Empire State Lights Up For Pfizer & Mental Health Social Contagion

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Today on Naturally Inspired Radio the Empire State building lights up for Pfizer’s new vaccine, they are about to discontinue all cold and flu over the counter medicine & the mental health social contagion.
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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Well, hello. Hello. It’s Monday, and this is your Monday edition of natural inspired radio. I’m so glad you’re joining me today. I’m so happy to be here and and visit with you over this next hour.
I hope you had a great weekend. I had an awesome weekend. I went and saw Eric Clapton on Saturday night down in Denver, and I’ll tell you what, you know, he’s older. There’s no doubt about it. He’s a little slower.
For sure. But I tell you his soul is intact. And his ability to transmit transmit his art is still there. His message is loud and clear, and it was an honor to see him. It’s almost like channeling, you know.
When you see somebody who has connected and tapped into their divine purpose and be able to share it with the world old as widely as Eric Clapton has. It is something to see that life. It is something to to feel the hair on your next stand up as he goes into his work. He still looked like that eighteen year old boy to me when he threw his head back and just fell the music coming through his guitar still look like that to me. Still, you could still see the eighteen year old in there, the twenty year old in there.
And we so enjoyed it. I I got to go with my son who’s twenty and a huge clapton fan, so that made it even more special. Such such a such a wonderful experience to be able to be in the present of creation like that, you know, creating his art for us and and it was a good crowd there. It was a wonderful crowd there. There was something that happened in the crowd that I just had to speak about today.
If you know, if you’ve been kind of tuned in to Clapton over the last little while. You know that he was vaccine injured and quite, you know, quite vocal about it. He didn’t have anything to hide. He’s just being an honest guy, telling you, I took the shots. My my I believe it was his children that suggested he take it.
He had hesitation on his own, but was later talked into it, I believed by his own children. And so after taking them, he experienced side effects. Neuropathy and his fingers and hands and some other things. And he was very vocal about that. And the response was it was amazing to me that someone like Eric Clapton who you know, most people like Eric Clapton, there’s not a big hate on Eric Clapton never has been.
But his response to, you know, I’m sharing his story about that, was was met with with a lot of negativity online just for him sharing his true authentic story. So that was that was crazy to witness that. But he is still he’s still pining forward, you know, and he’s doing his thing. And it was really remarkable to to me and my son both who were sitting in the stands. And behind us, someone happened to say and we we caught wind of it.
I’m so glad I came tonight because I heard this will probably be his last show. He has neuropathy because of all the drugs and alcohol he’s taken in his life. I was like, first of all, this guy is like a recovering addict. Right? And has been been in recovery for a long, long time.
And it’s just remarkable to me how someone can the truth and spin it into something else. And this will be the indelible mark left in the public eye that the reason why he stopped playing was because of the drugs and alcohol that he took early in his life, not because of the poisoned vaccines he took, that is, you know, he was mandated to take felt course, course to take not not because of that. No. It couldn’t possibly be that. It’s the drugs he did decades ago that have now showed up in the form of neuropathy in his hands.
And and what not. So crazy. Crazy. Right? How many other stories like this will we have to sit through?
Invite our tongues about this nefarious act. We don’t know the impact that this vaccine will make and has already made, we not for decades to come, but certainly the stories and history are being rewritten as we speak. There’s multiple people I think that have been affected by that. So was sad to hear that. I wanted to turn around and say something because that’s my nature, you know.
But I thought, ma’am, I’m gonna embarrass my kid. So I kept my mouth shut. But I I made a little note that I’d share that with you today on air. Okay. We got a great show for you today.
First up, we’re gonna talk about this cold medicine debate? Have you seen this? Oh, yeah. All of a sudden cold medicine is deemed ineffective. So we’re gonna talk about that.
We are truly at a crazy point when it comes to all of the things going on in the news today, and it is almost It is almost I mean, it is so impossible to decipher the truth from fiction right now. It it is just incredible. And so we’re gonna talk about the Empire State Building that’s lit up in Pfizer colors. For the new vaccine, of course, Next up, we’re going to talk about this mentally, this mental I wanna call it like a phenomenon, really, this mental illness phenomenon online and what that is doing to our kids. Parents you wanna hear this, so stay tuned in because we really gotta start looking at this from the right perspective.
