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Today on Naturally Inspired Radio birth pods and what the future has in store for child brith.  Gail Lynn talks with us about sound and light therapy using the harmonic egg and all of it’s ways it can elevate your health.   

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Show Transcription

Show Introduction: Welcome to naturally inspired radio. Coming to you from Weld County, Colorado, a right to farm community, and Heartland of America. Providing real solutions for a healthy living, get back to basics, defend your right to health, big pharma, big insurance, big food needs a big overhaul, naturally inspired radio, helping people feel good so they can do what they love for longer.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Wow. Hello. We made it. We made it. It’s Thursday, and guess what?
As promised, my shopping is done. I told you, I promised you, I would have it done by yesterday. Last night, I went out and I got it done. Are you done? I hope you’re done.
And I hope you’re settling in to the relaxation of the holiday season that’s coming quick. Come and quick. I think a lot of people are last day of work today, kind of before the break. Maybe some of you have to work tomorrow. But I’m and a lot of people I know are not going to work tomorrow, and they’re gonna just, you know, turn it into a long extra long weekend.
So anyway, I hope you’re ready. While I was out shopping last night, I have to tell you this funny story. So we’re, you know, we’re we’re shopping and whatnot and and we thought, well, let’s grab a coffee. So we go through this place to get a coffee. And the young girl working there says, we’re open till six, but we shut down all of our equipment or ovens or no, I’m sorry.
We’re open till eight. We’re open till eight. That’s what it was. I mixed it up. We’re open till eight, but we shut down all of our machines at six.
And Jay and I like each other were like, so you’re closed then? Like, what what is going on in this world? I feel like since COVID, this, like, strange lack of service, lack of, like, customer value, like, nobody values the or anymore. So you’re telling me you’re open till eight, but you shut everything down at six. Like, I And the funny thing is, is this generation.
I hate to be picking on the generation. Trust me, I have kids to say age. I’m not, you know, trying to be picking on them. But there’s this disconnect in communication that I think we can probably attribute it to all the screens. Right?
The constant social media, the, you know, interacting only virtually, the not actually calling people but texting to communicate. So we have this breakdown in communication where it seems like, you know, nuanced conversation, sarcasm, specifically. Sarcasm seems to be completely lost on this generation. So even when you say, so, you know, yeah, we’re we’re open till eight, but we close everything down at six. And you say so you’re closed then?
It, like, just goes right over there. You don’t know how to respond. Oh my gosh. I tell you what, I feel like sometimes I’m living I’m living on a different planet. Like I I must be a different species and I know that as you get older, you know, I can remember my grandparents say, you know, kids today, you know, kids today.
But I was talking to another friend and she’s like, no. I think we have a real grievance here. I think we have a real grievance here in this separation of generations. We are getting, you know, we are getting it way worse as generation x than our grandparents had it or even our parents had it, like, this transition is totally something else, man. This is something else.
Like, I don’t know how West Gen Xers are gonna survive it. We’re gonna have to teach these kids. Sarcasm, nuance that most of communication actually comes from our physical cues. It’s not what we say, but how we say it. And that really seems to be missing with this generation.
I see it millennials too. I’m not trying to pick on just Gen z. I see it millennials too. But basically, is anyone that kind of grew up more digitally than we did? And, you know, that’s got our drawbacks for us too.
I’m willing to admit that. Yeah. You know, I do have I’m not the greatest tech savvy person, so you got that on us. But we gotta come together with communication here because it’s like even jokes land flat. With this generation.
And I don’t know how we’re gonna make it through together in society if we really, you know, can’t build rapport with one another. So I’m gonna, like, make it a point to try to point out sarcasm when I use it with somebody. I’m gonna you know, I gotta find a way to connect with this generation because they ain’t getting it. They’re like, they don’t get us, and it’s a little bit scary. Anyway, I saw a peek at the weather.
I saw a peek at the weather. There’s some good news. We’re gonna get flurries on Christmas Eve, which is what we’ve been hoping for at the Garcia household. Because we like to have some kind of, you know, white Christmas just makes it particularly for my daughter. So I’m a little bit excited, but, you know, the whole weatherman thing, they can just be wrong.
