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Today on Naturally Inspired Radio no more fakery, virtual world consequences on mental health, a lot of mud in Colorado, Chris Cuomo, #1 news actor, fake, Andrew Cuomo, sexual assault, covid, fear, now there are side effects from the vaccine, people have no choice but to admit it now, Jessica Rose PhD, Dr Peter McCullough, Vaccine shedding, food pyramid is funded by corporate interest, Dr Lauren Kolowski, collagen and its amazing benefits

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Show Transcription

Show Introduction:

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Well, hello, and welcome to Naturally inspired Radio Thursday. Oh my goodness this week has gone by so fast. Yes, please. Please He’s Lord. Let the people be real.
Please. We have so much faith this. Lord, that prayer comes from deep. I tell you when that prayer comes from deep. I’ve had about all the fakery I can take these days.
I tell you what, and just breaks my heart to see how this virtual world is impacting our kids today and impacting adults too. It’s not just kids, you know. This this has a real impact on people’s mental health, this whole living, you know, virtually in this verse role persona, it is tough, you know. It is tough especially when you were, you know, raised in the analog world where what you do, who how you interact, who you talk to, you know, your your actions on a daily basis matter. They matter in a merit based world.
Right? Where you do some thing and there’s a there’s a there’s a there’s an outcome from it and it’s the outcome is based on your merit and I struggle. I am being honest with you. I struggle in this world where, you know, you’re you there’s this virtual persona online. And that somehow if that blowing up and that’s big, then, you know, you’re perceived as doing good work in the work world.
And unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. I mean, sometimes it is, but sometimes it’s really not And that’s tough. That’s really tough. So I would encourage you to be real today. And in Northern Colorado, shadow.
It’s a little chilly here. It’s been raining all morning and the mud is getting muddier and muddier. Let me tell you, I I chose to I opted for the treadmill today because my my shoes are absolutely caked in mud right now. And they’re gonna take a hosing off. They’re gonna need to get hosed down before I can bring those suckers back in the house.
I tell you what, they’re so muddy. Everything is so so muddy, and I’m here to say the real a tea of farming is a lot of dirt and a lot of poop. And those two things, you know, are tough to deal with when the weather’s wet. But we are getting closer every day to spring, and I’m so grateful that it is coming. I cannot wait for spring this year.
We have a fantastic show for you today talking about being real. My Lord, Chris Cuomo You know who this guy is? Right? CNN, Chris Cuomo, I think a lot of people unfortunately know who the guy is. He drives me insane.
This guy is an actor. Right? All through COVID, he’s pushing fear, he’s he’s quarantining himself and then, you know, staging a big reveal where I’m over COVID, like, oh, what is going on here? It’s so hard to watch these people because they’re so fake. So fake.
Anyway, he has, you know, he he scrolled buried off scurried off for a little while because he had a bit of shame. You know, I think his brother his brother Andrew Cuomo got accused of sexual SAULT AND THEN, YOU KNOW, EVERYONE KNEW THAT HIS HOL COVID THING WAS A FAKE AND SO HE SCURED OFF, YOU KNOW, WENT ON A LITTLE RETREATED FOR file to, you know, let things cool off. Well, he’s resurfaced no longer at CNN, of course, but with his own thing going on now, and it just drives me insane that everyone listens to his stuff. It’s like this man literally stay aged a COVID event to drive more fear drive more fear about COVID to the public. And how do we reward that kind of behavior?
We let him scurry away for a little while. And then when he comes back, back? We we start watching them again. What are we doing? What are we doing?
So anyway, Chris Cuomo now because he’s so desperate. He’s actually admitting yeah. He’s admitting oh, yeah. You know what? There were some side effects to the vaccine.
And he’s bringing on his own personal doctor to tell you about those side effects now. Do think Chris Cuomo really took the shots? I don’t know. I really don’t know who took these shots. In the public eye that said they were and forced you to take them and try to bully you and tell you what a horrible person you were if you weren’t taking them.
I wonder if they took him. I don’t know. He’s now admitting that all these side effects are happening. You think he’d be a little worried about themself. So we’re gonna play that clip for you.
And then my dear friends, Jessica Rose, Ph. D. She’s a friend of naturally inspired podcast, and Dr. Peter McCullough, also a friend of Naturally Inspired Podcast. They have a new paper out, and the paper covers shedding.
This is a topic I think of interest for a lot of people. Many people dismiss shedding and say that it’s not true. That doesn’t happen. Well, it does happen. This is why when, you know, there’s an outbreak of measles, there it’s very likely the reason for the outbreak break of measles was because somebody went into the doctor and got a, you know, vaccination and then came came back to school or chicken pox.
Right? Somebody went and got a chicken pox vaccination and then came back to school instead of, you know, staying at home for two weeks, which is what they actually advise you do after a chicken pox vaccine because there is shedding. And if you’re gonna shed on somebody who doesn’t have immunity to it or hasn’t had it yet, then it’s gonna cause an outbreak. But if it’s always, you know, the innocent people who who were just doing, you know, just leavened. They get blamed for it.
That’s what happened. Happens in shedding. And these COVID vaccines have been speculated upon to cause shedding. Of course, we’re being it’s being ramped down on our throats that, oh, no concern here. Go get a blood transfusion from someone who’s vaccinated.
No problem. No problem. No problem. Turns out there is a problem. Yeah.
And doctor Peter McCullough and Jessica Rose, PhD, have written a paper about that I’m gonna share it with you. And did you know that high carb diets? Yeah. You know how the food pyramids always push in carbohydrate diet? You know, at the at the bottom.
They’ve got all the breads and greens and all that stuff is real wide, and then the protein is real small. Basically, turn that sucker upside down and that’s the key to a healthy food pyramid. Anyway, it turns out that the recommended food pyramid, you know, the one the government promotes all the time. Yeah, that a lot of the that stuff is funded by corporate interests. And that’s no different from the, you know, these agencies we’ve been talking about lately, like the American heart association, the American Diabetes Association.
Yeah. You know, might wanna look at where their funding comes from because they come arms from the people who make the products that they highly recommend as a part of a a healthy diet. So we’re gonna into that. I got a nice little graphic here that I will share with you about who funds, what kind mind of diet. And I don’t think you’ll be surprised when it comes down to it quite honestly.
And then the bottom of the hour, we are going to visit with one of my favorites. Dr. Lauren Kalowski is joining us. So excited to chat with her. She’s gonna share with us what she knows about collagen.
Collagen, you know, I gosh. If I could turn back time. I’ll tell you, I would have started taking calls in a long time ago. I just you know, wasn’t really on my radar. But now it sure is, let me tell you I’m gonna tell you why and a whole lot more and soon as we get back after this break.
You’re listening to Naturally Aspired Radio. I’m Tammy Kupra Garcia. I’m so glad you’re here.