The health topic today is protein. And training for getting old. Yes. You need not trained to get into your bikini. You need not trained to you know, get that hot body.
No. You should be training for aging. So we’re gonna talk about that. And then I’ll leave you with something inspired because I feel so in the mood with Eric Clapton. I have a little something to share with you for duration because we always like to leave you inspired after listening to naturally inspired radio.
That’s what we do here. We inspire. Okay. Let’s get to this top story about cold medicine. Maybe maybe remember, maybe you don’t, but you remember when they were trying to pull all the pseudo pseudo Fed off of of the shelves and whatnot?
Because people were using it to make meth. Do you remember that? Well, because they they wanted to do that, they they then changed the ingredients to some of these cold medicines that we are so familiar with. So cough suppressants, antihistamines, you know, all the stuff, the day quil, the sudafed, you know, all the stuff. This is a one point seven six three billion dollars a year industry.
Okay? Big money big money in decongestants, of course, because when we have to go to work feeling, you know, a little under the weather, but we don’t wanna miss work. Well, back in the day when you could go to work when you had a cold. Now they’d probably march you straight out the door. But you took cold medicine, right, to clear yourself up.
Well, now they’re coming forward and saying, oh, yeah. So we changed the formulas back in two thousand six, but guess what? They actually don’t work now. So we’ve been selling you these cold formulas since two thousand six, quietly changing the ingredients because they don’t want people making meth with it. And now they’re saying, yeah.
They know they don’t work. They never worked. And yeah. Too bad. This is your FDA folks.
This is your FDA. I want that to sink in because This is the agency that’s charged with your health and safety protection. This is the agency that’s the know all that has driven been partly responsible for driving the mandates and everything we’ve been through over the last three and a half years. Yeah. This is them.
You’re listening to naturally inspired radio. We’ll be right back after this short break. Welcome to your Monday.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re back on naturally inspired radio. Hey, go to naturally inspired radio dot com and subscribe to our newsletter. Subscribe to the Substack. I put out articles all the time. I recently wrote about relationships.
I think it’s a really helpful article. There’s there’s some staggering statistics about relationships and relationships direct impact our health. That correlation still isn’t natural for a lot of people. They don’t they don’t correlate the too. But if you look at Harvard Health, people like, you know, different different papers on relationships and emotions and this stuff is so fascinating to me and it directly correlates with how we feel every day.
Our relationships impact our health. And the sooner we realize that, the sooner we’ll seek out skills to build healthier relationships and then we can feel better. We can feel a lot better. I really think, you know, there’s so many threads to building a healthy lifestyle. And we don’t often look at some of the biggest ones that we can make the biggest impact on us because they they just aren’t they aren’t exposed in that light.
They aren’t told to us. They, hey, your relationships really do correlate with your health. Well, I’m telling you they do. They really matter. So check out that sub stack.
It’s at naturally inspired radio dot com, where you can just click the big orange button and it’ll take you straight to my substock and you can get subscribed. So to continue on with this cold medication issue, So two things I think here. Right? Okay. Why are you telling us now?
This is you know, and I I I I’m just that person. Yes, I am. I am just that person always have been, probably always will be. What what’s the next logical, like, somebody who’s untrustworthy, proven to be untrustworthy, some entity like the FDA has gotten wrong a whole lot of times who can be traced back to funding, being funded by people who sell products So why now? Why now all of a sudden are they gonna cop to saying that, yeah, it actually doesn’t do anything.
Well, a couple of things. First of all, my brain goes, okay. So usually, the best way to indicate where this is going is by looking by the response. Right? So so what are they gonna do about this?
Now that they’ve exposed that this useless this cold medication is now useless. What are they gonna do about it? And then my next question is why. Right? I predict there’s probably another solution coming, I think that’s probably pretty likely.
I’ve told you from, you know, day one that the future isn’t injectable. That is the new technology platform that they are rolling out, and it’s injectable. And pause if, you know, efficient remedies aren’t available for you, then you might have to look for a different remedy. And this could possibly be where this is going. I don’t know for sure, but I’m saying use your critical skill skill set here.
