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Today on Naturally Inspired Radio Mark England talks with us about the power of language, the spell we are under, the globalists, empowerment, victim mentality, breaking the chains of slavery and much more….

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Show Transcription

Introduction: Welcome to Natural Inspire Radio. Coming to you from WildCall Colorado, a right to farm community in the heartland of America. Providing real solutions for a healthy living, get back to basics, defend your right to health, big pharma, big insurance, big food needs a big overhaul. Naturally inspired radio, helping people feel good so they can do what

they love for longer

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Hey. Hey. Hey. It is Tuesday, December fifth, and this is your Tuesday episode of Naturally Inspire Radio.
Did you get outside today? Oh, my gosh. I’m just enjoying the sunshine. I’m enjoying the blue sky. Even though the country roads out here are muddy.
Full of mud puddles and that makes for a pretty muddy run-in the mornings, but I’m still loving it. Love and being outside, and I hope I hope you’re taking time to do your morning ritual. Yesterday, we talked about that. How important it is to kind of have a rich and how good it feels when that schedule goes off without a hitch. It just sets you up for a great week.
Yesterday, I had a great routine in the morning. Today, just about as good. A little little little upset. Our bowl on the farm at eighteen ninety Homestead is acting a little funny. It seems like I always have somebody to worry about at eighteen ninety, homestead.
If it’s not a kid, it’s a chicken. If it’s not a chicken, it’s a pig. And if it’s not a pig, it’s a cow, I tell you what it is the way it is and and farm life. Today, I’ve got a really exciting guess this is such important information. This is this is the answer in all honesty.
This whole personal responsibility issue that we tend to be grappling with here in the United States This guy, Mark England, he has some answers for us. So if you’re listening, call, text, get a friend to listen because this is really important information. Mark is a former elementary school PE teacher which I found kind of funny because I don’t know what your PE teacher was like, but I remember my kids’ PE teacher in elementary school you know, full of bubbly energy and excitement and their strategy as a PE teacher is to motivate kids. So I found it kind of funny that Mark comes from that background. He’s also a fighter and he’s the cofounder now though and head coach of enlifted.
He has been researching, presenting, and coaching for the past sixteen years, and he’s conducted over five thousand That’s five thousand. That’s daunting. To me, when I see that number, one on one coaching sessions. He’s led over seven hundred and fifty workshops appeared on over three hundred and fifty podcasts. He’s been featured in two documentaries.
He’s produced three online training courses. He has done a tep talk, which I had the pleasure of listening to, and it was really good. He’s personally certified over three hundred and fifty and lifted coaches, and we’re gonna learn about and lifted as we talk with Mark today. I’m really excited for this conversation because like I said, I really mean it. Taking personal responsibility for your health is key.
We are in the midst of a change, a paradigm shift in health specifically, in a lot of things. But here we talk about health. This is so necessary. And in order to make this paradigm shift, we have to start believing in ourselves again. We have to start believing in our body’s capability and our own ability to take personal responsibility for our choices.
Mark, Thank you so much for joining us today on the Naturally Inspired Radio Show.

Mark England: Tammy, thank you for having me, and thank you everybody for tuning in.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. I’m really excited. Like I said, I think this is such an important topic. And I’m, you know, I binge watched your your your content. And I’m like, yes.
Yes. This is it. This is exactly what we need right now. There’s a lot of information out there. But the way that you break it down and the way that you connect our physical being to our language and to our actions It just really nailed it for me, so I’m really excited to have you here today.
And I wanna get started right off the bat, if that’s okay with you. I want to talk I want to talk a little bit let’s do a little bit of your background. How you got into work like this?

Mark England: Got it. Yep. So you mentioned the the fighting. I thought I was a tough guy in high school and college, a a restaurant high school and and got into Brazilian jujitsu sue in the in the mid-90s and tie boxing and MMA and and competed, had a handful MMA fights and some kickboxing fights and and I I got an interesting opportunity to to go over to Thailand for a year. And I was like, okay.
Cool. I’m gonna go over there for a year and teach and and but the the the that’s the cover story for me going over there and and training. And then I’ll come back over here and and go pro with the fighting. That was that was a plan.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Was that Muay Thai?

