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Today on Naturally Inspired Radio we review a talk with Bill Schnoebelen about the difference between an atomist and vitalist, Bob Greska from Greska’s c-60 joins us to talk about immune support throughout the winter and how Greska’s carbon 60 can help keep you healthy at the cellular level.

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Show Transcription

Show Introduction: Welcome to naturally inspired radio. Coming to you from Weld County, Colorado, a rights of farm community, and a land of America. Providing real solutions for healthy living, get back to basics, defend your right to health, big pharma, big insurance, big food needs a big overhaul, naturally inspired radio, helping people feel good so they can do what they love for longer.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Well, hello, and welcome back. I feel like I should say welcome back. It’s only been a couple of days, but it feels like it’s been longer since I’ve been here, but I’m glad to be back. I hope you had a awesome Christmas and that you had time to spend with loved ones and were able to enjoy the day and days after Christmas. We’re gonna shoot right into the new year.
It just goes so fast. We’ll be in the new year before you know it. I had a great Christmas. Nice to be at home and just having a couple of lazy days for a change. We don’t get many of those on the farm.
So it was nice just to kind of take it easy and enjoy each other. Why did I see in the news though? Oh my goodness. I try to stay off, you know, out of the news and offline as much as possible, but, you know, it’s it’s darn near impossible. Especially when someone like Tucker Carlson drops this really weird interview on Christmas Eve.
I don’t know if you saw it. I thought, and I was like, what the heck? It took me a little while to process it. So Tucker, if you didn’t see it, Tucker Carlson sat down with Kevin Spacey, Kevin Spacey, who, you know, obviously, has disappeared from public life in the years I don’t know. Probably the last four years.
Maybe he’s been gone, I’d say. Maybe I don’t know. May could be longer. But, you know, when the whole Me Too movement hit, Kevin Spacey was one target that got hit right away. And they kept him wrapped up in litigation for years.
And ultimately he wasn’t charged with anything from what I understand. But anyway, this this interview is so strange and it’s Kevin Spacey in the character of Frank from the Netflix series House of Cards. In case you don’t know that series, Kevin Spacey plays the president while he’s pining. He plays the house whip when the series starts out. And then he’s pining for presidency.
Him and his wife are scheming. Anyway, it really reveals the nastiness, the darkness of Washington. And of course, anyone that was a fan that watched it you know, everybody kinda like, this is probably real. And even Thomas Massey chimed in on that years ago and said, yeah, it’s pretty much pretty much real. Anyway, so he’s in character.
Kevin Spacey’s in character of Frank. And Tucker Carlson’s interviewing him. It’s just it was weird. And the thing I don’t know what to make of it. I don’t know a lot of people are speculating.
You know, what it could mean and I don’t know. The weird thing to me is that it seemed off brand to me. It seemed off brand of Tucker Carlson. Tucker Carlson opening, you know, his new news outlet coming out strong with all these interviews and really factually based Tucker. Right?
And this seemed off brand. And I’m sure it’s purposeful, but I think we’re gonna have to wait and see what the purpose is because I didn’t get it. Some people just blew it off as satire. Well, it’s satire, you know. It’s like, nah, I think there’s more there.
It it was just too off brand to take it, like, it was just a funny joke. There were some very strange implications made during the the theatrical interview. So we’ll see. That caught my interest. Another thing that caught my interest was this in New York on Christmas Day.
There was a pro Palestinian rally, and two young girls were killed from what I understand or injured. Like, a sixteen and a seventeen year old. They were tourists from South Africa, and they were killed. And, of course, the the man that killed them apparently yelled deaf to all white people. Before that he killed them.
And now okay. This is a prime example. Something like that. I’m like, yeah, just doesn’t why like, who yells that kind of thing. Right?
Like, I don’t know. It just seemed off to me. And today I’m seeing that New York is is is organizing to implement robot law enforcement. Okay? So they’re they’re looking at implementing dogs and robots and mass surveillance to, of course, you know, as a response to this attack on Christmas day.
And that just, you know, screams screams that this whole thing was planned. You know, I I it’s such these incidences I’m not taking any way anything away from the victims. I’m not saying that the victims weren’t victimized. I’m not saying any of that. I’m only saying that opportunists use incidences like this or possibly or even involved in setting incidences like this up, so then the response can be rolled out.
And it’s sickening. It’s just absolutely sickening. But that is the response that New York seems to be having. Wanting to bring on robots, wanting to bring on robot dogs and and other types of mass surveillance. I’ve been saying this from the beginning.
What this whole thing has been about. They’re gonna use multiple things to get the job done into mass surveillance. They’re gonna use multiple things. And even this, you know, implication of a black swan event coming, on mainstream media as well. So who knows what the New Year is gonna bring?
I say enjoy every day. Every day enjoy as much as you possibly can, focus on your own relationships and, you know, spreading light because we really don’t know what’s coming this year at all, and I think we can all agree on that. We have a great show for you today. We will be talking about something called natural asset companies. What you need to know about them, what they are, and why they are going to implement them.
And then I’m going to introduce you. Maybe maybe this will be introduction for some of you. If your old school like me, you might already know who this is. Bill Schnoblin, I first found him on prophecy news watch many many years ago. And learned we’ve learned a lot from prophecy news watch, if you’re not familiar with that.
Lots of great speakers on there over the years. I’m gonna introduce you to his concept of vitalism versus Adamist. So you’re a vitalist or you’re an Adamist. I’m definitely a vitalist. I learned this about myself as I revisited one of his talks So I’m gonna share that with you today.
And then at the bottom of the hour, we have a special guest. Bob Gresca is joining us again from c sixty dot com. He’s gonna talk to us about carbon. There’s a few things we haven’t covered with Bob yet that we’re gonna talk about today. One, which I I can’t believe I haven’t we haven’t really talked much about this with Bob.
But one of the things being is the antiviral properties of carbon sixty and how it enhances your immune function not only that, but it’s anti aging stuff. So every time I go on to c dash sixty dot com, I head over to the science part, and it it ends up sucking me in for a whole bunch of time because it is you know, it has links to the NIH website, to studies, to different things that you wouldn’t even imagine that carbon helps with. So Bob’s gonna come back on and we’re gonna have a chat for a little while. I’m excited to do that. And you’ll learn some new information because that’s what it’s all about is getting this information out to people that there are other ways than what you’ve been conditioned to think.
To curate health in your life. And those things come from lifestyle choices, so we’ll be talking about that. And the a whole lot more when we come back after this short break. If you’re listening to Naturally inspired Radio, Stay tuned.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Or back? Hey, have you haven’t visited naturally inspired radio dot com? I would love it if you would go First of all, I just wanna thank you for all your messages. I got some incredible messages over the break even It was kind of nice. Even Christmas morning, I got this really beautiful email about someone who has taken, you know, different different path in their house from listening to the show.