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She is the rebel medical the the rebel doctor. She is awesome. She will take us down around a journey where she has discovered so much more now that this her eyes have been opened through COVID about what true healing is. So she’ll talk to us about that. Doctor Henry Eley will be there.
He’s a naturopathic doctor. He’s got solutions for everything. He is so knowledgeable. I just love Dr. Henry.
He’s amazing. You won’t want to miss his talk. That’s for sure. Not only that that we have local speakers that get to join this stage and tell us about what they do right here in your backyard. So it’s kind of a unique situation that we’ve created through the health summit and it’s exciting and I love being a part of it.
I hope you too will be a part of it. So visit naturally inspired health summit dot com, where you can view all the options of how you can participate today. Be so glad to see you there, and I’m very excited about it. Can wait. So let’s get down to this the news of the day.
Chris Cuomo, if you don’t know who he is, you’re a lucky. I’m so mean, but seriously, I cannot stand this guy. All through COVID, what did he do? He just pushed fear porn every single day, all of the numbers. Oh, go get your vaccine, you know?
And now, now, things are changing. Take a look

Clip 1 – Chris Cuomo: THE GOOD NEWS IS THE LARGEST COVID VACCINE STUDY TO DATE WAS JUST RELEASED. Ninety nine MILLION PEOPLE from around the world. It found that there is an extremely rare but increased risk for certain neurological, heart, blood and brain disorders after taking the vaccine. But how rare is okay? And how much more is it now identified in people than before the vaccine?
And also, what about all the long COVID symptoms that people are presenting? Why didn’t they ask the ninety nine million about that? Those are all really good questions. Right? You know how I know?
They’re not mine. They come from my doctor. Double board certified physician, long COVID clinical specialist at terrain health, doctor Robin Rose. So you called me about this and said, boy, the headline makes it sound like you got nothing to worry about. The opposite is true.

