Mind Control, Coffee & The Poisoning Of America With Jason Christoff

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Today on Naturally Inspired Radio Jason Christoff talks with us for the full hour about mind control, coffee and the poisoning of America.
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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Hello. Hello. Welcome to your Tuesday episode of Naturally Inspire Radio. I am so excited today. I’ve got a great guest.
Before for that though. What a beautiful day in Northern Colorado. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you have to head over there and see Kyle haircut. Kyle, as you know, is my llama. And he’s recently gotten a terrible haircut because, well, we’re not very good giving haircuts, but we had to do it.
We had to get it done, and we got it done. And I think Kyle’s still mad about it. If you want to see Kyle’s bad haircut, follow me at Twitter at Tammy Catbird Garcia, and you can check him out and see what a terrible hairstyle or barber or whatever you wanna call it. Today on the show yesterday, we visited some of Jason Christophe’s work. We listened to that fabulous clip from the the Parliament, the EU Parliament, where he explained about the ASH Group Conformity Experiment.
Gosh, that was powerful. All Jason does is powerful, really. I love reading his emails because I’m not sure if it’s because we’re both Canadian or if it’s because we’re we’re close in age generation exers, but he just has a way of saying things. It’s just the right amount of sarcasm that makes me laugh out loud every time. I read his emails.
I’ll end up laughing out loud because, you know, these are heavy topics he’s covering, but somehow he delivers it in a way where it makes me laugh. So Jason Christophe, he runs an an international self sabotage Coaching School, where students are educated on the subjects of mind control, brainwashing, behavior modification and psychological manipulation. His students then use their knowledge from the school in these areas to help reprogram their clients into better versions of themselves on all levels. Jason believes that social we openly see in our world today has only come about because key players in our society are using the manipulative psychology against most of humanity. If we are to survive and thrive in the upcoming years, Jason believes that each citizen must understand these processes.
As protect themselves from future psychological operation. And isn’t that the truth? The reason why I reached out to Jason and to bring him on today because I know how many of you are so frustrated with friends and family and people that you thought you knew and trying to understand why they haven’t come to the truth yet. And I think Jason’s gonna help us do that today. Jason, are you there?

Jason Christoff: I don’t know. Can you hear me?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: I can. I can. Welcome to Naturally Inspire Radio.

Jason Christoff: Thanks for having me on, Tammy. Great introduction. It made me blush a little bit.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Is it do you think it’s because we’re close in age that we get each get your humor so much, or do you think it’s because we’re Canadian?

Jason Christoff: Think as we’re Canadian and we’re both a little frustrated.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Very, very true. So yesterday, we covered your speech, while part of your speech at the EU Parliament. And I was so I was so proud that you were there, Jason. I was so excited to see that and view that. And it just it really it made me understand that people are getting the right information because they’ve come across your work, and you have that opportunity.
Can you tell us about how that happened and what that was like?

Jason Christoff: Well, I think it’s because I use I’ve sort of given cousin patients for Vaccine Choice Canada and Dr. Steven Malthouse and some other members of that group were really fascinated in how easy I made this subject to understand. So there is a group the International COVID Summit, it’s headed by Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Steven Malthaus.
I was the only non doctor, non PhD invited. They said I was there as the entertainment that I better make my presentation good. So I would not be a right of fact. So it’s a really important subject. And after I was done, I think everybody under stood sort of great danger wherein if what I was saying was correct.
And I was told to leave the ten fell hat at home and only stick to the psychological research, which I did and really made a big impact on the people there. And we’ve all been invited now to Romania in November to give a similar presentation. So now we’re on a little bit of a tour, which is a lot of fun.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. Oh, that’s wonderful. Talk a little bit about your presentation. We played the clip of you just showing, you know, the paper, it was a short clip, you know, showing the paper where everyone, you know, obviously, picked the longest line, and then, you know, that’s not we’re experiencing in real life though. Right?
We see the truth right in front of our eyes and yet people are just, what? You know, they’re just going along together along as you say? Howard Bauchner:

Jason Christoff: Yeah, what was the ash conforming experiment and it was research groups of six except that five of them were actors. So there was only one real research subject in there. And It was very simple. Solomon Ash was the researcher and he would have a piece of paper with three lines on it. All different lengths and those three lines would be clustered together.
And then over to the side, there was a fourth line of course, the fourth line matched one of the lines in the three point cluster. And five of the actors were told to give the wrong answer and see if the group pressure could bend at the will and apply this psychological manipulation tactic toward the research subject. And at first, the research subject held his ground gave the right answer, but even on the second go around where they changed the line and the actors gave the wrong answer, the research subject buckled and he started to give the wrong answer. And that’s how powerful group pressure can be and that is what’s driving this whole psychological operation, which is it hasn’t didn’t start in twenty twenty, but it bit pretty hard. And if anybody wants to go and see a real good experiment of pressure.
They can email me. I can send them this link. They can email me at jason freedom from self sabotage dot com. And I will send them a very hard to find, but new. It’s relatively new made for Netflix special called The Push.
Mhmm. And the push is with UK, he very famous UK mind control expert, Darren Brown. And he has not hard to find on YouTube or the Internet whatsoever. He is a mind control expert and he’s become very popular and Netflix gave him a lot of money to put this show together. And he did not disappoint.
There were seventy actors involved and there was a three hour buildup. So instead of five actors in one research subject, there were seventy actors and one research subject and there was a three hour build up and it was quite an elaborate setup and everything I’m going to tell you you there’s reasons for it. But at the end of the show, all the actors and the research subject ended up on the roof of a fifteen storey building. So reason for that, you’ll have to watch the Made for Netflix special. And there was also an old man on the with on like on the precipice with his feet dangling off the side.
And there’s a reason that as well. But the whole

Jason Christoff: the climax of this was the building of the pressure throughout

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re gonna take a a quick break and we’ll be back with Jason Christophe more about the push in this psychological cool experiment that we’re all living through right now. Stay tuned. This is naturally inspired radio. We’ll be right back

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re back on naturally inspired radio. We’re talking to self sabotage coach Jason Christophe. He was just telling us about this Netflix special called The Push. And it was getting interesting as he was talking about somebody’s feet hanging off the side of a building. Police continue you, Jason?

Jason Christoff: Yeah. That was the the climax of it. And that’s what was called the push because the group pressure was built in a way and in a ferocious way, you can only imagine, but for the research subject to relieve his stress and to comply with the group pressure, all he had to do was go over and push the old man off the side of the building. Now It was not an old man. It was a stuntman, and he was harnessed, but you could not see it.
And if you did push him off, he would you know, fall into the darkness and tuck under the precipice and on, you know, and he would hit some mattresses and he said he’d hit the mattresses pretty hard, which were stuck to the wall. And that experiment was run four times and three out of the four people who weren’t the old man who are on video. And that is how powerful the need to comply with the group is inside the app. Average human. And this is the same psychology that was used against the public forever to be honest with you for a very long because this group is very old, but they’ve really mastered their trickery through the media and this is to sort of attack that was launched in twenty twenty.
And this is why people push themselves off the building because if if they didn’t, they would feel the stress of not complying with the group. And what it’s also being shown is if the group is absent, you could be just sitting in your living room by yourself. But if you hear the TV, through the auditory means or you’re visual and you’re watching the TV listening to the radio. The amount of repetition you hear of the same message, the most repetitive content actually is the group. So you don’t need the physical group present to pressure you.
All you need is a repetitive message and the most repetitive content of the messaging gets translated into that’s what the group wants you to do.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Do you think he has accelerated because of social media? Because I’ve I’ve found myself several times trying understand why this is, you know, why it captured so many people so quickly. And I can’t help but think this is a different paradigm we’re living in with social media. Howard Bauchner:

Jason Christoff: Oh, absolutely. There’s many facts that up regulate the natural propensity of the human to comply the group pressure, one of them is fear because when you’re in fear, it actually weakens you and when your body perceives your weed. It also perceives you don’t have the ability to resist the group. So the first ingredient of mass mind control is something that weakens and it is usually fear. And in twenty twenty, there are other things that weakened us.
I won’t mention and the biggest one would be the fear so that people would understand this is a recipe, this is a process, this fear was used to weaken people and that will pre sort of preprogrammed someone to move with the herd, the more afraid someone is, the easier they are to move under the group pressure. Howard Bauchner:

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: So what strap Jeez. You know, what what applicable advice could you give us when we’re dealing with family member? Because I know and, like, the worst thing you can say to someone is, you’re in a cult when they’re in a cult. But in fact, that is what they’re in.

Jason Christoff: It it’s really hard to break people out of their safety sort of stances that get them moving with the group. It’s usually based on the actual strength of the individual. So you can’t, if anybody’s complying, it would mean they had twenty impacts psychologically over the last short period of time that’s weakened them to the point where they feel like they have to comply.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Okay.

Jason Christoff: So it would be very diff the only way to fortify yourself is to make sure you’re strong before the attack comes. But if the attack comes in your week, it’s sort of game over, like if you’re financially weak or if you don’t think you can survive without the paycheck and they tell you to

Jason Christoff: from strong to lose your paycheck, that financial weakness and the group that organized the attack in twenty twenty they made sure there was subprime interest rates from the decade prior to facilitate the financial weakness, every government staffor had hung themselves out financially and had the boat and the cottage and the jet ski and the bigger house and it’s because this group and if you want to know who this group is, you know, when truth tellers use the word they, they did it, they’re doing it. If you want to know who they are, you can watch another Canadian. His name is David Whitehead, and he made a documentary called cult of the medics and it is a nine part series of this nine part documentary. At this point, you can go and Find that documentary at cult of themetics dot com. Find the chapters, pull down tab and fill your brain with the truth.
About how old this group is. So they had three planned what was happened in twenty twenty. And they made sure all of the weakness factors were purposely in place before they launched the attack.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Well, we love David Whitehead.

Jason Christoff: Show weakness. Yeah. Have you interviewed him?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yes. He is he was just on the show a couple of weeks weeks back. So our audience should be familiar with cult of the medics for sure. But I what is the mechanism? Okay.
So So I I understand the fear is going. Right? The fear is going and — Yeah.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: you know, that that’s driving high. But when you mentioned people who chose their paycheck, you know, in place of their health. I what is the mechanism? Is it this this thing that you’ve just described is that that that makes people override. Like, you can’t work when you’re dead.
You can’t work when you’re sick. There’s no rational, you know, there’s no no rationalizing of this this decision that was made?

Jason Christoff: Well, that’s the part about the fear based part of the brain. It is called the limbic system. When you’re in fear, the limbic system has no rational structure. That’s why they started with fear. So So there’s two parts of the brain involved with mind control.
There is the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of your brain chest behind your forehead. This is like high IQ, rationality, logic, and has the ability to draw long term consequences of your actions. So when I say that part of the brain is involved in mind control, it they shut that off.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: I got it.

Jason Christoff: They don’t want that at all. So what they do want on is the opposite part of the brain. It’s in the opposite end of the skull. To the back of the skull near the bottom. The smart part is at the front, near the top and they want that part at the back.
And at the bottom near the spine, they want that on because it actually doesn’t have an ability to think logically. It doesn’t have any ability to think rationally and it has no ability to think about the long term consequences of its actions and never believed that that is a malfunction. That’s the part of the brain. If you’re getting mugged in the park as a female, this is the kill part of the brain. There’s not supposed to be a rational or logical application in that.
There’s not supposed to be a deep thinking, a love, a Because if you’re getting mugged, if you dare think, if you try and think things out in a rational way, the extra half a second, you you could perish.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: This reminded me of your recent article, you just you just your most recent article where you were talking about how the brain doesn’t determine whether it’s real or if it’s imaginary in terms of that dynamic when someone’s sitting in a movie. Right? When we’re all sitting in a movie, we’re all buying in to the story. So we all kinda jump at the same time and we’re all scared of this. We we are going through those emotions.