And that’s that’s just that’s it, man. That’s why I’m here. That’s what I wanna do. I wanna help people just discover how capable they are and how healing really does come from only the body and we can curate health when we make the right decisions in our lifestyle. So that was such a nice gift on Christmas morning to receive that.
So Definitely get signed up for the newsletter, get signed up for the substack. Morning substacks come out usually of taking a little break over the past few days, but they’ll be starting right back up again tomorrow. And then, of course, there’ll be a secondary article coming out on Sunday. Soon to come for subscribers, so you don’t want to miss any of that. While you’re there at natural inspired radio, make sure if you’re going to buy something, We would love it if you would buy it from us.
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So we we are grateful you do that, and we’re thankful for you. Alright. Let’s get on to this story about natural asset companies. Have you heard of this? It’s called an NAC.
Not to be confused with a supplement NAC. It’s called a natural asset company. And this article got brought to my attention from James Lindsay. If you don’t follow James Lindsay shout out to him, you definitely want to. He is in fighting out there, fighting the good fight smart guy.
So this is what it is. A new asset class, and it’s called a natural asset company. It’s a potential game changer on a global scale. Natural assets companies will be newly formed to veinable enterprises that hold the rights to productivity and health of natural assets, like land or marine areas. They are new asset class on the New York Stock Exchange enabling owners to convert nature’s value Listen to this, convert nature’s value into financial capital using the capital to reinvest in the natural asset protect them or improve their sustainable use.
In this way, we could see huge areas of biodiversity and agricultural land around the world. It says, regenerated. This is a big scam. Let me tell you that upfront. I’ve been talking about this and I I wasn’t entirely sure how this system was gonna play out.
But I knew that this is what it was about. This is about monetizing everything that naturally occurs that you need to live. Okay? So the air you breathe, you kinda need that to live. The water you drink, you kinda need that to live.
The food you eat, you need it to live. They are becoming the gatekeepers, and when I say they I’m talking about the globalists that have the twenty thirty agenda as their set of priorities. The mass surveillance, the digital world. So these are the bill gates’s. These are the this is the weft.
Right? This is the UN, all of these forces that are working together to achieve the twenty thirty goals. The sustainable, the seventeen sustainable goals. It would be so wonderful if they were really concerned about the planet. But the thing is they’re not they’re not concerned about the planet.
They’re concerned about making sure that they’re they’re maintaining their top of the food chain position. Because we are running out of gold. Right? Our money is not backed by gold. It’s not backed even by oil anymore.
We are so In debt, they need to transfer over to a different monetary system. And I wasn’t quite sure how to articulate it two years ago, but I was onto it. Somehow, they are going to take the things that we need to live and turn it into a monetary system. This is part of that. So there’s more than forty four trillion a year in global economic activity.
And moderately or highly dependent on nature and the ecosystem services it provides. Now, an international market led move is a foot to put nature related risk and opportunity analysis into the heart of corporate decision making. The members of this task force. Okay? So this is coming up.
They’re voting on this January second. January second, they’re going to bring this in as a new investment tool is what it’s called. Guess who’s behind it? So this task force, which is related, nature related financial disclosures, disclosures or TNFD, so you can look it up, release a beta version of its risk management and disclosure framework. Which was designed by leaders from thirty four financial institutions, businesses and market service providers.
Guess who they are? BlackRock, Nestle and Moody’s are a part of the task force making these decisions. So the prototype framework builds on the work done by the task force on climate related financial disclosures. This is the framework. The purpose for this new investment product, right, this is a new investment product.
They’re calling it. All nature based. Right? Natural asset company And the purpose for this new investment product is to provide a vehicle for elite investors and governments to profit from a protection of natural resources created by climate crisis policies. It is why these same proponents have been calling for the permanent protection of at least thirty percent of the world’s land and oceans by twenty twenty three, the thirty times thirty agenda.
These same actors are also pushing the net zero and decarbonization policies. Their objective is not the conservation of the land they seek total political and financial control of the world’s natural resources, particularly in the US. Yes. Because this is going to become how you operate. If you are not putting enough into saving the planet, then you can’t get what you need out.
So, oh, I’m sorry. You’ve used up all your carbon credits today. You can’t buy food. You can’t you’re going to need to, you know, earn more carbon credits because you’ve you’re taking out too much air. This is the type of system that we are moving towards.
It is an NAC company is not allowed to use cash On unsustainable activities which include mining, they’re intrinsically designed around making it falsely and insanely profitable profitable to do the ESG in line with a d growth agenda. The d growth, d population That’s what these people want. They are not pro human. They are scale back human, depopulate, de grow, to redesign. And we’ve talked at length about all of this.
While normal companies try to assess the value of their of their companies, with property and assets and whatnot, these natural asset companies will try to value their their their their their actual company value will come from services using an ecological performance report So essentially, how socially acceptable they are, you know, the ESG, is the environmental, social governance, This is how they’re getting the Bud Lights to do what the Bud Lights are doing. This is how they’re getting these companies to get along with their communist agenda. Because if you don’t have a good ESG score, you’re not borrowing any money. You’re not you’re not part of the gang. You’re not part of the club.
You’re not on board with the agenda. And there’s penalties for that. This is gonna soon start affecting our lives because if we drive or if we red meat or if we got for bid, you know, don’t believe that there’s no such thing as a woman we’re going to pay that price monetarily through our digital currency system. And that is a terrifying thing. So people really need to understand this new this new financial asset, which is all it is.
Right? People are gonna take a look at this and think, oh, it’s just a new financial asset. No. A natural asset company, an NAC. This is a game changer.
This is a game changer. And we all need to understand how it’s going to work because it is going to impact us in our daily lives. Next, I want to reintroduce you maybe because if you have been listening to thirteen, six, for a long time. You probably know about prophecy news watch. Prophecy news watch has been around a long time.
Someone like Spring Meyer was on it many years ago. And I wanted to kind of what’s occurred to me lately as new people come on the scene, new doctors, new truth tellers. What occurred to me is that man, I have learned from so many OGs over the years. You know, we’re talking fifteen years ago, sixteen years ago, I would listen to some of these people. And I thought it would be fun to kinda go back and reintroduce them to maybe people who don’t know who they are.
But also, to make sure that I’m giving credit where credit is due because there’s been some people that have stuck their necks out for a very long time. Far before some of the new people we see on the scene today. So I want to share with you Bill Schnoblin’s talk from prophecy news watch And I wanted to share his kind of definition of a vitalist versus an Adamist. So take a listen.