: So the background of the study is that they looked at, like you said, these ninety nine million people across ten sites, eight countries, and they identified these very significant problems that were neurologic, cardiac cardiac or hematologic issues. But these are problems that with any therapeutic or vaccine that is coming out, you wouldn’t want to see these issues. Right? Or you wouldn’t expect to see these issues. And if you did, you’d wanna see them at a low rate.
And there were a handful that were flagged, you know, a safety signals that were two to three times higher, you know, when they looked at they were, you know, they had the expected versus what the observed outcomes would be, and they were two to three times higher anyway.

: So, wait, what does that mean? What does expected versus observed mean?

: So when you’re rolling out, you know, a therapeutic, a treatment, a vaccine, you expect maybe you’ll have some side effects mild moderate or severe side effects. So when they saw, you know, when they when they when they were looking at the data, they they knew that some of the side effects, that the serious side effects, the outcomes that were observed by the data collected by these ninety nine million people were higher than what they had expected. Does that make sense?

: Yeah.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. Yeah. So let me tell you what Chris is doing here. He’s a I I’ve I’ve tweeted this out on on on Twitter, you know, over the last couple weeks, we’re starting to see these stories now. Right?
I think I even mentioned it here on air. I call this the drip drip drop. That’s what this is. K? So they’re gonna drip these little stories from these, you know, major news outlets or, you know, these these doctors because that’s what they are.
That means, you know, Chris right there is reading a prompter. You know what I mean? He doesn’t just talk to you like I’m doing right now. He’s reading right off a prompter. And he’s telling you, you know, let’s tee this up, doctor.
Let’s tee this up. Up. So I’m gonna say this and you’re gonna say that and we’re gonna we’re gonna test the market on this. We’re gonna we’re gonna you know, we’re gonna see how people react to this news or we don’t wanna alarm anybody because of course we all have, you know, the memory we have a squirrel apparently. We don’t remember that Chris was pumping fear faster than he could move himself to pump pitch.
Back when COVID was coming out, stay in your house, do this, six feet apart, mask, all that. That was that with CNN. Horsepaced. Now, little times gone by. So, Chris, has been instructed.
Chris has been instructed now. Okay. It’s time. DRIP. DRIP.
Let’s tap. Let’s see if we can start talking about the vaccine adverse reactions. And that’s when going on? There’s stories now coming out all over here, at least little from the one one publication from the post the other day, you know, and you’re gonna see this. A year from now.
Okay? Mark my words. A year from now, it will be common knowledge that these things caused heart attacks. They caused blood to blood clots and that many of the celebrities that you know that have died since the shots rolled out, died because of these shots lots. It’ll be known.
It’s gonna be a nice, slow roll. You know, while because they know you can’t handle it. They know you can’t handle it and they’re afraid of the blowback. So what just slowly and then guess what will happen? Well, they won’t fully denounce the mRNA technology.
They will they will blame it on a part of the shot. So say the nanoparticle becomes the enemy, the demon. And then they’ll tell you, but now we’ve learned so all these other mRNA shots. These are the new improved ones and we have fixed all the problems, and that’s how they’ll roll it out. So in know.
Be be discerning when you choose who you’re listening to and who you are letting advise you. The people who came out from the beginning warning you about this. They’re probably a heck of a lot more trustworthy than people like Chris Cuomo. People like Jessica Rose, PhD, and people like Dr. Peter McCullough, who have a new paper out talking about shedding.
And this is a very interesting topic because I know this has been of concern to a lot of people. You know, we saw people thinking that they were being shuddied upon by, you know, vaccinated partners or or what have you. And of course, they were dismissed. So this new paper, it’s titled inadvertent exposure to a designed lipid nano particles via bodily fluids, biologic plausible and potential consequences. So these you know, it’s it’s a it’s a paper, so I won’t I won’t bore you with all of the technical language.
But essentially, it says These shots can be or this this thesis can be through bodily fluids and include the following rounds of exposure. So blood transfusion, which we’ve been talking about with Red Cross, organ transplantation, breastfeeding, which is the breastfeeding one on, you know, in Verz was one of the first reports I read where a vaccinated mother breast feeding her newborn baby. Unfortunately, horrifically, the baby died, and it was due to the fact that she had actually transmitted the COVID vaccine through her breast milk and the baby died of thrombocytopenia. Horrified Right? That’s when the blood does not clot.
So and possibly other means as COVID-nineteen vaccine are associated with an increased risk of stroke the persistence of vaccine artifacts in the blood presents a possible threat to a recipient of a blood donation from a vaccinated donor who suffered from vaccine induced thrombosis or thrombocytopenia. And what they’ve done is they’ve assessed the feasibility and significance of these risks through an overview of the case report literature blood disorders in vaccinated individuals. And from reports of the US vaccine adverse events reporting system, that’s Veres, and a meta analysis of the available literature on organ transplants from vaccinated organ donors. Their analysis, a stop publishes biological, mechanistic plausibility, and a cohort safety signal, infirma, co vigilance data basis for secondary vaccine contents, exposure, I. E.