Jason Christoff: Bauchner: Yeah. And at this group, and when you make just decisions based on emotion, you would be making them from the LEMEX, so the low IQ system. And this is all these sort of agendas are connected. That’s why they add the emotia cons to all the social media thumbs up, thumbs down, happy phase, the third symbol, because if they can keep you emotional, you can’t think. So even this group is aware that even by placing the emotion icons on their social media, which I mean, it’s the same group that owns the social media.
They keep everybody engaged on an emotional level, which is the opposite of the Hi IQ intellectual level that has a rational and logical ability to judge long term consequences of what you’re thinking about. So, and what I want to throw in here, I know we’re taking the record three twenty nine. But the food and the drink in our society are what I like to call the slave camp A lot of people don’t understand that, say, coffee or alcohol, when you drink it it shuts down the front to low and it shuts down and activates the limbic system. Caffeine is a poison. It’s used by the coffee plant to kill competing foliage and bugs and it gives you a big rush of energy because you need a lot of energy in the system if you’re going to consume poison.
So whether research participant and psychological research sees a pit ball or gets chased by a mugger or drinks a cup of coffee. We have the same brain function changes. We have the activation of the fighter flight and then we have this low IQ reactive emotional system take hold, like caffeine and alcohol are like liquid emotion. That that’s what they are. And if I can flood the targeted area with caffeine, before I attack, I’m not going to get everybody on coffee complying with me because there’s not people who didn’t imply that I will get at least fifteen percentile points more compliance over the entire country if the caffeine is frequently used.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That’s fascinating because you you know we all know that America is addicted to coffee, ma’am. There’s a coffee shop on every single corner. So that’s

Jason Christoff: this is what the person yeah. Yeah. This is what the average person has to understand, Tammy, is that what we live in is not what we think we live in. This in what we see with the coffee shops on the corner, this is not a free market, capitalistic society. This is what’s called fifth generation warfare where everything’s about psychologically manipulating you or giving you drugs that make the psychological manipulation easier.
And this is what the average person has to come up to speed with very quickly we will start off the next bid after the commercials with Bill Gates and how he bought started August nineteen eighty seven.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Oh my goodness. I’m so glad yeah. I’m so glad. And I also wanna talk because Bill Gates is on my list here. When you’re talking about Olympic System and whatnot.
You know, there’s been this kind of quote unquote, you know, conspiracy theory that Bill Gates at what point was trying to develop a vaccine that you know, impaired your frontal cortex. And I wanna know your thoughts on that, if that’s possible, if you think that is, you know, something that that is in the works or he has been working on, it seems it seems more and more real that that could be a possibility as the days go on here. I also wanna talk to you about TV because I think it’s just remarkable the number of people who, you know, steam from TV that are like minded. Like this audience here, you know, this audience is very well informed. And whenever I get out there and I talk to people in my community that listen, oh, jeez, guess what?
They don’t watch much TV. It’s I I I just don’t think that’s a coincidence, and I know you know a lot about TV, so we’re gonna get to that after the break. You’re listening to Jason Christophe on naturally inspired radio. I’m so glad you’re here today. We’ll be right back after this short break.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re back on naturally inspired radio. Before we pick up, we’re gonna talk about Bill Gates. If I had a peanut gallery, hear, Jason, they’d be booing right now. Because when we talk about Bill Gates, that’s all I hear in my head is boo. But, Jason, tell us tell us your email address again so people know where they can connect, and then let’s get to one of my least favorite people, Bill Gates?