You know, don’t just jump from the newest and latest, greatest thing they’re gonna roll out here because this is definitely don’t do anything without an agenda. Okay? And this if this isn’t about your health, this is about selling products always is and so we need to be mindful of that. So I don’t know exactly why they’re pulling this off the market at this point or if they’re deeming it use useless. But I can tell you they’ll bring you another solution.
This is an opportunity and they’re gonna bring it. So just be mindful of that as you are, you know, working your way through any colds or flus that come up because, you know, that’s unfortunately just the way we need to think. These days. We have to be on top of things and wonder why. What’s this all about?
That’s what I think now when I see these stories. Okay. Okay. What’s all this about. Where is this going?
And none could be more apparent of an agenda than the latest of the Empire State Building lit up. Did you see this? The Empire State Building is lit up in Pfizer Colors. Yes. Quite hilarious actually.
So, I guess, over the weekend, you know, in in in celebration two days ago, this article came out on the on m s n dot com. They decided to light up the Empire State Building for COVID nineteen shots for the new up updated COVID-nineteen shots. Oh, celebrate. Oh, when whenever, okay, have we used these kind of marketing tactics, this this is just insanity, and these are signs of cult behavior. You’re to worship Pfizer, guys.
Now you are to worship Pfizer. And if you don’t, you’re out of the cult. That is how this thing works. Massive propaganda So the Empire State Building shines Pfizer blue for updated COVID nineteen thoughts. And so I’m reading this little, you know, article on m s n dot com, and it talks about COVID is everywhere again, but here’s good news from Pfizer exclamation point.
This season’s updated COVID nineteen shots are now available from ages six months and up, and they’re designed to help protect protect against recent variants. That is why today at eight PM, the Empire State Building turned its iconic building blue to announce that the CDC recommends Every six months of age and older person get this suit, the season’s updated COVID nineteen shot. The blue light symbolizes our attitude and appreciation for the updated vaccines and all those who made it possible, COVID nineteen isn’t gone, and vaccination remains one of the best tools to help protect against the virus that cause, I want to puke, I just want to puke that the thought that someone reads that on nmsn dot com and thinks that that is news, is astonishing to me. Let me just add this added tidbit here. At the bottom of the article, this is on m s n dot com.
At the bottom of the article, there’s a little footnote and it says sponsored by Pfizer. This is our media people. This is where you’re getting your news. This is not this is this is not news. This is not news worthy.
This is propaganda. And it bothers me intensely to think that children with no education of of propaganda, how to detect it, how to critically spot it, none of it. They look at this stuff like this is news, that this is truth. No. The truth is people are dying from these products.
The truth is young men specifically are dropping from myocarditis. The truth is, Eric Clapton got nerve damage, and God knows what else, as a result of these products, that is the truth. This is a some kind a strange parallel universe that people are living in. This delusional, weird, black mirror type of matrix. I don’t know what to call it.
I don’t know what to call it. But that is not reality. That is not reality. I just think of all of the parents who you know didn’t know any better, and gave this shot to their kid, their kids now in a wheelchair like Maddie Gray, Looking up at the Empire State Building, in celebration, Pfizer is being is being lit up in celebration for Pfizer. I don’t know who’s eating this stuff.
I don’t know who’s eating this stuff up, but it is disturbing. We are at disturbing levels of fiction. We are at disturbing levels of fiction right now. It is it is so disturbing that this is happening inning. And that everything’s glossed over with some weird weird type of gas lighting technique.
It is just mind blowing to me. Mind blowing to me that people still turn on the TV and watch this stuff. You know what the solution is to this, right, is unplugging from their net work. Unplugging from it. Stop giving them your time.
Stop giving them your money. Stop giving them what they need to operate. That’s how we stop this monster, this beast that is completely controlled and has nothing to do with how has nothing to do with health. I was happy to see, you know, we have little sparks of light here and there, doctor Lattepot down in Florida, every day promoting, getting outside, promoting, eating healthy, promoting, you know, well-being, get out nature and saying, hey, using the power that he has and saying, hey, I’m gonna say, I would I would advise to use extreme caution before submitting to this next new latest and greatest and detection. That’s what we need.