Flat out wrong. So, anyway, there’s some hope there. We have a wonderful show for you today. We are gonna well, you know, I guess it’s all perspective. It’s good information.
It’s a little scary. I’m gonna warn you upfront. It’s a little scary. But I think it’s gotta be talked about. Right?
We gotta talk about this stuff. So it’s a good show, but it is a little scary. I’m gonna warn you. The top story today we’re gonna be talking about is a company called ECHO Life. And ECHO Life is on a mission to build facilities of pods, pods that’s PODS that grow babies.
They want to their mission is to be able to farm babies and pods. And they feel like this mission is worthy because it will equal the playing field when it comes to salaries for men and women. I have so much to say about that. So we’re gonna visit that topic. And then the next topic is about how Sam Altman Maybe you’ve heard his name.
He is the cofounder of OpenAI, super like a Silicon Valley tech tech guy. Yeah. These people have such a different take on life. And I just sometimes they think, what happened to these people? Like who hurts your heart so badly that you just want to recreate some other form of human.
I don’t get it. But anyway, he is funding a most secretive longevity lab. And the whole the whole idea here in his opinion is that dying is actually just a disease that’s waiting to be cured. Just waiting to be cured. So, yeah, we’ll visit that topic.
And then at the bottom of the hour, I have my friend, Gail Lynn joining us. Gail is an expert, a teacher, of light and frequency, and you know how this topic is very exciting to me. With all of the technology and the baby pods and, you know, all this stuff going on, I it just blows my mind because we’re so focused on this type of stuff with technology. We don’t even understand our own capabilities. We don’t understand how the body heals.
We don’t understand how to facilitate healing. We we’ve only begun to scrape the surface of our human capabilities. And this is what’s frustrating about the technology and this effort to you know, replicate what occurs naturally and turn it into some kind of synthetic weird thing. Before we even know what our own capabilities are. I believe that we are so much more capable than how we’re operating now because we’ve been conditioned to believe that we need to be dependent on outside things for healing that we need procedures, shots, pills, all this outside stop.
We we we haven’t even begun. To explore our potential. We’re gonna do that at the bottom of the hour with Gail Lynn. You’re listening to Napoli inspired radio. It is Thursday, and I’m so glad you’re here actually.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re back. This is naturally inspired radio. If you haven’t visited our Web site yet. I would love it if you would do that. It’s naturally inspired Radio dot com.
Please sign up for the news newsletter and the substock Today’s morning’s substack was about conformity. And just how important it is to make sure that you keep your individuality, and I can’t say enough about that right now. This whole transgender movement, I would what I can say about it is it isn’t what people think it is. You know, a lot of people that get that are getting influenced and and conditioned to think this confusing gender bending type of ideology. I think they think that it’s bringing them more freedom and who they are, freedom of expression, that it’s acceptance, inclusion, and they’re gonna have a rude awakening because that really isn’t what it’s about.
It is about transhumanism and getting the masses to depersonalize gender and takeaway individualized meaning in life. So we’re we’re all about the collective. With transhumanism. And that’s really what it’s about. These surgeries that are being performed are highly dangerous No one’s born in the wrong body.
That is just a lie they’re telling you. Making a lot of money off of these surgeries for one thing, but also contributing to the culture that they want to build. In our society, which is kind of this an androgynous, you know, unidentified, just human. Right? This is a emerging of tech and humanity.
And we’re all the same, and it’s all about the greater good. And that is not humanity. That is not real humanity. So that should always be in the forefront of your mind. And here’s another step to it with this echo pod.
Ecto life pods. So, you know, again, just the absolute disregard and for life with the way these people think is astounding to me. Because when I think of life, and having birth to children and live on a farm and watching animals be born and watching animals die. It’s such a sacred thing. And these people coming up with their ideas of, you know, thinking that they should be able to farm bodies in pods and that that would eliminate the burden from women.
This is something I cannot wrap my head around. But take a listen to this clip so you can understand how they explain it.