Shedding. This is so this is a real concern and it’s something we should definitely keep in mind. It is it is very concerning especially when it comes to blood transfusions. And oh, by the way, SSI note. I took myself off the Oregon donation list here in Colorado, which is actually Colorado and Wyoming, and why did I do that?
Because they are denying vaccinated people organ transplants at this point. You have to have the COVID vaccine in order to get an organ transplant, and that’s is not okay with me and it should not be okay with you. So I removed myself promptly from that list and I would advise other people to do the same and tell them why you’re doing it. Tell them why you’re doing it. This is absolutely ridiculous.
For them to enforce their medical, you know, quote, medical. It’s a pharmaceutical ploy to regulate people into using their products. And that’s that’s what this has been. So yeah, remove yourself. Remove yourself.
I did, and I advised everybody else to do it too. Hark, high carb, high carb, high hydrate diets. My goodness. So yeah, you know, you you follow some really good doctors, you know, that like lustig and, you know, doctor Lustig talks a lot about sugar and how the sugar can just ruin your health. You know, he’s got the study fees to back it up.
Gosh, I followed so many great doctors over the years that promote diets that are very low in sugar, and carbohydrates, they have the evidence to prove it. You know, now not only is it the physical evidence that we’re seeing with markers like blood pressure and diabetes and those types of things, but also the men mental. The mental component of of leading a low carbohydrate lifestyle has come to the surface now. And so many professionals are talking about it in the field of psychology. And this is something need to really pay attention to because we’ve never really correlated our diet with our mental health before.
And it least not on a wide scale. And this is something that’s coming to the forefront now. And what do we see? We continue to see the government and these quote unquote experts recommend and promote diets that are full of carbohydrates and sugar and ridiculous, Uber processed fake foods as the standard, as the recommended standard way to eat. Why would they be doing that?
When we have all this that people have better success maintaining their weight. They, you know, feel more satiated when they eat higher protein, you know, good fat diet, all of this evidence points towards a low low low carbohydrate diet and certainly a non processed food diet to get health to get results in your health. Why would our government agencies and why would the expert agencies be promoting, be promoting a high carb diet. Why? Because it’s about corporate interests.
That’s why. The American heart is Association is funded by Campbell’s, Kellogg’s, Frito Lay, Pepsi, Subway quaker, and healthcare. Bear. Nova, Nova, Titus, p and d, UnitedHealthcare, Kaiser Menete. They’re funding your disease.
We’ll be right back after this break.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: I wanna tell you, I you know, collagen. I was putting it in my smoothie powder on and off being honest here. I wasn’t consistent with it. But I thought, you know, I I can use collagen. I’m a runner, you know, athletes.
I know. Use it. I should probably be putting it in my smoothie and stuff. So kind of my attitude about collagen. And then I read some stuff about collagen and I I really dug into it and I started to understand, oh, oh, this is actually more than just about your, you know, skin and hair.
I really need to get serious about this. So what I did is I reached out to doctor Lauren Kalowski because I know she knows her stuff when it comes to collagen and nutrition and how to help people with it. So I was like, what do you use? And so she, you know, she hooked me up. She was like, hey, this is what you you you guys you need it for this reason.
You need it for that reason. She told Jason, like, you need to be on it for this. And I was like, okay. Well, we’re gonna do it. So I can tell you, I’ve been on this liquid bio cell collagen called life for two weeks.
And the one thing I really notice right away was I started to get these little bags underneath my eyes, and I even researched it because I thought, I’m not tired. Why am I looking tired? And you know, you can always count on your kid to tell you the truth. And one of my kids asked me, are you tired? And I was like, no.
I slept good last night. And then I realized this because I’m starting to get these little bags underneath my eyes. And I realized that, you know, I used great skincare product to all, you know, vitamins, natural stuff. But I wasn’t really addressing my skin from the inside. Inside.
Right? And so I decide to start doing that. And within, like, ten days, I’ve I noticed a difference. I noticed a difference. And I was like, okay.
That’s great. So if you wanna learn more about it, go to naturally inspired radio dot com. There’s a short video there. You can click the button to get started, and you can order it yourself today if you wanna try it. But I’m gonna talk to doctor Lauren right now because she is truly the expert.
She is using this with her patience, having great success. And so I wanted to bring her on today to talk about it because I’m so excited about it’s like, yes, I love it when you can take a supplement and then see the outcome of it so quickly. Doctor Lauren How are you today?