Mark England: Yes. Yes, ma’am. That was Muay Thai. Yep. Chat out to all the Thai boxers out there and stuff works.
Oh, yeah. And that’s exactly what didn’t happen. I mean, I I ended up living over there. Oh, yeah. I ended up living over there for ten years.
I spent a a decade in Thailand, which still sounds strange to say, but that’s that is the case. And six months into my first year over there, I’m having my second knee surgery. And the doctor told me, I remember, like, yesterday, he said, very in in, you know, brokening. He goes, your career as a fighter is over. Whoa.
You could become right? You could become a very good swimmer. And I’m I’m picturing me doing laps next to grandma at the pool. Not what I had in mind at twenty seven years old. And so, darkness descends.
And, I mean, I had three going away party. It was a big deal. I’d only had my passport for two years. This was the by far the biggest move I’d ever made. And I felt flat on my face.
And I use that experience as proof in the final piece of damning evidence in a case that I was secretly making against myself, that I was not good enough, that I was somehow doomed to fail, there was something wrong with me and I entrenched a twelve out of ten level victim mentality. Turn myself into a grown ass man big.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That’s impressive. Twelve out of ten.

Mark England: Oh, yeah. Oh, yes. Twelve out of ten. I mean, so much so. I didn’t I didn’t laugh for an entire year.
I don’t recommend doing that. And and finally, I got it was the it was the first time I ever remember wisdom showing up in my life. After a year of blaming the universe for something that I created. K? No globalist necessary.
And after after a year of blaming the universe and everyone else and my genetics and my my anyone that I could find. I looked down that road and I said, are you gonna be doing this at fifty five years old? Are you gonna be complaining about a flash in the pan? I mean, I was never like, right anyway. Are you gonna be are you gonna be complaining about this when you’re fifty five, a flashing the pan, should’ve would’ve could’ve fight career.
Because if you do that buddy, then you really are a loser. Then you really are then you really did you really did mess up royally. And I looked at that and I was like, I’ll take anything with that. And I was right around the time that so I was a PE teacher, an elementary school PE teacher. Great gig.
Love the kids. So much fun. I mean, there were four quarters to the year and it was at an international school in Bangkok and we ran an American calendar and it was four quarters and one of the quarters was frisbee, one of the quarters was dodgeball, one of the quarters was swimming, one of the quarters was soccer. Black played games with

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That’s awesome. We’re gonna hear more about Mark’s story. We’re also gonna talk about something called hipster syndrome. And a whole lot more. And mindset you know how I always say mindset is kind of one of those words that get lost in translation.
Mark’s gonna find it for us. We’ll be right back with naturally inspired radio and Mark England. Stay tuned.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re back on naturally inspired radio. We’re talking with Mark England. And we’re going to dive into things like victim mentality. We’re gonna dive into what impostor syndrome is. All of these topics are so crucial to us making this shift into this new paradigm of health, where we understand our body’s capability, where we trust where we have confidence to know that we can make decisions for ourselves and take personal responsibility.
Mark, will you tell us what is or syndrome?

