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Joel Salatin, the influential farmer, author, and champion of sustainable agriculture, will be the upcoming guest on the Naturally Inspired Radio Show. Salatin is renowned for his pioneering approach to farming that emphasizes ecological balance, ethical animal husbandry, and the revitalization of local food systems.

In this anticipated episode, Salatin will share his wealth of knowledge and experience, offering listeners practical insights into regenerative farming practices. He will delve into topics such as rotational grazing, permaculture, and holistic management, illustrating how these methods contribute to healthier soils, increased biodiversity, and more resilient agricultural systems.

Salatin is also expected to discuss the vital role of consumers in supporting sustainable agriculture and the challenges faced by small-scale farmers in an industrial food system. His dynamic storytelling and compelling vision for the future of food promise to inspire and educate the audience.

Tune in to the Naturally Inspired Radio Show to hear Joel Salatin’s expert perspectives on creating a more sustainable and ethical food system, and to learn how you can make a positive impact through your food choices and advocacy.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia is an organic lifestyle entrepreneur, holistic nutritionist, podcast host, radio show personality, health writer, content creator, speaker and spokesperson for health freedom. She began hosting "Naturally Inspired Podcast" in 2019 where she interviews top minds in healthy lifestyle solutions and health freedom. She also has an online daily show called "NaturallyInspired Daily" and has a weekday show on 1360am KHNC in Colorado called "Naturally Inspired Radio"

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