Bill Schnobelen Clip: The main purpose of Vitalism, as I said before, with hippocrates above all, do no harm. Don’t hurt the patient. Observe and listen to the body, assume the body has a wisdom on its own, teach the patient to heal him or herself, use of nutrition and other non invasive procedures to facilitate healing. We don’t believe in puncturing the skin. See, the skin is a marvelous line of defense.
God gave the skin to us and how many of you realize that even your sweat which we assiduously rub off and put any deodorants and then I bursts on, the sweat on our bodies is antibacterial. Did you know that? You know? And and the skin is marvelously made to keep out disease. So what animists, do they say, oh, it’s time for your flu shot, come right through the skin.
They take a live virus and put it right in the skin. We don’t believe in that. In fact, if you hear an herbalist talking about injections, I hate to tell you, but what they’re talking about is an enema. Which means you take some herbal tinctures and inject it up to rectum. And you don’t and understand, you don’t that’s not penetrating the skin.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: So for a lot of us, what we have here when we find ourselves gridlocked in argument with people about the right decision that we should make for our health. What we have here is really a different in philosophy. We have a difference in philosophy. I don’t believe that you can inject health into your body through chemicals. I don’t believe that you can poison the body to health.
Adamists believe that that’s how you that’s how they they, you know, those are the modalities they use to get healthy. Literally poisoning the body to trigger a detoxification, essentially a covering of of the body signals and that’s how they believe to practice medicine. And so what we have here when we find ourselves somebody I know just recently posted something about, thank you science, you know, seven shots later. Seven shots, seven COVID shots. And thank you science because I have a negative COVID test today, and I get to spend I get to spend Christmas with my family.
This is a real legit person. I read that post and I thought, how can we both exist at the same time in this world? How is it that someone, you know, has just taken that that whole fear based mentality and taken word for word everything they’ve been told through the TV and applied it in their life. And this is why. This is a difference in philosophy, a vitalist versus an Adamist.
That helps clear it up for me. We’re gonna be right back after this short plate with Bob, Greska. Stay tuned.