Mark England: Happily. It’s it’s a one of the five sectors of mindset health is the victim mentality, impostor syndrome and a telephobia, a telephobia everybody the fear of not being good enough. I’ll start with the definition of the victim mentality, and then we’ll work into impostor syndrome, and then we’ll work into a telephobia. And usually, those are, like, they’re usually holding hands, skipping down the street, and and causing all the problems. So I I entrenched that victim mentality Super hard.
And I was in Thailand, living in Bangkok, hating my life. Even though I was in Paradise, I had a great gig And and eventually, I went down to a place called the Spa on Kosemoi. And it was a seven day detox resort, cleansing resort. And I went to an emotional detoxification workshop, and I saw a guy with one word Tammy. Turn a turn a woman’s it was a nasty breakup.
It was very embarrassing and very public and humiliating yes and and still after four years, what’s happened four years ago, she’s still she’s still a twelve out of ten on the he did that to me scale. Right. And he went into the story, and he found the one sentence. So everybody were talking about spells. By definition, Webster’s not mine.
If you got a pen, write this down. The definition of a spell Webster’s is a word or a combination of words of great influence. That’s it. And they go both ways. They can be constricted in nature.
They can be expansive in nature. Cells as in the sentences, prison sentences, mental prison sentences that we tell ourselves again, take the take the weirdo pedophile globalist out of it. And if we just we just stay at our, you know, familial community level. There’s so much victim mentality to be cleaned up there. That’s just and it’s it’s it’s a great opportunity because that’s how we unlock our breathing and I’m a big fan of supplementation.
I don’t care how good your supplementation is. If someone is in a chronic up regulated stress state, because they’re talking about how, you know, they never get the credit for they they never get the credit they deserve and she needs to respect me more and how dare you say that to me? And who do they think they are and and they are wasting my time? And if I keep telling myself stories like this, my breath is going to stay trapped in my chest and I’m going to red line and a gasket will blow. Our bodies are not designed to stay in up regulated stress states for prolonged periods of time.
We are designed to strive in parasympathetic nervous system response a majority of the time, also known as low and slow diaphragmatic breathing. And the thing that for the first ten years, I’ve been doing the sixteen years, thank you for that wonderful intro. The first ten years, I spent teaching this stuff in a variety of very cool and developed yoga communities. And they’re very interested to think better. And we would get the pen and the paper and we would get these stories out of their head because that’s where people keep the scary words.
These scary words, scary stories out of their heads on paper and we would break these spells, these constrictive spells and rule off steiner biodynamic farming. That’s his stuff. He said any force that seeks to constrict or control is by definition looser failure. That’s something to think about. And so and this woman’s story so the first time I ever saw this was in two thousand and three.
This woman’s story, the thing that held it together, the sentence that held it together, the Lynch Penn sentence that held that victim centric story together was he did that to me. And the facilitator knew what he was doing. He said repeat it. And he had her say it three times, so everybody in the room is staring at the same sentence. No need to go anywhere else.
He found he he found the bear track. And then he then he goes, that that last word, take that out, and put in put in himself. And it was such a radical departure, and we’ll get to impostor syndrome. It was such a radical departure from the story she’s been telling herself. If if it was clunky and then it had up talk at the end.
He he he did that to himself and then the breath unlocked. He did he did do that to himself and then she started talking about he lost friends, and it ended up being worked for him. And then she finally goes, that was never gonna work out anyway. Like, I was actually really weird. And he walked out of that a different person.
And and and I’ve looked at that and I fell in love on-site. I know Kohl’s in the opinion, I go, that was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen And I had I had a he did that to me story. He should have been thickened that heart. We were just warming up. And so and that was the first day that I ever started thinking about my thinking.
God. That’s what that is that. That exactly. Most people are not thinking about their thinking. They are thinking.
There’s a big difference. And our man Alan Watts said, he said, when you learn to think about your thinking, you become alive in a new way. So the definition and, you know, we’ll go to break. We can I’m I do this professional. We can pick back up.
Is this a good time? How about we do this? I’ll I’ll respond.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We don’t have a break until three twenty nine. So we’ve got a few minutes.

Mark England: Okay. Perfect. Do the definition of the victim mentality, then we’ll go to impostor syndrome, then we’ll go to Intellophobia, and so and and then we can get into solutions if that sounds fine.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That’s perfect. Great.

Mark England: Perfect. Everybody. Pick up a pen. Here are the numbers. Thirty, fifty, eighty, thirty, fifty, eighty, We remember thirty percent of what we hear, fifty percent of what we write, eighty percent of what we turn around and teach share explain same thing.
I’m gonna recite the definition of a victim mentality. Most people have never heard it, much less written it down. And if you pick up a pen and write down the words, you are now on a very exclusive club of people that have written down the verbatim definition of the victim mentality. Here it is. The victim mentality is an acquired personality trait where a person tends to regard insults or herself as the victim of the negative actions of others even in the absence of clear evidence, the victim mentality depends.
On a habitual thought process and attributions. I’m gonna do it again fast, push and polish on it, and then I’ll hand it back to you, Tammy.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Okay.

Mark England: The victim mentality is an acquired personality trait where a person tends a dependency everybody. Sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down. Where a person tends to regard himself or herself or herself. We wanna get all compelled thrown out of it. Yeah.
Oh, yeah. I’m I’m hip to all this. Mhmm. A victim of the negative actions of others, even in the absence of clear evidence, the victim mentality depends circle that word everybody on a habitual underlying that word everybody thought process and attributions. That second sentence is right between the eyes, right where it belongs.
The victim mentality depended and it has to have a habitual wall which accurately implies duration and addiction thought process. What’s a thought process? Glad you all asked is how you put your words together. That’s how you use your words. And then an attribution, what’s that?
That’s a characteristic. We’re known as the language people, and and that’s great. We might as well be known as the language and the breathing people. And push comes to shove it’s about the breath. So the thing we focus on the most is the words in order to unlock people’s breathing.
Because until someone’s breath is unlocked, you’re not changing your perspective. Good luck changing. So I’m a coach. I do this all day. Good luck changing your client’s mind if their breath is trapped in their chest.
Take out clients and put in yourself. Good luck changing your mind, your mindset. Yours just you know what mindset is?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yes. It’s