Dr Lauren Kolowski: Sammy, hey, I’m so great. How are you? Thanks for having me.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. I’m so glad you’re here. So I just had to get you on because like I said, I’m like, wow, when you can see a difference with something, you know, that that quickly and not everybody sees a dis a difference that quickly, but I noticed it right away. And so I’m like, okay, I need to share this because this is super important. So then you told me, you know, really anyone, everyone, and should should be on collagen.
Can you talk to us about why? Why should everyone be on Collagen.

Dr Lauren Kolowski: Absolutely. But let me say first how cool those results are, Tammy. I hadn’t talked with you since you started taking it. And I is that’s huge. And to be honest, different people see different results and why would collagen help bags under your eye Let’s talk about it.
Okay. So the reason to answer the question of why should everyone be on collagen? All collagen is at when we are in our early twenties, we start losing our collagens by one percent every year. And so I’m forty one. And I didn’t take I wasn’t consuming collagen up until oh, probably within the past five or six years.
But even when I started taking collagen, I I wasn’t taking the right one, and I didn’t know that at the time And so when you know better, you do better. And the reason so the natural aging process, we all start losing our collagen at one percent every year in our 20s. But the reality is even people younger than that, kids growing, developing, being in athletics, being in music, dance, whatever they might be, they are absolutely they’re in this growth mode. And what a better way to help them through their growth and development, process this is, but also prevent injury. And so we have a thirteen year old and a sixteen year old.
They’re younger than the early twenties, but they are already on call collagen for that reason. Now myself, I’m forty one. I’m kind of making up for lost time. And what did I I noticed or what do most people notice exteriors when their collagen starts being affected? You hit upon skin, nail, and hair.
Nails, and hair. Right?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yes.

Dr Lauren Kolowski: But that is that is not the only part of us that is collagen. We are built of collagen, every organ, every tissue. We have collagen. It’s basically the the substance that holds us altogether. And the problem with today is today’s modern toxins are are damaging our collagen at an accelerated rate.
Two toxins that are always on my radar for what is doing that. So us is glyphosate and radiation. And so if the natural aging process is already doing that to us, and modern toxicities are worse and worse, then I almost would guess that the rate at which we break down our allergen every year is getting to be higher than just one percent. So that is why everyone of every age should be on oncology.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Got it. Oh my gosh. That makes so much sense. That really does. So there’s there’s you know, everyone talks leaky gut.
Right? And and Right. And we’ve been taught kind of, you know, as practitioners, heal and seal. He’ll and seal. How does college and help with leaky fat?