Naturally Inspired Health Network Feature: This is Tammy with naturally inspired health network. We created a group with real solutions for healthy living, provider with products and services we trust.
Need pain relief, Christie Sullivan, vitality for life, want acupuncture, Debbie Ireland, touch of East, looking for a medical doctor, doctor Sharon Montes, Living Well Health Group. Solutions for health insurance, Wendy Skippyoni. MPB Health. Naturally inspired health network dot com, connecting people with real solutions for health. We’re lucky today because we have Bob Greca joining us.
He is the inventor, the maker, the creator of carbon c sixty. So carbon sixty is a proven antioxidant that reduces inflammation, the root cause of most health issues. Gresca’s carbon sixty makes the smallest most bioavailable carbon sixty. It provides natural relief from inflammation and pain. If you’re a frequent listener of the show, You have heard my most interesting conversations with Bob.
We’ve talked about his entrepreneurship. We’ve talked about the benefits, the testimonies from c six if you want more information, just visit c dash six zero dot com and you can read all about it. I am happy to welcome Bob on the program today. Hi, Bob. How are you doing?

Bob Greska: Hi, Tammy. Glad to be here. Back on the air with you. Yeah. How are you?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Good. How was your Christmas?

Bob Greska: It was Christmas or Friday. We had a couple of Christmas parties. We had one at the office and then I had one at my son’s house and then it was flat quiet, so it was really nice for the rest of the holiday. So I just relaxed, watched a couple movies, did did some hiking outside, walked around, got some, you know, and it just took it easy. It was great.
It was relaxing. What you need to do every once in a while is just to get some downtime and chill out.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Exactly.