Clip 1: This is the artificial facility. A place where humans could be grown entirely from scratch.

Clip 1: The devices you see here a cold growth barge.

Clip 1: Each growth port is designed to replicate the same conditions that exist inside the model’s uterus.

Clip 1: Rewind to nineteen thirty two. Aldis Huxley’s prescient book, brave new world describes a society where humans are grown in a place called the central hatchery and conditioning center. Developing embryos are thrown into a cast system from the start, predetermined to be intellectual alphas or more subservient betas, all the way down to Epsilon’s who do grunt work. Lower casts are deprived of oxygen to make sure they’re not too intelligent and exposed to various toxic chemicals to prepare them for lives of mining. These pictures of future dystopia are bleak, but they may not be that far away.
Today, we’re exploring the world’s first baby farm. And the pros and cons behind a controversial proposal.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That says a lot there. And I wanna be clear. Right? This isn’t something that’s happening. This is a visionary video for this company called ECHO Life.
This is the goal. This isn’t current. Currently what they’re doing. This is not that. This is just what they hope to do.
And there’s so much to be sad about this, you know. But what the first thing that comes to mind is this fact that there’s cast system where they actually deprive the lower level intellect people of oxygen and chemicalize their life so that they aren’t capable of operating on a high intellectual level that’s one thing that really stood out for me amongst many. I mean, I don’t know. Call me old fashioned. Right?
Call me old lady Gen x. I don’t know. But this is just insane. This is insane that people are moving towards this model. I I just I would hate to have lived my life.
Me personally, and this is just my opinion. Not having experienced giving birth. I can’t even imagine having missed out on that opportunity. And I know, you know, it’s a gift and it’s it’s and I feel bad and and I have empathy for people who cannot. I’m not talking about that right now.
I’m talking about purposeful intention to grow a baby in a pod because you don’t wanna be sidelined from your career. Or you don’t wanna be sidelined from other things you wanna do in life. There’s nothing there’s nothing to me greater. Then that purpose of life is to create more humans, to try to raise good humans, That’s the whole purpose. I mean, yes, we we should want to contribute to the world and do good work and all of that stuff.
But this is just mind blowing to me that we could, you know, make babies like a on an assembly line. Like they’re vehicles or robots or something. It is is I you know, it sounds like science fiction. And that’s where I think it can be easily ignored. But we’re here.
We’re already starting to genetically modify. And they’re working on this stuff. So we need to be aware of it and we need to start understanding what that might mean. For humanity. Biotech.
Right? I have said it over and over again. Biotech. It’s it’s this merger between, you know, we used to kind of identify technology Silicon Valley is something over here. Okay.
That’s like tech and over here is health and, you know, over here is finances and all these kind of separate components of life is how we used to view it. And really what they’re doing is this merger of it all, right, through the Internet of Things and the biotech. Merging your body with machine and then digital currency, merging your body with machine to the point where what is real What is naturally occurring at this point? It’s kind of a mind bender when you really start to think about it. The Sam Altman He is funding a very secretive lab apparently.
They have an audacious goal to just add ten years ten good years to life. And so he’s putting his money where that is because his opinion is that you don’t age. So again, with this ecto life kind of has the same type of of thinking. This is a common theme. Now listen to the second clip about, you know, how THIS WILL EFFECT LIFE.

Clip 2: CAN HE HAS A STORY STRATE OUT OF SCIENCE FICTION REPLACING HUMAN pregnancies WITH THE ARTIFISHIAL ROOM I know the idea sounds creepy, but it may be a fast approaching reality. That scientists are working on it. Info ancient people are promoting it, like the cofounder of cryptocurrency ethereum. He recently pitched synthetic wounds. As a solution to the income disparities between men and women.