We need people who are willing to exercise the power they do have, where they fit. And if we saw a little bit more of that, we’d be in a whole lot better place. That’s for sure. We just aren’t seeing quite enough of it yet even though, you know, hearings and stuff are going on. There was another hearing in South Carolina.
I don’t know if you saw that one where doctors were talking about the outcomes of these shots and saying pleading these testimonies. We’re so heart hurt, you know, heart wrench They are just pleading, pleading with people in government in South Carolina, pleading with them to pull these shots. How many PhDs? How many doctors? How many scientists?
How many will it take because there’s more and more every day, but it doesn’t seem to be causing the response we need. Which is everybody needs to be aware. Right? Everybody needs to be aware about what’s going on. I just want to know how people are rationalizing that in their own minds.
If they still truly think that this is the best course of action that we just continue to inject ourselves with mRNA technology, to outrun flus, to outrun viruses, to out run all of these aim, everything that ails us. What’s the end? What is the breaking point? I I don’t know what it is, but I sure as heck hope it’s soon. Because it’s terrifying to me to know that people are gonna be taking eight, nine, ten.
What? Like, whoa. I don’t know. But certainly, at some point, there has to be a breaking point. There has too.
Right? There simply has to be. Next up, I want to talk about what’s going on with mental health. And primarily with our kids, this is a disturbing trend it is it is quite disturbing. I don’t know if you’re familiar with it.
I myself am not on TikTok because I got kicked off of their pretty right fast This was probably a year and a half ago or so that I was kicked off TikTok. I believe I shared something from one of the docs that I interviewed for a naturally inspired podcast, and then that was that was just gone. So though TikTok is no longer my friend, I guess you could say. It’s interesting though. Anyway, there are entire social media accounts now that are that are completely designed to expose and share, I guess, guess, to share one’s mental health condition.
Yeah. So somebody who’s suffering from a mental health condition, okay, or they think they are, because a lot of these mental health conditions like ADD and ADHD and whatnot, they can they’re self diagnosed So, they think that they may be suffering from a mental health issue. They set up a social media account and basically that account is completely all about their mental health issue. So they film different episodes they go through, they talk about what they do in therapy, and they’re getting a lot lot of views. They’re getting a lot of attention.
So let’s talk about that impact on our kids, teenagers, young adults because it’s concerning. You’re listening to naturally inspired radio. This is Tammy Kupert Garcia. We’re gonna be right back after this short break. Stay tuned.
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So stop buying their products. Stop using their services. There’s certain things we’re not gonna be able to tap out of. Right? We need gas.
To go to work. I understand that, but there’s other things that we can make a huge impact with. We just need to be a little bit more mindful about where we’re spending our money and we can make a difference. And that’s why we wanna partner with our community, and our local business owners, our local service providers, so that we can bring awareness to the audience so they know where to go. We’re about solutions.
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We’re happy to connect with you and talk about how we can build a relationship. That’s a win win for all of us. Okay. So I’m gonna approach this next topic. And I know this can be, you know, this will ruffle some feathers, I’m sure of it.
And so before I get into the article from Cambridge University, I want to talk about a word, I wanna say a few words on labels. Okay? For me personally, I don’t like labels when it comes to health. I think that they can be debilitating. I think that they can trigger emotions, deep emotions, scary emotions, fearful emotions, And therefore, I think it impacts our health negatively to have these labels.
The label was, you know, these diagnosed else that’s in large part were were and are developed because of insurance. They need a way to be able to bill for these diagnosis, right, for these treatments, for the protocols, for but now we’re at a state where we’re at a point in healthcare in this country where you can’t treat any other way than protocol. Right? Like look at the laws that they’ve just passed in California where a licensed medical doctor or can’t just treat you the way they want to. They have to treat you by way of dictated protocol.
Otherwise, otherwise, they can be legally liable, you know, charged in a different way. And so this is what what a what a business model? If you can produce medical solutions and then mandate the practitioner or to use them. What I mean, wow. Wouldn’t everybody like that?
