could advance the field dramatically, biomarkers and epigenetic reprogramming. Discovering and validating biomarkers for aging would significantly improve the efficacy of interventions, while epigenetic reprogramming of cellular age could slow down or even reverse the aging process and thereby prevent or delay the entire panoply of age related diseases. Panoply, a complete or impressive collection of thing.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: So essentially, what they’re looking to do is to stop aging. Right? And when you hear people like Jared Kushner say that he believes that we are very close to an antidote to death. A lot of questions come into mind, doesn’t it? Like, what does that mean for us as a society if death is no longer a thing.
I think we should have an ethical conversation about that before we enter into this territory. Because inevitably, if nobody ever is going to die, then that would mean that there would have to be some kind of regulation on reproducing, I would assume, which fits hand in hand with their agenda. Like I said, this is a cult, a death cult. They’re in they don’t care if we die. But that’s because they want to live forever.
And so the less people on the planet, I think, works into their their priority list just perfectly. So it becomes about a leadism. It becomes something different. Something different than the humanity we have known. And so we should keep our eye on ARPA h.
I’m telling you, you their conferences are long. But they’re all public. And they don’t get very many views on YouTube a few hundred because they’re pretty boring. But I tell you what, if you’ve listened to them, They’ll tell you exactly where they’re taking this technology and everybody needs to be aware of that because they definitely need an ethical conversation around this topic. Alright.
Let’s get to our health tip. I wanna talk about arthritis today. This is such an interesting topic. Because I think I think personally arthritis is overdiagnosed. Now that’s just my own personal anecdotal information there.
But I do think that a lot of people throw around the term arthritis and think that they have it. When it could be something else going on, you know. The connection to leaky gut is pretty interesting when you start looking at inflammation and that impact that can have on sore muscles and joint pain. And that’s really all arthritis is defined as. So, you know, it’s it’s muscle and joint pain.
And there there can be more natural ways to approach that. We tend to think that we have to go on steroids or we have to go on medication. When we get diagnosed with something like arthritis. But in reality, it really should be taken as a taken on as a, like, troubleshooting approach. What is what is your gut health like?
Do you experience, you know, gastrointestinal issues? Do you have skin issues? These are all things that your body will signal. That, you know, it’s not just this isolated joint problem or this isolated sore muscle problem that there could be that there probably is something more systemic going on. And so we should in even parasitic infections.
Right? So there’s a lot of different things that could be going on rather than just taking a diagnosis like arthritis. And making it, you know, a lifetime of pain and misery and medication. You don’t have to accept that. If you if you look at it from a different approach where you might start kind of whittling down what could be going on in in terms of your joint pain and your muscle pain.
One of the ways that you may approach it is through a supplement called MSM. And it’s a popular supplement among people with chronic pain. Its benefit is anti inflammatory and it offers relief to people with arthritis and other types of inflammation and joint pain. It also protects cartilage. So that is a really beneficial thing when you’re having joint pain.
It’s believed to counter oxygenate of stress and improve antioxidant capacity, and it’s under investigation as a cancer treatment as well. So this is an this is a old an old supplement that I think is yet another type of solution that gets suppressed. Again, you know, we’re working with a broken model. We’re working with a model that gets funded if there can be a benefit from it, from a pharmaceutical company from a product innovator. Right?
If if there’s no benefit in terms of profits for Wall Street, then we tend to not see a whole lot of research or exposure or marketing for it. It’s just the paradigm that we’re working in. It’s a broken model. And the only way we change this broken model is when we go out and we do our own investigating into solutions instead of accepting this diagnosis with a protocol that feeds big insurance and big pharma, but leaves us something go kind of broken. You’re listening to naturally inspired radio will be right back after this short break.
Hi. I’m Tammy Casper Garcia from naturally inspired nutrition. We can help you build a lifestyle, not a diet. Together, we will discover unlocking your food stories. Building a food philosophy, eating food for medicine will use a will swap system.
We will use an easy transformation system and there’ll be no more diets necessary. Naturally inspired nutrition, helping people feel good so they can do what they love for longer. Get more information or book today at naturally inspired nutrition dot com. Don’t forget to text in eight seven seven five three six thirteen six see, get your name entered to win that immune support pack. Couple more things about MSM that you wanna research, and you can always go to the NIH website, go to NIH, type in MSM, and tons of papers and research will come up and you can kinda narrow it down to see if it might be a solution for you.
Of course, always work with a practitioner. I always say, why throw, you know, a dart if you’re not aiming at a target. Right? When you know what you’re aiming at and you can find that out with help from a practitioner, then go go that route because then you’re not just, you know, guessing. So some other some other things you should know about MSM.
Is is that it can definitely help with things in terms of arthritis, but also allergies. That was the thing I wanted to bring up because that was interesting to me that I recently read. I did not know that it had an impact on allergies. Of course, that makes sense. Because a lot of allergies trigger inflammation.
Right? They trigger inflammation and that is your body’s signal. To having an allergic reaction is usually inflammation. And so it’s interesting, though, that that that would be a route to check out. If you’ve tried other things for your allergies and you haven’t had success, maybe this is something you should look into and do some research on.
It also supports immune response, it improves skin quality, and suppresses cancer cell growth. So very interesting. Something you should know about MSM and alcohol though. It does make you a little bit more sensitive to alcohol. And any sulfur containing molecules, it can have side effects with two.
So you wanna look into that before you take it. Do your own research, as I always say, but this is something that if you have gastrointestinal problems, if you’re dealing with arthritis, type of signals, definitely something you wanna look into. And on that note, I wanna leave you with something inspired it’s all about, you know, curating a state of homeostasis every day. This is what health is, is being in homeostasis. And to do that, we have to be a little bit more purposeful with our states.
We can’t be, you know, ping ponged around by the events around us. That means that outside forces are controlling us. If you see something and you react, then, you know, everything you see you’re going to react to unless you’re purposeful with it. Take a listen to this clip on laughter. And in fact most begin laughing even before learning to talk.

Clip 3: The average adult laughs seventeen times a day, whereas a child laughs around three hundred times a day. That is a lot of laughs. The study of laughter is called Jalatology, and there is lots of great stuff we can learn about laughing. Lofta is an expression triggered by emotion, and our emotions are the reactions to our experiences. So laughter is most often associated with positive emotions like joy and amusement. Basically, laughter starts in your brain.
The brain receives information processes the details and the motion sections of the brain, which are responsible for your physical reactions, then decides how it’s going to react. This could mean your body thinks this is hilarious. Or it could also mean this makes me nervous. Send me some happy chemicals to make me feel better. When we laugh, we get rushed with all kinds of great chemicals.
Endorphins don’t remain oxytocin, all sensations that make you feel good. So it’s no surprise that laughter is actually good for you.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Laffer is absolutely good for you and yet more evidence that the mind body connection is real. Right? And that we can control our state when we are purposeful with the things that we intake. So it’s no mystery to me why we have an epidemic of ADHD, ADD, and these types of disorders with kids when they’re being overstimulated with content and things that may may actually contribute to negative feelings. So instead of just letting our kids watch whatever or be impacted by out side of forces without purpose.
We have to actually be purposeful with ourselves. So we’re good models for our kids. But also purposeful with the content our kids are taking in so that they can have more purposeful responses. And laughter is definitely a positive one.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Thank you so much for tuning in today. You’ve been listening to Naturally Inspire Radio. We’ll be back tomorrow, same time, three PM. Thirteen sixty k Jackson.

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