Dr Lauren Kolowski: Oh, wow. I mean, I just describe it as, you know, you’ve got your exterior skin while you’re gut is your interior skin. So if you are trying to heal a skin issue anywhere, you collagen has to be a part of the equation. We have many tools in our tool belt, but collagen, this low molecular weight, liquid biosol knowledgeon is one of the major tools in the tool belt for healing. And I quite honestly leaky guys cardiovascular issues, hormonal issues, issues with something, you know, like someone’s eye, how It’s it’s a product that just blanket statements.
It helps so many things. So much more than just skin, hair, nails, even more than joints. Because in my clinic, I use it as what we call organ support. Any organ that needs repair, it needs this collagen.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: So almost like it’s the collagen is the scaffolding of the inside of the body. Would you say that’s accurate?

Dr Lauren Kolowski: I love that. Yes. I love that. I use the analogy of the brick and mortar. It’s the cements between the brick.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Mhmm. Mhmm. What about acne? You know, this is something it it can be gosh. It can be really traumatic.
And you can be really traumatic especially for young people. Right? When they’re trying to they’re already a little socially awkward. It’s like, oh, my body’s grown faster than they’re I feel so bad for our babies. Yeah.
I feel so bad for our babies that are going through that. It’s like Oh, right now. Yeah. And, you know, a lot of skin problems can be traced back to gut issues. Isn’t that right?

Dr Lauren Kolowski: Absolutely. And so when we the gut, we have to heal the gut. And again, if whatever I always talk about skin issues of what’s going on in the our exterior skin is also going on in the interior. And so the foundational product, before we even talk about what we’re going to put topically, on acne. Let’s talk about what we’re going to consume to seal that gut.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yes. Yes. And we’re but we’re so conditioned. You know, we’re so condition to think you gotta put something on us. We gotta put something on our skin to fix it.
When in reality, this is a signal from the body that something’s going on inside the body that we need to take care of. We’ll be right back after this short break with more with doctor Lauren Kalowski’s stay tuned.

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Nine seven zero four seven five four zero eight three.

Contact Tammy: Have a comment or a question for Tammy?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Call text her at eight seven seven five three six thirteen sixty. That’s eight seven seven five three six thirteen sixty. If this discussion has piqued your interest and you want to use the same collagen product that Dr. Lauren Kalowski and I use. We both have our whole families on it now.
All you have to do is go to naturally inspired Radio dot com You can click the button to get started and order today. And we are offering as a naturally inspired listener that when you order today, you’ll get twenty five dollars off your first order. And then you get free shipping with a monthly supply and you’ll get twenty five dollars off your next purchase. So this is an or this is a phenomenal offer to get these products. And I highly recommend you do.
They they are the foundation now of of my practice. I I just I I I know that they’re going to kind of give everybody a fresh start when they when they start on this product and not only that, you’re gonna see results, which is so does so much psychologically for, you know, making changes in your lifestyles. Like, yeah. When I can see changes, then it just propels you forward in your journey to optimum health. Dr.
Loren, would you mind going back to that whole brick and mortar analogy? I think that’s really interesting and will help people understand how important collagen is.