Mark England: the story that you don’t hit your mindset as everybody. It’s the story that you tell yourself to yourself about yourself. What you can do, what you can’t do, what is possible, what isn’t possible, and and And, yeah, good luck changing story if your breathing is trapped in your chest. It’s not gonna happen.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: I love that you focus on habitual. Now, I’m gonna ask you question, because I write about self, you know, taking personal responsibility all the time

Mark England: Yep.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Because in health, This is this is crucial, you know, to taking back your power when it comes to curating healing in your body. So, does forgiving or taking personal responsibility for ourselves, does that relieve other people of the wrong doings they did to you?

Mark England: It can help you relieve yourself of reliving the damn thing over and over and over again.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Bingo. You’re doing it for yourself. Correct? I mean, this is this is the pushback I tend to get is that, well, but they were, you know, because some So there’s people have had horrible things happen to them. Absolutely horrible things happen to them, of course.
Sure. But when we forgive and we let go and we stop that habitual thinking about the horrible thing. It is it is for our own empowerment and it doesn’t relieve the person of that wrongdoing does it? Because I think people think once they stop thinking about it, that that person is no longer to you know, accept responsibility for what they did, if that makes sense.

Mark England: My resentment possibility. The amount of resentment that I create in my world, in my head, and in my art, that’s my responsibility. That’s nobody else’s responsibility. The story that I tell myself, about what has happened. And the amount of times that I tell myself the story about what has happened, that’s my responsibility.
Nobody’s nobody’s coming, folks. Nobody’s coming to help you think about the the the unfortunate events in your life less. Okay? That’s for for for better and for worse, that’s on us.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yes. I feel like people would rather make no decision today. Then then be responsible for their decision that they make.

Mark England: Yeah. Well, yeah. Let’s let’s qualify that. Some people. Some people don’t want to take responsibility, and some people do.
And that’s cool. If you don’t, great. If you do, great. And then in the people that, yes, I I And what’s the benefit? Let’s focus on the benefit of thinking about our thinking more and I’m a big fan of writing.
I can go into some specifics of that later. What’s the benefit of that? How about staying focused on the things that are important to you and keeping the drama down and building yourself up in your imagination and creating feelings of competence and confidence and connection and and unlocking your breath. Good luck, enjoying your life if your breath is trapped in your chest. And if and and I don’t pick it on the globalist right now.
That’s fine. They deserve it. And that’s the individual and collective victim mentality is the thing that these people hook into to create problem reaction solution Okay? If you wanna get all David Ike about it, and then lead people around by the nose. What’s the new thing to be scared of?
Here it is. And if you’re already in an up regulated state, all they gotta do is reach in there and collect the thing, and people jump and do really dumb stuff. K? That’s yeah. Yeah.
So so yeah. So whether it’s, you know, you’re going out on a date and you wanna have a better time with that person, or you want to increase your performance in the gym or you want to live longer. I mean, call me old fashioned, but, you know, if you’re breathing well, you’re gonna live longer. I mean, it’s it’s like, you you know, or at least have you’ll you’ll be laughing more. Let’s just go with that.
You wanna laugh more, breathe better. Okay? You wanna be a better listener or you’re better?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. We talk about the the fact that you really can’t even begin healing. Until you get out of fight or flight. And that so many of us are stuck in fight or flight all the time. So that’s what that makes me think of when you say that breathing.
You’re absolutely right. Your body has to be in a in a space of homeostasis in order to slow down your thought process. And I love that you talk about that all the time. This is a slowing down because I always like it. I liken it to getting on a roller coaster.
Right? Or so you’re standing on a platform. And you have a choice. The roller the roller coasters come in. If you get on the roller coaster, it’s full of anxiety and one thought after the next and racing down the the trackway or you can just stand on the platform and breathe.
Isn’t that right?

Mark England: Oh, yeah. Yeah, you win the breeding game. You win you win the whole thing. And if someone wants to heal himself from some about okay. Let’s go back to resentment real quick.
And, you know, they did that to me. And and, yeah, I mean, how about what what if what if you create a life that you’re enjoying so much that you think about the thing once a year or twice a year as opposed to five times a day. Right.