Bob Greska: That’s what I did.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Awesome. That sounds very similar to ours. That’s what we did too. It was really nice to just kinda have some downtime. I’m excited to talk to you today because we haven’t really talked about this and it got me thinking as I came back today I was like, well, you know, people are gonna start saying because it’s the official start of winter.
Now we are we are officially in winter. People start talking about cold and flu season. And, you know, here at National Inspire Radio, we don’t really believe in cold and and flu season. We’re more believers of a lot of sugar intake, lack of vitamin d, and stressful. Stressful time of year.
That’s the season it is. And so I I got to I spend more time on your website which whenever I go on there, I get sucked down your science tab there, start reading all kinds of papers. And I wanted to learn more about the antiviral properties of C60. Can you talk about that?

Bob Greska: Well, yeah, there’s a paper that was published some time ago on carbon-sixty on viruses. It was actually the HIV virus in all viruses are very similar. They’re all spherical in shape. They look like a prickly basketball or whatever. But carbon sixty is known and there’s a paper on it.
You can Google carbon sixty and HIV and see that the carbon sixty actually gets into the virus and neutralizes the reproductivity, the ability for it to reproduce. With the HIV, so carbon-sixteen neutralizes that. So basically since the virus can’t reproduce itself, it basically goes away. And that is a paper on that. And all viruses are very similar with their reaction to carbon sixty irons and assume they’re very similar because they’re all of the same shape and same basically format.
So yeah, and we’ve seen results with that with people that have, you know, viruses and flu. And a matter of fact, I was helping somebody on Christmas day, their Donna was sick. And she had all the symptoms of flu and stuff like that. And, you know, she I said, well, get you know, you got some carbonate sixty. Yeah.
I got some she hasn’t taken it. Well, she started, well, take take a serving of it in the morning. It’s a dietary supplement, so it’s not a drug. So she took a serving right then. She took another one before she went a bed, another one in the morning, I called back some twenty eight hours later and said, how she’s doing?
Oh, wow. She turned around. She’s doing better. And that’s the way carbon sixty works. It’s a miraculous.
It’s discovered in nineteen eighty five peoples just started playing around with it about the year, you know, the turn of the century. So it’s relatively new. It’s been out there, but no one has concentrated it or made it available. And that’s what we have done here at Gresco’s Carbon sixty. We we put it into sunflower oil.
We put it into water. And make it available. You can either mist it on or take it orally or put it on topically. It works. It’s so small.
It penetrates skin, and it works very good. So, yeah, it does attack viruses, it does attack the, you know, the flu and stuff like that. There’s reports we have published on our website and say exactly that.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Well, it’s interesting too because I hadn’t heard a story about turning somebody around like that, so I’m glad you told me that. But you can also take it like for prevention too. Right? During, like, if you think, oh, I’m gonna be around a bunch of people, maybe even a bunch of people that have injected themselves with some stuff or something anything. Well, I just need a little protection here.

Bob Greska: Howard Bauchner: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It will protect you. Well, you can’t you you can’t prevent that shutting they’re talking about.
But if if you do get shut upon, you you do get some of those problems that cause all the you know, a lot of these vaccines people have been taken. They actually cause something very similar to radiation exposure. Is that you start the radiation ox electrons off the molecules, and that’s the same thing what some of these spike proteins do. In these vaccines, they knock electrons off the molecules. And so if you got the carbonate with radiation or with the back seen damages.
We call it nowadays, the carbon sixty will put the electron back on the molecule. And so the net result is there’s no progress of degradation with with, you know, the Carbon City sort of protects you guys, preventative in a way. So you because the most common denominator, the common denominator for most all health issues is many molecules that are missing chunks. And if they cluster together and get too close to each other, they can cause health issues. But, you know, you have them naturally in your body, they’re random, they’re all over the place.
And your body takes care of them. But if they densify or get too close together or cluster together, you got a problem in that area and that part of that organ or whatever eye tissue or brain tissue or nerve tissue does not function properly. And so the cover sixty will help give an electron back to it And so now it functions. I mean, it’s it’s it’s really very simple how it works. Howard

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Bauchner: Yeah. Webb’s talking to somebody this morning for a podcast and he was talking about you know, simple simple solutions that we, you know, we’ve overcomplicated a lot of things. And, you know, I love the way you talk about carbon because it doesn’t really get much simpler than that.