Wouldn’t your local mechanic love to mandate everybody? That they have to get their their car serviced there. Right? I mean, let’s if you really think about this, this is what’s happening. This is the this is the corporate government collusion.
This is what’s happening here. And I’m very concerned. Because labels have become a way to identify. They’re not just, oh, I got a diagnosis of this or that. It’s now becoming my ADHD is my identity.
Right? This is who I am. I’m ADHD. My ADHD. My ADD.
My fill in the blank. And that’s incredibly concerning. Because as long as your identity is connected to your diagnosis, you are going to be you’re not gonna be independent. You’re gonna have this monkey on your back for the rest of your life. And therefore, you’re gonna need these products and services to treat your diagnosis for the rest of your life.
We don’t talk about cause in the allopathic model. We’re not talking about cause, why my you be experiencing signals, as you know. I don’t call them symptoms. I call them signals. So why would you would would your butt body be giving you signals in the form of anxiety or the inability focus or what have you?
Why would it why would the body be signaling that to you? What’s the cause? Well, well, common sense says, if you’re eating seventy six teaspoons of sugar in your pumpkin spice frapp chino before you get to school, you might have trouble focusing. If all you eat is Uber processed foods and your taking in god ungodly amounts of sugar that your liver is is having a heck of a time processing, that your body is having a heck of time processing? Could that have an impact on those things?
Well, we don’t really know. You know why? Because nobody asks those questions students in allopathic medicine. No one’s asking the right questions. But They are quick to offer a solution.
And so I know that people can become very emotional about their labels when they become their identity. So we have to start having these difficult conversations around these diagnosis though because we are dealing with mass social contagion. Yes, social contagion. And it’s not just adults that are being affected by this social contagion. It’s our children.
It’s our children. It is it is now become a way to be accepted as part of a club. It is now a a a crutch to depend on. And what it creates is a completely dependent individual, dependent, not independent, a dependent individual who doesn’t have to do their own critical thinking, who doesn’t have to work through difficult times, who doesn’t have to work through emotions, who doesn’t have to grow through anything. They can simply medicate it.
And then with a diagnosis, they are given a path Oh, well, they have ADD. Oh, well, they can’t sit in the chair because they have ADHD. Oh well, that’s acceptable behavior because they have blank. No. No.
Most of these diagnoses have been or diagnoses have been created. They have been created, and lifestyle drugs have been offered as a solution. So let’s just look at what’s happening here. This is an article from two thousand eighteen from Cambridge University, and it’s addressing bipolar. Remember when bi polar was the thing.
Do you remember when you kept hearing the diagnosis that so and so was bipolar, this but there’s a few years ago now, but it was very rampant. Everyone seemed to have an issue with being bipolar. So there is a kind of this this thinking, you know, that once something gets more attention that all of a sudden it becomes it becomes more diagnosed. And then some people will say, well, It’s just because we have new science and we have more diagnostic tools and we have more information and that’s why we’re diagnosing it more. Is it though?
Is it? Or is it maybe because it is a social contagion and that it is more prevalent, more in the news, there’s more attention around it. And so people start self identifying with it. They see the commercials on TV for it, for the solution, and they go straight to the doctor’s office and they say, I think I have this. Do you think that could be happening?
What does that mean for our kid. You’re listening to naturally inspired radio. I’m Tammy Kupert Garcia. Stay tuned. We’re gonna be right back to talk more about this social contagion.
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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re back. This is Tammy Caprogarsia visit naturally inspired radio dot com, get signed up for the newsletter, get plugged into my blog. We’re talking about some really interesting stuff on there. You don’t wanna miss it. So head on over there.
Back to this whole thing about the social contagion and whatnot, the the this recent art this this article from Cambridge is specific particularly talking about bipolar disorder. And that in recent times, the public awareness of bipolar disorder has spread through Internet radio and TV. And this is back in two thousand eighteen, but MTV had a show called True Life, I’m Boe By Polar, and BBC, The Secret Life of a manic depressive. These were shows that were on the air. They started in two thousand six, and then they kind of repeated over the course of a few years.