Mark England: So you go, Byron Katie, about it. It’s it’s a bro it’s brutal. Listen. Who who said this thing was gonna be easy, easy? Did anyone, like, did anyone say, hey, your life is life is gonna be easy?
No. No. No one ever said that. So guess what? Sometimes it’s not.
And Byron and Katie said it. She’s right. Life is kinder to us than we are to ourselves. The thing happened once. And we replay it a thousand times in our head and and blame other people.
That’s weird.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. Yeah. We’re talking to Mark England. This is naturally inspired radio. We have so much more to come.
Stay tuned.

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We’re back with Mark England on Naturally Inspired Radio. We are talking about repetitive fiction and the story we tell ourselves, which Mark so eloquently describes mindset. His definition of mindset, in fact, is the story that we tell ourselves, and we tell it over and over again. And that’s the repetition that kind of leads us into this thinking that keeps us from achieving the results we want. Mark, how is victim mentality being exploited today.
Can you give us an example of that?

Mark England: Yeah. The news. Yeah. So know the news. That’s all.
No need to go anywhere else. And pick your pick your favorite outlet box in MSNBC, here’s how they play the game. So it’s huge big picture as in global issues national global issues that I have very little leverage at. If at all, Okay? And so what that does is it creates is these huge problems, okay, or it shows me huge problems, and I’m spectated.
I’m a spectator. It’s like it’s like I’m a fan at the Super Bowl and they’re expecting me to do something about what’s happening on the field. And so that places me in a state of inactivity and an overwhelmed and then low grade potentially medium to high grade fear. And then during the breaks, they sell you weird pharmaceuticals. This haven’t been out that long and have, you know, a nice a weird name and weird people doing weird looking stuff on the commercials and a laundry list of nineteen potential complications and then they sell you a truck.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yes. Because

Mark England: they scare you. They scare you and then they get you because guess what everybody. Health care. It’s not healthcare. That’s not healthcare.
That’s symptom management. They want a they want to manage your symptoms. They don’t want you out there kicking at and loving life and breathing well and starting your own business and starting your own garden and being a, you know, an active person pillar in your in your community. They don’t want you to be an elder. They want you to be elder league.
There’s a big difference between being an elder and elderly?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yes. Yes. I couldn’t agree more with you. I mean, you a lot of our audiences is very well informed. And they’ve seen they’ve been able to identify those tactics.
And I think that you know, the way you put it is so good and so, you know, helps people understand it, you know, that you get in this kind of inactivity state and and what does inactivity do but creates anxiety. Right? As soon as you start moving, you can release some of that energy from inside the body and get yourself moving. Can you talk to me about the breath. Because this is something I definitely need to work on.
I know for sure I need to practice a a breathing routine where I can improve my breath. Because when you start out, you know, you’ve you’ve become mindful of it. You realize, I’m actually breathing really shallow. And and it can take time to build that up. Can’t it?

Mark England: Yeah. For sure. Everything everything starts with awareness to everyone. Whether you’re paying more attention to self talk. So you’re paying you start you you’ve begun the journey of thinking about your thinking.
And oh, by the way, the gateway drugs, the rest of your words, is soft talk. I’ll talk about that in a moment, if you want me to. Yeah. It’s the same thing with our question. Most people are not paying attention to their breathing because they’ve never learned to pay attention to their breathing.
Did you have any classes in high school about how to breathe?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Well, I did not.

Mark England: Me either. I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t up in the public school system. I’ve got a degree in education. So on either side of that sense, I didn’t learn about how to breathe well. Okay.
Imagine if you imagine if, let’s just say, high school was first class was breathing Second class was gardening, third class was how to how to publish books and start your own and and and then there was lunch that was locally sourced and and the people in that were cooking it weren’t, like, fat and weird and wearing hair nets and and, you know, like and then then then then then the fourth a

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: lunch lady?

Mark England: That was at the yeah. Like, a lunch lady. Yeah. From

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: You’re describing Yeah. Chris Farley. Yeah. You’re describing, I think, you know, so many of us want this. This is what we want.
Yeah. There’s such a disconnect because, you know, you you you talk about this and it’s like, I can I can just imagine my audience is going, yes? Yes. Because you know, that’s what my audience wants and and dreams of, why is there such a disconnect between what we want and what we do?