Dr Lauren Kolowski: Yeah. I’d be happy to, Tammy. I really wanna lay out why this product is so special. And let me start by saying, I’ve been in practice for fourteen years. And for about six years, I was using a different collagen.
It was border. And it was from a great company. It tested well to our patients, but I can’t say I saw great clinical results with it. Kinda like what you said earlier. You knew it was good for you.
You were throwing it in your smoothies. And that’s kind of the practice that I had my patients doing. And I’m not saying it did nothing for them, but when I turned forty, no, I was about turn forty. I started looking at myself. I started looking at my skin.
And I thought, oh, boy. Oh, boy. We got a we gotta we gotta get some new answers here. This is not working. And I just so I’m not feeling it from this collagen anymore.
And and so I I was looking at other colleagues in my field who were using different products and I just kept honestly, it took me nine months. Nine months, I did not switch for nine months because I didn’t want to just go to the next thing. I had to do my research. I had to know it tested well. I had to know their results.
And when I finally bit the bullet for myself, like you just said, I put myself all my closest loved ones on the product first. I’m never gonna use on my patients what I won’t use on myself. And the results we could physically see were so much better than what we ever saw taking a auditor Collagen for six years that we were ready to I mean, we just were like, oh my gosh, everyone in the practice should be on this product as a foundational gun killer, which then does, you know, from an aesthetic standpoint, then women were talking about skin hair, nail, and joint improvement. So you just said, when you see results, it’s a motivator, it drives you to keep going. And yet at the same time, you and I both know those exterior results are coming from inside

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That’s right.

Dr Lauren Kolowski: So then when I when I was switching, I was like, okay. Why why switch? Why is it different? What’s what’s better about it. So let me tell you some cool stats on this product.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. I’m ready.

Dr Lauren Kolowski: It has seven US and international pet that makes it more observable with a lower molecular weight and a smaller molecule size It is the it’s a matrix. Mhmm. So it is collagen. High I never say the word right. High oleuronic acid.
And chondroids and sulfate. So again, all those things working together to help it absorb better, there are over third clinical studies and these trials were done on humans. One more step is that this is not a new formula. This formulation is twenty years old. So it was a tried and true formula that was cool before collagen was cool, meaning the patent for done.
The formula was made. It was a far superior product and every other collagen company on the market today try to mimic this, but they can’t touch it because of those patterns.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: So that’s why it because it really did I mean, I like you. I was on the powder stuff for a long time, and I I knew it was probably helping me, you know, and I knew I needed to take it, but once I start with switch to the liquid to to this life, I was like, oh, boy. Now I get it. Because I used to see I used to see those Instagram videos and stuff in these women and be like, oh, collagen, blah blah, change my life or whatever. And I would just kind of like, okay.
Well, maybe I don’t know. You know, like, I didn’t I’m on college. I thought it was doing something. But now that I’ve switched to this college, and I’m Mike Penn, Oh, okay. Now I get it.
Now I know what they were talking about. Absolutely.

Dr Lauren Kolowski: Yeah. Absolutely. And the formulation of the wife call plans that you are talking about. It has vitamin C, which is also something that is collagen building, collagen margin supportive. And even just having the reality that every day, you are going to have a sick to your collagen.
So as long as you are supplementing every day, we are reducing the dam damage to it. And I, you know, I don’t I’ve that’s been my philosophy through my whole healing journey. That’s how we practice with each one of our patients. We should be supplementing with the things that our diets are either nutritionally deficient in or what things in our bodies are being down damage by the toxin level?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more. Why don’t can you tell us how to take? Because this was really important. You may made sure I knew how to take this product, this collagen.
You were like, you have to take it the right way. Can you kind of instruct us how, you know, my first shipment arrives. What do I do?