Clip 2: Welcome to EktoLife. The state of the art facility contained seventy five labs with artificial wounds were up to four hundred babies per lab are incubated in little pods that look a lot like neos. Each artificial womb replicates the exact conditions found inside a woman’s womb. Sensors monitor vital signs, temperatures, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation. AI tech keeps track of physical features and makes sure there aren’t any genetic abnormalities as the subject develops.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: There are no genetic abnormalness. Right? That’s what they’re trying to avoid. Is any anything that’s not normal? This is, you know, this is where you see the clash in ideology where you have your liberal people that are oh, it’s just about advancement and it’s about technology and it’s it’s so great and convenience and it’s wonderful.
And they’re not really seeing the truth of the matter. This is an old ideology. Where we eliminate people with mental handicaps. We eliminate people with genetic deficiencies. It’s not what they think it is.
And certainly, the people at the the the the helm of this ideology, the technocrats, the people who believe in technocracy, that science and technology should run everything, and that human should, you know, not have a part in it at all. Well, who owns the technology? Right? They do. They do.
That’s where I think that gets lost with a lot of people who have grown up with tech you know, it’s it’s all the reads. Right? It’s just everything tech, everything everything, you know, advancement in that way. What we miss is our history, our roots, our innate capabilities, who we are. We’re missing that when we just jump ahead to this technology.
And I can’t imagine a world with nobody with Down syndrome or nobody that has any, you know, Any differences? What kind of world is that? And why would you want that? Is bizarre thinking to me. Yeah.
I just don’t think that’s the way god wanted it. And it’s it’s bizarre to me that people would find comfort in that. And it brings me back to stories like Scott Charah. Whose daughter was killed in hospital by hospital protocol, who was in the middle of the lawsuit now defending his daughter’s honor, a nineteen year old down syndrome girl who was given the protocol of remdesivir ventilation And that protocol killed her, it makes you wonder. This goes back again to that ideology.
They see a lot of alignment here. And it’s pretty terrifying. So the Sam Altman, you know, he he’s the cofounder of OpenAI. And this guy, he’s working with Joe Betzel Lacroix. He is, you know, couldn’t couldn’t wait for a new laboratory so he can start doing experiments on, you know, life extension, basically.
And, you know, they’ve dumping tons of money into this program. It is called Retrophobiosciences Inc. And it is it’s really initiative to stand life at this point. But Sam Altman has described death as just a disease waiting to be cured. This is just a different way of thinking about things.
And when you when you study people like Patrick Wood and his mentor, Anthony Sutton, Technology is an old idea. And this merging of humans and machines is an old idea. It is just now, I think, coming into, you know, the mainstream people are, you know, because it’s it’s it’s much more intense now as this merger of health has come into play. So it’s not just about, like, currency and and innovation in terms of technology, but our bodies are being dragged into it now. And is just kind of a disturbing thing to think about.
But they talk about in this article from Bloomberg, how they are they’re learning how to reprogram cells. And that reprogramming cells is a process proven out in numerous animal experiments in which the cells of an older creature can be treated with a combination of proteins or molecules and turned into much younger cells. So they’re like trying to roll back each. You know, and this is really, I think, the main goal is to depopulate. As I’ve said many times, And now I’m not crazy and I don’t care if you think I need to tinfoil hat or whatever.
I don’t care. All the signs point to depopulation. Our water is poison. Our food is poison. The soil is sick.
They’re not cultivating health here. They’re cultivating death. And if you don’t see the signs, then I don’t know where you live in because it’s everywhere. But coming up, I wanna talk capability. I wanna talk frequency.
I wanna talk light. I wanna give you solutions for real health. And we’re gonna do that. With Gail Lynn coming up next on naturally inspired radio. Stay tuned.
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Keep your mineral levels high and your body feeling good with naturally inspired minerals dot com while supporting our show. We’re back. This is naturally inspired radio. Visit naturally inspired radio dot com when you’re there, you can click on the naturally inspired health network. You can see all the fabulous providers that we work with.
And one of those people that I love and has she actually participated in our National Inspire Health Summit and her exhibit was one of the busiest I think because she brought her harmonic egg with her and everyone was curious and everybody wanted to turn in the harmonic egg. And Gail is an innovator and teacher of light and sound. She helps people access their own body’s ability to heal. So I don’t wanna take much time with a big introduction. I wanna get Gail on here so we can start learning about light and frequency because I don’t think people realize that this is a way to help facilitate healing.
So, Gail, thanks for joining us today.