Mark England: Well, it we’re under a spell. We’re under we’re under a a spell of separation. The English language, this is also another way of addressing that question about how to breathe well. The first things first, everybody awareness. When you start to pay attention to things, it all starts there.
And then then from there, you go, I’m breathing in my chest again. Yeah. Couple of these reps. Go to YouTube and throw a dart into just punch in breath work sessions. There’s so many free breath work sessions.
It doesn’t matter what you do. Go do five of them, five different ones, and then message me. Because guess what? You’ll be glad you did because that’s better than watching the news. And then when if you start to learn to dismantle the victim centric stories that we tell ourselves again because This is an education issue.
We didn’t have any classes in high school about how to breathe well. We also didn’t have any classes in high school about how to get our language working for us. And the English language is I had a irate talk doctor tell me once he goes, the English language is a slave language. Now I don’t know if that’s true. What I do know so so as if someone the the people that engineered it from the beginning were like, alright.
We’re gonna we’re gonna engineer this storytelling mechanism because that’s what language is in a way that people are gonna be slaves. I don’t know. What I do know is that the way the English language is used almost exclusively in slaves people. It’s that whole dour thing without rope people buying themselves. Mhmm.
The way the English language is used almost exclusively, it’s externalized, it’s vague, and it’s inflammatory. Okay? And what we help people do is use their words to go from he to that to me, to I to that to me, or she’s wasting my time to I’m wasting my time. Or I can’t keep living like this to I can change some things. To I can change one thing.
Or two. Maybe I might like to come on your radio show one day, perhaps Tammy, did I say that? I did not say that. I know what I said. I said, yes, I will.
When are we doing it? It’s called using Soft Talk to make things happen or Soft Talk to to make things happen. And and yes, so that gets into the more specific and I’m very happy to come on your I’ll come on your show whenever we talk about this stuff. I get all sixteen years in the game and I I get just as jazzed about it as day one.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Oh, I know. I can’t wait for you to come on the podcast too, everyone. Mark will be on the naturally inspired podcast too just after Christmas. So I know it’s a little limited here where we have commercials and whatnot, but we’re gonna dive into this because this is exactly the type of stuff that is my jam. I mean, this is how I think we are going to break out of this.
Instead of focusing on the darkness, I always say, like, we focus on creating We have to start focusing on creating and solutions. Mark, your website is in lifted. M e. Is that correct?

Mark England: Yep.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Okay. And where can people message you? Because you just mentioned, you know, message me, are you taking direct messages from the from your audience?

Mark England: Oh, yeah. Thousand percent. At and listed coaches. At and At and

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: At and listed coaches. What we

Mark England: Yeah. At and listed coaches, this is what I do, because I I I talk to people about this all day long. And guess what I’m gonna do tomorrow? That this and guess what I’m gonna do next year. Like, I have a fifty year goal, Tammy.
It’s in my calendar. I’m gonna do this for fifty years because I know I can pull off some epic epic stuff in fifty years. And so seriously, in my calendar,

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: I believe you. I believe you. And we need it. We absolutely needed. Everyone will be back after this short break here listening to mark england Enlisted dot me I’m Tammy Cuthbert Garcia, and this is naturally inspired radio.
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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re back on natural inspired radio. Visit enlisted dot m e to get in touch with Mark England We’ve been talking about victim mentality. We’re talking about impostor syndrome. We’re talking about what keeps us from doing the things we know we need to do to get the results we want, but somehow we get sidetracked. We talked he’s he’s mentioned repetition, the stories we tell ourselves, all kinds of things here.
Mark has a really profound wave of of explaining this. Real simple terms. He he says that over and over again in his interviews. I’m a simple guy, and he explains it simply So you definitely wanna check out his work. I want to move on to some of this other stuff, which is the language you know, you really are specific about language.
So what do you mean when you say most people’s language is working against them? Are there specific words? That we should be mindful of using. Howard Bauchner:

Mark England: Yes, there are, again, everybody, if you’re a note take pick up your pen because it’s no taking time. There are three pillars of what we at and lifted called call conflict language. Originally, we called it victim mentality language and had to reshoot our first course because too strong of a place to start the conversation. Conflict language. And the three pillars are projections negations and soft talk.
And they these three pillars account for roughly eighty five percent of the language patterns that people use to accidentally. Because who I mean, who really wants to feel horrible. Who who wants to some people do, and and it’s very it’s not they’re really not many of them.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Right.