Bob Greska: Well, no. And carbon is natural. It’s not it’s not a drug. There’s no negative reactions to carbon. I mean, because carbon’s in everything we eat.
It’s it’s why we eat food to get the carbon out of it. That’s why all of our meat, all of our protein, all of our vegetables, all of our fish, they they all carbon based and So there’s no it’s carbon’s not unfamiliar in your body, it’s very familiar. And so and that’s what we’re made out of. We’re made out of carbon beings. You’ve always heard that.
And yeah, so it’s natural. And and it’s found naturally around the world in different places. It’s just not in a very high concentration. You might have heard it naturally found in this rock called Shunguite. And Shunguite is a known Yeah.
Shungard’s found in Korea, Russia.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Okay.

Bob Greska: And there was apparently a nuclear not a nuclear. A meteor came in, and it and created a big explosion when I hit the hit the earth over there and I put I took everything that was on the surface of the earth, all the carbon, you know, the grass, the trees, whatever. Burned them all up and some of the heat the heat was so high and that’s what you need as high heat. Mhmm. And it converted the carbon in these plants and everything into some of it into carbon six and it settled down, it fell back to the earth, and it formed this kind of rock.
It’s like a charcoal, but it’s a little hard. It’s twice as hard as charcoal. You could dig out it with a pocket knife and sculpt art of it if you wanted to. I mean, it’s just about that density. But yeah, that has carbon six in it.
And that’s why it’s been a very healing rock they call it. You know, it’s kept a secret during the cold war and during world war two. By the Russians, but there was a book published. It’s called Schumgeit and was published in nineteen nineteen fourteen and put in English in nineteen sixteen. And when I read that, I said, oh my gosh, I’m getting the same results because I discovered how to produce clean carbon sixty in two thousand and twelve.
And when I read the results that we’re getting with the sun god, I said, well, those are the same results we’re getting with the carbon sixty.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That’s fascinating. When we come back, we’re gonna talk about some other uses for c dash six z that you can use you’re not gonna wanna miss it, and you’re gonna be a little surprised, I think. Stay tuned. We’ll be back with Bob Cresca. Are you looking for a simple, powerful way to boost your health and wellness?
Greska C-60 Feature: Gresca’s c sixty oral supplement detoxifies your body at the cellular level. Supporting brain, muscles, joints, organs, and nerve function. Joe’s been taking c sixty in sunflower oil for six months, and it improved his chronic joint pain and in limation, visit c dash six zero dot com. Or call seven two zero six zero zero six zero four zero. Tell them naturally inspired radio sent you.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: This morning, I did an episode of Naturally inspired Podcast. I was talking with Mark England, and he has been on the National Inspired Radio as well. And he was talking poop to me this morning. And he said, Can I talk about poop on on this podcast? And I’m like, it’s a health podcast.
Of course, we talk about poop. So this morning, I talked about poop. Now I’m talking to Bob Gresca from c sixty, and We’re gonna talk about the vagina because this is a health podcast and this is an interesting another interesting paper and another interesting use for carbon sixty because this is this is life people. This is life. Women have problems with their vaginas.
And we have to talk about it sometimes. And if you’re constantly putting medication to create a healthy biome, will continue to be a chronic problem. So, Bob, I’m putting you on the spot today. You’re gonna have to talk a little vagina with me. Can you tell me?
About the virus.

Bob Greska: Yeah. No. No. Glad glad glad to do that. You know, we we we we were actually we talked to some buy on people, and the lady that we’re doing got buy on studies, and he was one of the Karan is his name.
And he was one of the the leaders in, you know, gut biome in the country. And he wanted to try carbon sixzero for the gut. Because, you know, we’ve heard good results with the gut biome. But you said, you know, since these people are remote, we’re going to do, we’re going to prefer to do as a vagina biome study, And since they could swab themselves and send a sample in, he checked the the bacteria content and and this good bacteria and bad bacteria. And that’s what makes a biome.
And so all the all the bad bacteria was flourishing and it was very little or none detectable of the good bacteria. And so for fifteen days, and it didn’t take long to do the test, and they wanna do it for thirty days. And now we get results quicker than that. So with basically they took the carbon sixty hour forty five day oral supplement and they injected it into the vagina with a syringe, not with a needle would have blunt nose syringe and they did that for fifteen days and they also took some orally also to get it in through their systemically through their entire body and within that fifteen day period they swab themselves again sent to samples in and all the bad bacteria was minimized and all the good bacteria was flourishing. And apparently nothing that tree set up according to this doctor there was there’s nothing that treats that out there for women.
And so carbon sixty apparently, you know, helps with that issue. As far as reversing the balance of the bacteria. And so that’s what we saw and it’s on our website. Our website is c dash six zero dot com and you look under I believe it’s media

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Mhmm.