Gail Lynn: Thank you for having me. I’m over here in Montana. Just hanging out in my hotel room.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: How is Montana today? Did they have snow there?

Gail Lynn: It’s beautiful. No snow. It’s sunny. It’s about fifty degrees. And we got party to go to.
We just opened our first center in Sydney, Montana. The state of Montana has a harmonic egg now.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That’s wonderful. Okay. Well, I want I don’t think most people know that light and frequency are healing modalities. So would you share with us your personal background of how you are sick at one point in your life and how you use the light and frequency to help facilitate your own healing?

Gail Lynn: Yes. I was basically sick from the time I was seventeen until about thirty seven, so your audience can probably relate that they’ve been through all the medical testing and ventilators. We don’t know what’s wrong with you. On this anti depressant or go on this pill and kinda what happened to me. And migraine headaches was what plagued me for twenty three years.
Before I found found in light therapy, I had been to many, many doctors. And now knowing what I know now, migraines can be from so many different things. It could be a viral load. It could be a food. It could be a liver issue.
Could be a nonrashing shingles, you know, in the brain. There could be inflammation. So they really don’t know, they guess. And then they tried to appease you with something. But then I started to get really angry so that I had liver issues.
And then I had thyroid issues. And then I had cystic acne. My hair was falling out. I worked as an engineer in automotive, so I was working around a lot of metals, and I found that heavy metals in the body can cause hair loss. So all these things were happening and they didn’t test me for heavy metals.
They didn’t test me for the things that were really the root cause. So over time in my search, I found found in light therapy, And within just a couple of sessions, I found my severe cardiovascular strength and my heart rate variability test with back to normal. My migraines were left severe. They were less in time. So from fifteen hours to ten hours, and I thought, okay.
I have to figure this out as an engineer. What is going on that sound and light is helping the body heal?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. I would that would be fascinating experience to finally find something. And then being of an engineer like mine, I’m sure. You went right down that rabbit hole trying to figure that out. So can you talk when

Gail Lynn: you look at the, you know, Go ahead.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: No. Go ahead, please.

Gail Lynn: Well, I was just gonna say, you know, I worked on, you know, testing DC current with, you know, multimeters. I worked on AC current with oscilloscopes. I worked with voltmeters and dynamometers that test force and torque and power with motors. And so I don’t see in the world today any instruments that are accurately measuring the human energy field So, you know, I you know how crazy I am. I went and tested, you know, twenty three and me at ancestry dot com for my DNA.
How did I get two different results? Isn’t my DNA? My DNA? So I sent a test in on the same day and got different results. I looked at, you know, live blood analysis and it depends.
Somebody can actually read that incorrectly. If they’re reading the outside of the slide, where the blood is already coagulating, they’re gonna get a false reading. But when you test on a a telescope with a c current, it is a c current. That’s what it is. And then you look at blood tests.
And if it’s tested under a fluorescent light, if it was flown on an air line your blood was and maybe radiate it a little bit or the energy of the person testing it, there could be all these false results. Urine challenges, heart rate variability. I used GDV camera, and I was always testing people before and after sessions to see what I can find. But because I’m the engineer, I don’t really feel like a lot of this was accurate testing even yesterday. As early as last night, I hear these stories every single day.
No joke. Misdiagnosis. Two people I was at dinner with last night one had been diagnosed with a muscle disease. They cut him open. They tattooed his muscles, and they were completely wrong.
He had a thyroid condition. So he went through all the stuff only to find out that they were going down the wrong path. So once he got on some thyroid meds and balance with thyroid. She did feel better. I had another lady sitting next to me.
She had her thyroid taken out, but really, you know, if you if you listen to the medical medium, a lot of thyroid conditions is just an Epstein Barr virus. And my mom also had nodules on her thyroid, but after working with her seeing it as a viral load, those nodules were shrinking. So just working with her with found in light was able to help build the immune system, have the virus go dormant, and the nodule started shrinking. So what are we capable of in our own body?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Exactly. I know they do. You referenced in a podcast I was listening to you on. You referenced Edward Casey. I think our audience probably is familiar with Edward Casey.
How he said that bringing together healing modalities like lights and and frequency that that would be kind of the epitome of of being able to facilitate heat healing. I thought that was really profound as an engineer and as an innovator as a creator because that’s ultimately what you are. You are a creator and a teacher of these things. How have you witnessed the incredible healing modality of light and frequency together? What have you seen in your centers?