It presented to the public with an honest portrayal of what it was like to have bipolar disorder order. And these shows were popular. And so, you know, it does two things. Like, it’s great that we’re we’re tact the stigma of mental illness and that, you know, we don’t want people hiding their mental illness. But at what point, do we start glorifying it in the meaning, you know, somebody is getting so much attention, maybe even monetary compensation like, that’s glorification at that point, and it it is even promotion.
And we’re seeing that also with with, you know, in schools and whatnot, with the overly aggressive, in my opinion, it’s aggressive promotion of of trans issues and of LGBT issues, it’s it’s aggressive It’s to the point where it’s promotion. There’s so much celebration around it. And we’re just walking a really, really fine line here. Because, you know, back in the day, if you were schizophrenic or you had a mental illness, you weren’t blasting that from every every every mountain top. You know?
And I understand that we don’t want the stigma. We don’t want the stigma. Not saying that. But we also don’t want glorification to the point where people are wanting that or creating that or identifying with that so that then they can start a TikTok channel or and and and yeah. People may listening may think, oh, ridiculous.
Nobody would do that. Oh, my goodness. Are you kidding? Do you know how much money these people are making online? Through the social media platform once, they’re becoming famous for nothing.
They’re YouTubers. And, yes, People are doing that and you’re sticking your head in the sand if you think that they’re not because they are. So we’re walking this really weird tight rope here, and we have to be super a a vigilant vigilant when when it comes to our kids because our kids are just there taking in all this information and they could be being persuaded to identify with a mental illness, something they don’t have, something that doesn’t even exist, And that’s terrifying. This is changing our culture. We are in such a mass of transformation period right now in our culture.
And it’s terrifying because people like myself I have a hard time, you know, connecting some I’ve I’ve noticed such social changes like people, young people especially or people who are just like highly medicated, they can’t tune in to nuanced conversation or they don’t pick up on sarcasm. There’s all these things that are changing. And I know I’m not the only one that’s noticing it. I know that there are other people noticing this. We have to start looking at why we are losing our humanness here.
Medication, I think, is definitely a factor. Constant screen use is definitely a factor. The failure to communicate one on one face to face or even talk on the phone all of these things are a factor. It’s not just one thing. It’s all of these things.
The toxicity in our food Right? When you don’t feel good, you’re you’re not too too quick to communicate with other people, you’re not too social, you’re not you’re not, you know, chasing relationships when you’re not feeling good. You’re not trying to interact. All of these things are affecting our culture. And I I’m fearful that in five, seven years from now, we will be people will be walk around like a bunch of zombies without the ability to laugh, without the ability to connect, to to communicate on that level of being human where you don’t even really have to use words.
You can just look into each other’s eyes and be like, yeah. Know what you mean there. That’s the stuff I’m talking about. That’s the stuff know that that’s super important that we hold on to. That’s the stuff I was talking about.
At the top the show when I was talking about Eric Clapton. Right? The that that humanness that we all connect to. I don’t know what to call it. You know, I don’t think it needs a name.
It’s just that that soulfulness that we all connect to. That’s what’s missing in connection today. It it we’re grasping at it. We’re grasping at it to hold onto it still, but it’s slowly slipping away. And we’re going to have to work to get it back.
We’re gonna have to work to bolster our relationships. We’re gonna have put the screens away. We’re gonna have to look for alternative remedies to just a pill or an inject or a surgery or process, we have to get back to growing through our issues. Because this is just weird This is just weird, weird, weird, and nobody would think that this is a good way to operate a society. With a clear head.
It it we don’t want our children identifying with labels for attention. And we’re gonna have to swallow some hard truths too as parents and elders in our community that what we have done or what we haven’t done has facilitated the results that we have right we didn’t recognize the damage that these things would do to our children. We didn’t right away And but I think more and more people are now recognizing the damage. And so now it’s time to respond. It’s not the time to throw in the towel and say, oh, what’s done is done?
Oh, you get that wherever you go. Oh, this is what happens. Everyone’s doing it. That it’s not the time to do that. It’s the time to go whoa.