Bob Greska: And you look under blogs and that’s where it’s posted. It says buy on study. And so yeah. Yeah. We did that.
I I’ve had other people since we’re talking Regina. She she had she had a vaginal herpes, and she had a breakout with all the sores. And so what she did, she put some on a toy, I’m gonna call it, and some carbon sixty on a toil. She, you know, but and then she inserted that and, you know, spread the carbon sixty around inside of on all those sores. And the next day, she said Oliver Sores closed up.
Wow. And so we we yeah. Yeah. So I hit another gentleman. He was He worked with Vitamin Shoppe, and he worked on the Florida States, the Georgia, the Alabama, all the southwestern southeastern states, and he was a rep for a vitamin shop, and he had a cold sore on his lip.
And which is a former herpes, Right. And he tried everything. He’s a supplement rep, you know, so he tried everything in our store. He finally, you know, at last stage of it, it was his birthday coming up, and he put the carbon six on his lip and the redness went away and the swelling went down like in three or four hours. So he was able to go to his birthday party without a big thing on his lip.
And I mean, it worked very quick for him. And it does for a lot of people. It works very quickly. I mean, once you exchange that electron and give it to the molecule missing electron, it’s done. It’s over.
That’s the problem. So this goes after the root cause of the problem wherever it happens to be in your body. So, I mean, there’s other stories too. We have we have a lot of lot of testimonies. Go to our website c dash six zero dot com.
Look at testimonies. Take our product, try it, leave a test of money when you’re done because I’m sure you will be because we have a a high, high, high rate of success with our product.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: And you can call you can call Bob at seven two zero six zero zero six zero four zero. So and I wouldn’t be shy because I’m betting Bob has probably heard it all. So if you want and it this this is part of of covering your own power and health is being brave enough to ask the questions, you know, every we’re all dealing with stuff You don’t have to be embarrassed, but you should seek out better solutions for your health. Because as Bob mentioned, some of the, you know, some of the the allopathic remedies they have really turn into chronic issues. You know, they’ll they’ll they’ll stave off something you know, bad bacteria for a while, but you’ll have a chronic condition if you keep using the allopathic tools.
Whereas if you introduce something more natural base like carbon, you can just facilitate the rebalancing of a biome, instead of trying to, you know, use a hammer to to smash it back into a a good state. This this works with your body. And that’s that’s really an important shift in in like we talked about at the beginning of the show in being a vocalist or an Adamist. Right? So, you know, this is working with your body to facilitate it, whereas, you know, some of these other remedy that are coming from the allopathic model are just much more, you know, it’s more of a band aid approach.

Bob Greska: Well, carbon-sixty targets inflammation. Inflammation is the main cause for most everything. That goes on in your body, and you have inflammation and swelling and everything else going on, you got a problem there. Now there’s even a study. We’re going to put it on our website there was a report out there that things like brain dysfunction there’s a study actually calls it out and says Alzheimer’s is caused by inflammation.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Mhmm.

Bob Greska: And if you can target in a carbon sixty targets inflammation, So if you can target the inflammation, you don’t have that brain. We have many reports about brain fog, about eighty percent of our people that take our product in about eight to ten days. They report clarity of mind. Their brain fog goes away. They they can think clearer.
You know. And that’s what happens. I guess when you get older, as we are getting older by the minute, so it helps with it remarkably with many things and it’s natural, it’s carbon, it’s organic, there’s no negative. No downside. No side effects.
You can’t take too much of it. You just waste it if you do. You take very little of it. It’s an eighth of a teaspoon. So I suggest give it a try.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re gonna have one more segment with Bob. But when we come back, we’re gonna talk a little anti aging and then what’s in store? For Gresca c sixty for the New Year. Stay tuned. We’ll be right back after the short