Gail Lynn: Yeah. Edward Casey was amazing. He was born in eighteen seventy, seventy, died in forty five, and he already knew back then. If somebody brought together the forces of light and sound, that would be great for the future. They just it’s just a shame that, you know, the future wasn’t nice nineteen sixty, you know, or here we are at almost twenty twenty four.
And we’re just now this is really catching on. Well, I I’m just looking at my Facebook page right now. We just had two testimonials posted yesterday. One was titled Severe sciatica Pain, gone in one session. What?
Even me? I’m like, no. There’s no way. I waited for it to come back. She’s like, I waited for it to come back after that first session, but it didn’t.
As you said, I still don’t fully understand what happened. But I’m very impressed and happy to have my life back. And then, recovery from a broken foot, somebody broke their foot in June of twenty twenty three, and then just him spending constant discomfort and pain. So after two sessions in the Harmonic A, not only did I shift from into my recovery, but my physical therapist said, when are you going to go back to the egg? So you can propel your injury even more forward.
So I lapse because I’ve spent fourteen years of testimonials like that. And Right. I I’m just impressed. We’re vibrational beings of light from God. We need to heal with sound and light.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Absolutely. I love it. When we come back, I wanna talk about some of the things that you’ve done, your observations with, you know, wide blood analysis and what the cells impact is on frequency. All that more, when we come back, we’re talking to Gail Lynn. Stay tuned.
This is Tammy with Naturally Inspired Health Network. We created a group with real solutions for Healthy Living, provider with products and services we trust. Need pain relief, Christie Sullivan, vitality for life, want acupuncture, Debbie Ireland, of the east looking for a medical doctor, doctor Sharon Montes, Living Well Health Group. Solutions for health insurance Wendy Skippyoni, MPB Health. Naturally inspired health network dot com, connecting people with real solutions for health.

Speaker 3: Have a comment or a question for Tammy? Call or text her at eight seven seven five three six thirteen sixty. That’s eight seven seven five three six. X thirteen sixty.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re back on naturally inspired radio. We’re talking to Gail Lynn. She is a creator and a teacher of light and sound, and she innovated the harmonic egg. We were just getting into a little more science y stuff, I guess. I want I am so fascinated with this correlation between color and different organs in the body and that that ability for color to kind of facilitate healing in specific organs you talked about a story specifically with liver and how I’ll let you tell us how certain color And then with along with sound and that impact on specific organs organs, is there a correlation?