Dr Lauren Kolowski: Absolutely. So consistency is key. Time and repetition. And that goes for everything in the world of healing. And so for someone to truly get the results that they deserve, they have to take it Right?
So I I just like like you just said, that’s where we’re adamant over. If you wanna get the job done and get the results, you are looking to of reality that healing takes time. And so I always tell people, please do not buy a single if you do not have a long term longer term goal of reality that it will take three to six months to truly see some great results. Now I know you said you could tell a difference in ten days, and that’s phenomenal. And some people see results earlier than others, but we just like people to have a healing reality check three to six months.
Mhmm. Then two bottles is a one month supply for one per than taking the minimum required dose in order to get results. And that is thirty milliliters a day, fifteen milliliters in the morning and fifteen in the evening. And the next question I always get is, oh, well, I could just take all thirty in the morning. Right?
And the honest answer is no. Due to absorption.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Right. You need to take it twice a day. Let’s talk more about that when we come back We’re talking to doctor Lauren Kalowski, and this is a naturally inspired radio.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re back on our last segment, I’m gonna have to have doctor Lauren back because there’s so much that I want you to know about this. So collagen can help with detoxing from, you know, cell phone exposure, the different chemicals in the air. This is not a pharmaceutical product. And I want to make sure everybody understands that. This is not about a band aid.
It’s not about throwing a band aid on a problem. This supplementation is about giving your body the tools it needs to heal long term. So you have to put in the effort. You have to understand that the body heals over time. So that’s why doctor Lauren was saying, you know, it’s about repetition.
You have to keep up with the regiments in order to keep up ahead. Of the toxins that are in the air, that are in our food, all of that stuff. So visit naturally inspired radio dot com. There’s a short video there that you can watch if you want more information. Click on the button to get started and you can order there today.
You get twenty five dollars off your first order. You get free shipping with your monthly supply and you get twenty five dollars off your next purchase. So order today and take take advantage of this naturally inspired radio offer. Again naturally inspired radio dot com. Doctor are Lauren, please continue with what you were saying about the collagen.

Dr Lauren Kolowski: Absolutely. So, yep, time and repetition. Two bottles is a one month supply for one person taking it compliantly with the minimum required daily dose of thirty milliliters, fifteen in the morning, fifteen in the evening, you have to do it that way, Tammy. Because Collagen has a twelve hour house life. So if you know you’re burning through a tissue or a protein or a nutrient, you give the supplementation about the time that the body runs So that’s the method to that madness there.
If someone says, oh, well, I don’t go through two bottles a month. I it’s it’s not I I’m not running out that quickly, that I do look at them and let them know, well, then you’re not taking enough or you’re not taking it consistently enough off. Two bottles should be gone in a thirty day, as a thirty day supply. Now other thing I wanted to make note of after you were talking about where people can go to order today with those awesome discounts and deals because of your because of the link that you would provide, it gives them that that twenty five dollars off their first order, the free shipping and the future twenty five dollars credit for a future order as long as they are ordering on subscription. So let’s talk about that a second.
Subscription is important for them to get the product at the lowest price. But again, it’s all about compliance. If you do not check your order coming in on subscription and you are not going through two bottles a month, you can’t expect as good of a result. And So so subscription is huge. Please do not check out without clicking on subscription.
So then that way that as you’re running out of your last bottle, Your next order is already going to be on its way. We find people if they don’t do that, they’re like, oops, I’m out of my bottle and I’m gonna go place an order while it’s gonna take a week to get there.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Oh, you know what I do too is sometimes I’ll I’ll run out of a bottle of of of something and then and I’m like, oh, I gotta go downstairs into our supply clause and get another one and I forget. And then three day three days pass and I’m like, oh, I don’t fear I don’t feel as good

Dr Lauren Kolowski: right now.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Going on with

Dr Lauren Kolowski: your god.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yes. Right. Yeah. But when when I was looking into Yeah. Subscription is key because consistency is everything when it comes to giving your body the tools to keel.
The things that I saw that really stood out when I researched the product act was people recovering, you know, just so ecstatic that they got rid of their hip pain, that they got rid of their knee pain, they they got rid of their back pain. That’s you know, some men grew their hair back. This is insane.

Dr Lauren Kolowski: We both know of a certain man.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: I do. Did my

Dr Lauren Kolowski: husband. A few years older than me, mid forties. And sadly, we started noticing, you know, we’re losing our hair. And, oh, darn. There’s actually, like, a a pretty balding spot there now.
Oh, man. Well, we started drinking this call the the losing of the hair stops, and we were just happy with that. Cool. We just stopped the hair loss. Yes, please.
But it grew back track.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. That’s fascinating. And I I truly believe that. You know, this is The body does. It came capable.
It’s capable. It’s so capable. We just have to give it what it needs to perform at optimum level. So visit naturally inspired video dot com today, click on the button to get started. You will not be disappointed, and you get all these fabulous offers today, so don’t miss out.
Thank you, doctor Lauren, for joining me today.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Well, be back tomorrow on natural inspired radio, three o’clock thirteen sixty k h n c. See you then.

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