Mark England: Truly. You know, who wants to feel tons of resentment? Who wants to feel neglected? Who wants to feel like they’re not good enough? Who wants to feel incompetent, who wants to feel Well, I already said later, not good enough.
A telephobia, a fear of not being good enough. Not many people want to, and yet people are, why is that? It’s because people are using their words in a certain way. So projections. Here are the projection keywords.
Key She, they mom, dad, people’s first name, the government, Okay? Mhmm. And and what it sound what it sounds like is that always talks to me like a child.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Okay.

Mark England: Or she needs to respect me more. Or like that woman in Thailand and me, he did that to me. Here’s the thing. If I say, I don’t care how smart and this has nothing to do with how intelligent people are or this is not based at all. Einstein and Mark England, if they both say he did that to me are both creating a victim villain mental imagery.
The victim I’m in the picture. I’m the victim. Again, and then whoever’s in the picture doing the thing to me is in there too. I put myself in a stress response and trap my breath in my chest, which causes something called amygdala hijack. You can look that up.
That’s a, you know, don’t I sound smart now. A amygdala hijack. That’s all stress response. And when someone’s breath gets trapped in the chest, here’s what happens everybody. We get focused in on something, hyper focused in on something, and we lose access to our peripheral vision.
Wow. Our listing goes way down. Like, when someone is up regulated and emotional, have you ever tried to talk to somebody like that? Yes. Of course you have.
It’s like talking to a brick what? Yep. Whoa. Yes. And so so those are projections.
You know, they need to respect my time more. I how about how about I take out they and put in I? Oh, that’s quite a different story. I need to respect my time more. I mean, come on everybody.
Let’s grow up. Let’s get let’s get honest. Who Who wastes more of your time than you? Nobody. It’s not even close second.
How about this? Who who talks more trash to you than you? Nobody it’s not even a close second, but we’ll we’ll we’ll pick somebody out of the crowd or we’re right next to us in our house and make them the the villain. Yes. That’s and and you know what?
It’s it’s even worse than that. Because if our language is is worded that way, whether we wanna create peace and harmony or not, we’re getting chaos. So projections, that’s where the bitterness and the resentment and most of the stronger emotions and feelings lie, we recommend getting to those later. Then there’s negations. And here’s what they sound like.
Here’s here’s the negation keywords, can’t, won, isn’t, not, shouldn’t, hasn’t, haven’t, And it sounds like I won’t make that mistake again. I just forced myself to make a picture of making that mistake again. Or I’m not gonna let them treat me that way anymore. Now I got a projection and a negation. I’m not gonna let them treat me that wave again.
And I just made a picture of them doing that same thing. Again, hello, stress response. My driving teacher said, when I got in the car, he said, look where you wanna go because you’re probably gonna go there. Rocket science. And then and then here’s here’s a good one.
I can’t keep focusing on my past. I had someone say that in a session and I had the I gave them a pen and a piece of paper, said write that sentence down. Like, which one? I said, I can’t keep focusing on my past. And I said, if that’s what you can’t keep doing, what can you start doing?
And when you start to use different words, it’s like learning a new language. He goes, focus on my future more. He goes up at the end. He starts And it went up at the end. It’s called up talk.
And I said, yes. Take a breath. Say it again. And it it was like he was learning English for the first time. He was learning to use his English.
In a different way for the first time. I can focus on my future more. I I can. Right. More breath on that.
I I can’t. I can’t because guess what? We’re always talking ourselves into stuff or out of stuff. I can focus on my future more. And then then I had him, okay, what are three things you can do?
And he did those things, and he messaged me nine months later. And he said, yeah, I’m making money, and I moved out and I got my own place, and I I like myself. A lot more. Thanks. I said, you’re welcome.
Good job picking up a pen. Free. Mhmm. And that brings up another important point folks. Guess what?
You didn’t need a PhD to create the story of you’re not good enough when you were getting bullied in middle school. You didn’t need a PHD to create that story. And you don’t need a PHD now to pick up a pen and get that story out of your head because that’s where it probably is. And on paper and change some words around. You don’t need a PhD to do that.
Your mom said, don’t play with your food. Marketing on is telling you play with your words. And the easiest way to play with your words is to get them out of your head, even though they’re scary, and the pen feels like it weighs nine hundred pounds who cares. Get get the get the stories out of your head and then start because that’s the easiest way to think about your thinking is to observe it once it’s written down. And then there’s soft talk, which is the gateway drug, which is the thing we say, this is where you start.
Here are the keywords. Think might maybe guess sort of kind of Hopefully, possibly, cry. Almost one day,