Kids are on medication by the time there, ten for ADD and ADHD and even anti anxiety and shot injections, for diseases they will never come in contact with. It’s time to pull back and say, okay, What’s my personal responsibility in this outcome? And how can I shift and start taking better action Never too late? You’re listening to naturally inspired radio. This is Tammy Kupfer Garcia.
We have one last segment coming up, and I can’t wait to share it with you. You’ll be inspired. Today’s show is brought to you by naturally inspired minerals dot com. If I could pick only one supplement to take with me on a deserted island, it would probably be my plant derived minerals. I’ve been taking these minerals for years now, and I can’t say enough about them.
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He’s describing how he’s getting inspiration these days, and he’s seventy eight. You’re never too old to be inspired. Take a listen.

Clip 1 (Eric Clapton): They then put him into isolation they quarantine him for ten days where he could not. And he kind of he wasn’t my he I asked his permission to do this, to do to talk about it. And I had to ask his permission to write about it in the song. And he said, yes. He thought it was great because it would be doing what we do.
It’s carrying a message of hope for people that may be in that position. But in that time, we don’t know a lot of us. We didn’t know where he went. He disappeared. And I I let him and then I called him and he said, I don’t want to talk to anybody about it.
And I thought, oh my god. What’s going on in that guy’s head? So this is what gives me this is what motivates me now. This kind of as concern for people that just disappear. But I’m concerned about people disappear.
Not just because people that disappear from my life because they don’t want anything to do with me. And I fully understand when you decide to do something. So it’s I know it’s it’s crazy, what’s going on. But I think this is my calling at the moment. I have I have what’s left of a musical career still going on.
And if I don’t use that to try to reach people that are in trouble, then what am I doing? I can’t you know, either I don’t write and I just play or I write and talk about what’s moving me and what concerns me and and I’m not very clever with it. I’m not very subtle. Maybe this song was misunderstood. It doesn’t the point was I had to say it?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: I love it. The point is I had to say it. And I I I think that that’s the secret to his success. If you follow his career, if you’ve ever watched his biography or looked at his full career, you can see that he he made the main thing, the main thing throughout his life. So he’s not saying he was perfect all the time and that he didn’t make mistakes, but clearly the his message was music you know, to drive his message through his music and express himself through his music and move other people through his music.
And still, at seventy years old, he’s still finding inspiration. In the craziest time this is the craziest time to be alive. So much chaos. So much, you know, corrupt there’s so so many things going on. And at seventy eight, you would think, I could easily unplug.
I could easily just look the other way and not get involved in this mess, especially with a legacy like hit but that’s what I think has helps people like him or people like Eric Clapton be as successful as Eric Clapton in is knowing to follow that inner drive to say, I have to say something. Have to say something about this. I have to do something about this. This is why I’m here. I’m not just here, still to be a bump on a log.
I’ve got to act. I’ve got to express myself. And I found that so incredibly inspiring that he is willing to do that. Given his whole legacy of career and there’s people that are not gonna like what he asked to say, they’re not gonna like it, but he’s completely fine with that. He knows that it’s more important, he says it, than to not say it.
It’s too much at stake here, and I feel the same way about spreading this message. We have to reach who we can reach when they’re ready to hear the message. And I am I too am concerned about the people who who are disappearing. They’re disappearing just plugging out, unplugging because they can’t take it anymore. There’s too much chaos.
You know, they they’re too too whatever we have to show care for one another and try to use our own voice to impact others so that they don’t disappear or feel like they should disappear. That’s our duty as humans to support each other through community through whatever talents we have that we can share that will inspire people. So I hope that inspired you today as much as it did with me.

Contact Tammy: Thank you so much for joining us for naturally inspired radio today. I’m looking forward already to Tuesday’s show. We’re gonna talk more help because we miss that today. Just a second. I get got too too worked up about these issues.
Tomorrow, we’ll cover some more health stuff about training to get old. See you tomorrow. Thank you for listening and watching today’s show. We aren’t here to tell you what to think, but to inspire and empower you to do your own thinking for better life results. We are being shadow bound, censored, canceled, and deleted simply for sharing our message.
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