Gail Lynn: Well, I have found after reading about ninety eight books on frequencies and color therapy, I found a book by a lady named Kay Gardner. I don’t even know how I found this book. Founding the inner landscape, she’s deceased, and her book is pretty much out of print. But she explained that that as a musician, she was able to map out the different waveforms of instruments and how the waveforms of instruments affect different organs and systems in the body. Now we all know from the chakras in eastern medicine that each of the different chakras have a different influence on the body.
So started looking at the waveforms of waveforms of the instruments through her work And I was fascinated because, obviously, we have so much influence with music in our lives. You know, you hear your favorite song or you hear something and Some of them have negative effects, you know, sometimes rap music or heavy metal. But we’re all different, and we all are unique. So what I found is drumming seems to help bring the root chakra back into balance, and flute will get to the liver. Flute can bring the sacroshocker back into balance, which can affect the liver and the liver functioning.
And pollute has a very simple sound wave. And it’s one of the oldest instruments along with drumming. And it’s so interesting how it’s affecting those survival kind of lower chakras. Time and time again, I’ve put people into the harmonic egg orange light and flute music inside the harmonic egg and they’ll come out. I’ve really felt it in the right side here.
On my right side, I’m like, that’s exactly where your liver is. So doing live blood analysis, I found that after drumming music, we were seeing more white blood cells, which tells me that it’s building the immune system associated with survival, which is the root chakra. So you can go up the the chakras and it’s so fascinating how this has proven effective time and time again with clients inside the harmonic egg.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That’s fascinating. And it makes sense to me because, you know, music is a universal language. I mean, we all you know, have a change in state just by listening to a specific piece of music, especially if it’s attached to your gray matter in your brain where you have a memory, sometimes even a song can trigger a smell.

Gail Lynn: Oh, absolutely.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. It’s fascinating.

Gail Lynn: Let’s have had people with Yeah. Go ahead and move on.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: So what about balancing? I like to this part about the egg. Because you’ve got a real soft spot for helping kids and, you know, you’ve you’ve this is something you’re pretty passionate about. It balances the autonomic nervous system. Doesn’t it?
And I always talk about that here on on the radio and on the podcast. You cannot heal if you’re in fight or flight. Can you? And because we’re so overstimulated today, Most people are in fight or flight all the time, aren’t they?

Gail Lynn: Pretty much. I think I was in fight or flight until I a compound in light therapy, and I didn’t even know. I didn’t understand what it felt like to have a parasympathetic nervous system, which is your rest and digest. And so when your nervous system is in fight or flight or freeze all the time, you don’t have that rest and die digest working. And you can’t heal.
Your body has an innate ability to heal. God gave us the most perfect bodies in the entire on the entire planet. And there’s so intricate. They’re they’re they work more effectively than any machine made by a human being. And so when it’s in balance, it can heal.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. I I really believe that. And the correlation to color you know, is fascinating to me too because there are studies that show a different neurons firing just by being immersed in color. And I love that with the egg, the way that you’ve created it. It is a it’s a clean slate of sorts.
You know, we I think a lot of people are familiar with a Motto study where if you can set you set intention to water and then they look at the water, and, you know, it is different crystals are created in the water by the intention that was placed upon the water sample. And I love the idea Right.

Gail Lynn: If

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: yes. Please explain that.

Gail Lynn: Well, if In Moto was still around today, sure he would have taken his work to another level. There’s other people that are working with water, and it’s really amazing that you if you put hate on a water bottle. The crystals are gonna be all gnarly. But if you put love on a water bottle, those crystals are gonna look like perfect snowflakes. So think about our own bodies and the the negative self talk.
If we’re made up of mostly water, and we are negative self talk or people in a dysfunctional relationship are being emotionally and abused. Those crystals or the cells in your body are going to get a little gnarly. And so there’s a show called what the bleep that was on years and years ago, you probably watched it.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yes.

Gail Lynn: And the girl in the in the show you started to love herself and she drew a heart on her body just to express that love. And can you imagine what that was due into the water molecules and the structure of the the blood and the cells in the body with her just loving herself?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yes. It’s intention. It is tension. Intention that we set that. And that’s another kind of component to the frequency is the sacred geometry.
Which interestingly enough, we just had a guest last week who was talking about sacred geometry. So the audience has a little bit of knowledge I feel like about that. But how did you set the intention with that inside the egg?

Gail Lynn: Well, the golden ratio is such a powerful ratio in mathematics. And then Tesla has his theory on three, six, and nine. And if you look at nature, you find a lot of flowers, the petals will be sixes or threes or 9s. You just look at a lot of things in nature and you’re seeing that divisible by three. And so when I came up with this concept.
I thought, let me use the Tesla Mathematics. Let me use the Golden ratio. Let me use Sound and Light. Bringing all these modalities together with that intention has done really, really powerful. We’ve had centers in Fort Myers where they had the hurricane.
And the hurricane didn’t touch the center. We had we have a center in Lewisville that wasn’t touched by the marshal fires. We have a center in Maui that wasn’t touched by the weather there. Obviously, so nature avoids some bankruptcy.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: When we come back, we’re gonna talk about Gail’s opinion on healing. Stay tuned. We’ll be right back.