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re gonna go to break and we’re gonna have one last segment with Mark England. We’re gonna look at his vision. If he’s optimistic, about people changing their mindset, his fifty year goal and more. Stay tuned. This is naturally inspired radio.
Hi. I’m Tammy Cuthbert Garcia from naturally inspired nutrition. We can help you build a lifestyle, not a diet. Together, we will discover unlocking your food stories, building a food philosophy, eating food for medicine, We’ll use a simple swap system. We will use an easy transformation system and there’ll be no more diets necessary.
Naturally inspired nutrition, helping people feel good so they can do what they love for longer. Get more information or book today at naturally inspired nutrition dot com. This has really just been an introduction. To Mark England and his work in Lifted. M e.
I am so fortunate that he’s agreed to sit down with me and talk for naturally inspired podcast as well. That’s on Wednesday the twenty seventh. So we’re gonna break this stuff down. But in the meantime, you wanna visit in lifted dot m e e n l I f t e d dot m e. That’s his website so you can learn more about his work.
Mark, Are you optimistic that people can make this change? You have this fifty year vision of the impact that you’re gonna make on the world? Are you optimistic that we’re gonna get through this time and that people are gonna make the shift?

Mark England: I’m optimistic enough people are going to. Not people in general enough. And it’s the same thing with when I looked down that path and I saw that fifty five year old version of me. And it’s the same thing with humanity. And now now I am talking about the entire, like, I’ll take anything instead of transhumanism.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yes. I’ll take

Mark England: anything. Instead of a board. I’ll take anything.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We haven’t even begun to understand our own capability. Why do we wanna transfer into something else.

Mark England: Exactly. Right. Because we’ve been we and and guess what, we’re part of this thing, don’t if if if if if we stay in it, they’re doing everything to us, and I’m an innocent bystanders in my experience here called my life, then we’re really screwed. And I’ll take anything. I’ll take oh, I’m just going to go fuck mister Fuller.
He said it’ll be a neck and neck race till the very end. And you know what, that’s good. That’s here’s the formula everybody. Well, just let’s I mean, you you you I mean, you know what you I know what you know, generally speaking, just based on some of the stuff that I’ve thrown out there. And and I also know how you found me.
Right? Here’s the formula every day. It’s its humanity, plus technology, plus the victim mentality. Equals the board. And if you don’t know what the board is, look it up on your laptop.
It’s it’s Star Trek. And it’s it’s transhumanism. It’s the it’s the merger of of man and machine. Nobody’s laughing. Nobody’s dancing.
No one’s got a good sun tan. Nobody’s making babies the old fashioned way. There’s it is a it is a high mind that is dictated by a technocratic omnipotent control freak overlord. It didn’t Arkansas probably would. And and that no.
No. No. And I’m also going to touch on what you said. We haven’t even gotten into our own potential individually or collectively. I mean, what would it look like three or four generations down the line of people that are breeding well, making great babies that breathe well, that make babies that breathe well, because our language is an inheritance.
We inherit this, and we also inherit our parents breeding patterns. K? It’s called in training. Very rarely does someone come out of a house that’s a high stress environment and they’re all cool calm and collected, No. No.
Most of it like, parents are uptight, upregulated, the children match their breathing patterns, and then, oh, by the way, they inherit the sounds that they use to create the stories of stress in the first place, and it’s this perpetuating thing. And then and then we’re like, oh, yeah, it’s cow farts. We gotta You can’t travel. Current credit says, no. No.
No. So a better formula is humanity. Plus technology, plus a a hero’s mentality, or an architect mentality. And we’ll I mean, depending on whether you think earth is flat around. That’s Star Trek.
That’s when we get off this thing and go out into the stars and retain our humanness, retain our soul, retain our warmth, retain our heart and and go on to do bigger and and better and cooler things. And and we have that I have that potential. Yeah. And one of the things I’m gonna do is continue to work on my story and use my language to, like I said earlier, stay focused on me.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Amazing. You’ve been listening to naturally inspired radio. We’re gonna have more with Mark England on nationally inspired podcast. You won’t wanna miss it. December twenty seven.
Thank you so much for joining us today, Mark. That’s in lifted dot m e to learn more about Mark England.

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