Bob Greska: break. Talk.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Need pain relief? Gresca’s topical mist spray on water based carbon sixty suspension quickly absorbs into the skin, penetrating into muscles and joints to help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. Spray it on to mistaway your pain. Visit c dash sixty dot com or call seven two zero six zero zero six zero four zero. Be sure to tell them that naturally inspired radio sent you.
We’re back with Bob from Gresca’s c sixty. Visit the website at c dash six zero dot com, or you can always call. And and Bob will probably answer it. I mean, he answers the phone on Christmas day. So I’m sure he might even answer.
Seven two zero six zero zero six zero four zero. Bob, what’s what’s new? Coming up in the New Year, I know that you will be part of the naturally inspired health summit this June. I know that’s happening for C60. What else is happening that’s new for – in the New Year?

Bob Greska: Well, first off, I want to point off right now just getting started for the New Year. We’re doing a health an energy push because carbon-sixty helps with your health, it gives you more energy. So if you work out or an athlete, you work out better. So we have our promotional sale going on right now, like twenty percent off and free shipping. So jump on a website.
It’s right there. It’s right in front of you. Right underneath the the with the buy now button or shop now. And to take a look at that. It’s worth it.
If it costs less than a doctor’s visit or less than like dinner for two or something like that when you’re going out for a forty five day supply. So give it a try. What’s new on horizon? Well, we’re always looking at we have a horse product at which we have really good results with it for founder of horses. So we introduced that in August, so that’s relatively new getting out there.
We had a really good call from a vet the last time was on your show. He’s up in Northern Colorado. And he’s very interested in the product and looking at it. And talking to him about it. He comes down to Littleton where we are.
So I’m gonna meet up with him and talk with him about it and probably get it done some more horses. But it prevents and not prevents, it promotes good hoof growth, soon as you start putting it on and makes it work very well.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Oh, that’s exciting. Oh, I’m I’m I’m always, you know, so excited when health health like this, real solutions transfers over to animals. Because I’m a huge animal lover. And, you know, a lot of medicines started out, you know, with animals being tested on. So it’s it it just kinda comes full circle for me when we can give back to them and provide them more natural solutions.

Bob Greska: And another thing we’re doing, you know, we have a roll on product, which is the carbon-sixty in sunflower oil that you can use topically. People have been putting on age spots and wrinkles and blemishes, and and it will diminish age spots, you know, takes about a month or so, something like that. You don’t have to put it on every day. But but if you put it on every other day or something like that, you’ll see a noticeable decrease, so they’ll they’ll disappear. In in within a month or so, they have on a lot of people.
I I can’t I don’t have a crystal ball. I can’t say it’s gonna happen to you, but it has on everybody else. So It should work fine on that. So we’re we’re coming out with a face serum. Oh, that’s for beauty.
And Yeah, that’s really exciting. So we’re working on that. We’re getting the bottles in the sizing and getting everything all figured out and you know, we got a really good face oil that works, you know, better than sunflower. This this oil that we’re using we’ll go it’s a serum basically, but it will soak into your skin in five or ten minutes. So you can put it on and then put your makeup on over it.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Oh, so it’s like a prime

Bob Greska: really good. The the yeah. So the carbon sixty, you know, and some people aren’t even putting their their face screams on after this because the, you know, the carbon sixty goes into your skin very quickly. That’ll start penetrating right away as soon as it touches your skin. So all the UV damage you get from the sun and the UV basically, the same thing knocks an electron off of a molecule So the carbon sixty puts it on.
So your face feels nicer, smoother. In just in just two days, people, you know, say, oh, gosh. I can’t be without this product. My face feel so nice. And if it does, I I used it myself and I go, my gosh, you know, I I put it on, you know, every other day now.
Just to, you know, it feels nice. Your skin feels more supple, and it softens your wrinkles and your your age spots and your blemishes.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. That’s awesome. Can you give us the website one more time and the phone number?

Bob Greska: The website you can go to or call me directly, and the website is w w w dot c dash six zero dot com. Or you can call and talk to me directly or anybody else in our office and that member’s seven two zero six hundred sixty forty. I’m glad to talk to you.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Bob Gresca, everybody. Gresca’s C sixty. Wow. Thank you so much for listening. This has been naturally inspired radio.
We’ll be back tomorrow.

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