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And you want to go to harmonic egg dot com because when you go there, you can click on the locations tab and you can see all the different places where you can go to experience the harmonic a because this is something you definitely want to experience. Gail, can you give us your sub stack so people know where they can get signed up for that?

Gail Lynn: No. I can’t.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: I think it’s Gail Lynn. I get it.

Gail Lynn: Yeah. Yeah. It does all that stuff.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: When you I’m sorry to put you on the spot. I get it. So I can I can just look at its Gail Lynn on Substack? And then if you go to the harmonic egg, dot com, you can get signed up for her newsletter there as well because you wanna get all this, you know, this this is the future. Of medicine.
I really believe it. It is we have not even begun to understand our healing capabilities and people like Gail. Who is a teacher and an innovator are going to lead the way into this new path. And we have to be open minded and we have to embrace our capabilities. Gail, you said and I loved this.
You said, healing is not an event. It’s a process. Can you help our yeah. Speak to our audience right now and help them understand because that can be frustrating when we’ve been brought up in a model that expects an immediate response from taking a medication or taking, you know, having a surgery or what? That’s how we’re conditioned to think about healing.
So I love that you said that. Can you explain that to our audience?

Gail Lynn: Absolutely. You know, it’s not a quick fix. I mean, I search and search and search and I could have just been on a bunch of, you know, chemical drug and supplements for my whole life. But I didn’t want that. I knew that wasn’t the answer.
So, you know, it is a process. You have to have patience. You have to listen to your body. Listening to your body is probably the key and sitting in silences when you really can hear that hire yourself or that God’s voice and kind of letting you know. I I believe that, you know, doctors are there for a reason in an emergency But we really shouldn’t be going to a doctor say, what’s wrong with me?
What do I what do I take? You know, how do I heal? We should be going inside. And listening to our own amazing body and saying, okay, why did I, you know, fall down and hurt my left knee? Why wasn’t it my right knee?
You know, you look at the left side of the body being more the feminine side and the right side being more the masculine side, you look at the knees being about stubbornness and inflexibility and not wanting to move forward, these body messages are amazing. And if you don’t listen, I will tell you over time that it’s going to get louder and louder. And then it’s not a, you know, a hurt knee, it’s cancer. So you have to listen to your body. And I have spent many, many years researching messages from the body and how to listen to my body and teaching people.
To empower them, to listen to their own body, and to be discerning on certain things, people usually know when they go to the doctor or they go to a healer and then the healer says something, it either resonates with you or it doesn’t. So how many people out there that are listening are things? You know, I did. Somebody said I had blah blah blah blah. But it wasn’t your energy.
They were not reading your energy. It was it was maybe another person in the room. I recently heard a story of someone saying, that they got a reading from a psychic. And and, Tammy, you even told me a story like this. Mhmm.
But she said she knew that it wasn’t her that she was reading. And it was she knew she was astute enough. She knew her body well enough. She knew her energy well enough that she knew that the person being read was the one standing next to her. So we need to learn our body.
We need to tune in to our bodies, we need to listen and sit in silence, so we can hear those messages loud and clear, and then we’ll know what to do.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: I couldn’t agree more. And we always say that here, I’m naturally inspired too, that these, you know, the allopathic model calls them symptoms and symptoms immediately trigger fear. And so we don’t call them symptoms here or we call them signals. Because the body knows nothing more than to keep you alive and thriving. Thank you so much for being on a naturally inspired radio.
So today, visit harmonic egg dot com. Visit substack. Just type in a gail, Lynn, and her substack will come up

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Thank you so much for joining us today and Merry Christmas to everybody because I probably won’t hear won’t be back here till after Christmas, so I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

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