Jason Christoff: Yeah. They can email me a jasonfreedom from self sabotage dot com. You can ask for the Netflix special to push if you want to just have a real good interesting evening, if we really understand group pressure. But Bill Gates and his father, Starbucks was going back to nineteen eighty seven. There were it only had six stores, there was a man by the name of Howard Schultz who wanted to buy it and someone had outbid him and oddly enough, William Gates senior stepped in and literally visited the man that Albedom looked at him and said remove your bid, you know this deal isn’t happening.
And so the deal went to Howard Schultz there’s thirty four thousand, thirty five thousand stores today and Bill Gates was a contributor financially. It was only two million dollars at the time. Why are the Gates family — William Gates seniors passed away to our just care of them down and how is the trade of them. But what would the Gates family be doing in the Caffeine business? Well, this is why.
It’s because when you — it doesn’t matter what agenda you have in regard to what’s called sci ops, that means psychological operation. If you can fascinate the population on mass, you won’t get everybody, but you will get at least double what you would guess if they weren’t captivated. So this is why there’s Halloween gateway drop to coffee is chocolate. They want the kids fascinated, and then they did get the kids fascinated with the energy drinks, the rock star drinks, the monster drinks, and the monster logo means six six six that has its own whole radio show on those numbers. And this is how they’re captioning everybody.
And if you know the group and watch David Whitehead’s cult of themetics documentary, you’ll trace this group back to ancient Egypt, Avalon and Samaria, and you’ll trace the ancient Egyptian furloughs to the UK rolls today and it was them. Who invented the tea time with the tea and the tea was a lot less caffeine and it was again the royals who were brought back the coffee from Arabia in about sixteen eighty and they used the caffeine in the tea to control all the slaves on all the different countries and colonies that the U. K. Rose farmed. And then when the Crusaders came back to the royal palaces knowing of course that the royals are interested in psychoactive drugs that increase mind control the crusader said, you’re not going to believe what we got.
Check this out. This is called coffee. And it was three times to four times better at sedating the slaves class and putting them into change of brain function that made them more obedient. And the app and things that Tim Hortons is on every corner is just recently in Loblaw’s down here, your independent grocer, Starbucks opened up these companies pair up to destroy the public. This is what you have to understand.
This is the WWF except the S. Lean is for real here. And they fully intend to dominate through poison and mine can They only have two weapons. Poison of mind control. Poison increases the efficiency of mind control.
It’s not a very thick manual for real in the slave class. Two chapters, chapter one, mind control, chapter two, presence that up regulate mind control. That’s all there is. I

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: fascinating. I did not know that about the history of coffee. This is why it’s so important that we know our history and sometimes I just feel like, whoa. If if we don’t win this thing. If we don’t come up on top with what’s going on right now, what are they gonna write about this period of time?

Jason Christoff: Same thing. They wrote about the Spanish flu that there was disease and the Spanish flu. This was caused by another shot. It was the typhoid and the paratyphoid injection and was the same rollout and everybody who took the shot were sick and they said there was more disease and more people have to take the shot. It’s the same thing over and over and over again.
It’s the same playbook about history. This is not their first rodeo whatsoever. And we are products of the last great said. We have our own Maronic ID and live out. I mean, it doesn’t matter if it’s decision or belief in government or that we have to have a ruling force steal our money and bosses around all the time.
We have a very ridiculous belief system and whoever’s going to be living in sixty or eighty years still have a new set of ridiculous belief systems that perpetuates the system forward unless we do something about it and wake up here. And

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: that’s my question. What you know, because you it’s easy to get lost in this thinking that there’s nothing I can do. It’s hopeless You know, these systems are are are old. They’re too powerful. You know, people tap out of of these systems, you know, they they don’t vote.
They don’t they don’t rep. They don’t support any candidate because they’re all corrupt. Like, this is the type of of thinking that a lot of people get into, and I understand it because it does feel overwhelming. But that’s not the way is it. To just tap out completely?

Jason Christoff: There’s only really one solution. These people if you trace them back or what they were called the magi, the magicians. And what they’re getting from us is our energy they know energy is a real measurable thing, although you can’t see it. So this group would view the moon and they knew the moon was big, but it was getting held up by something invisible. And they’re like, what’s the invisible thing?
Well, they don’t know. They call it the ESA it’s basically the electricity. It’s invisible. So this group really knows how to siphon off your power, this invisible magic, this invisible electricity. They know how to siphon it off for them, and that’s why we call them powerful because they they don’t have more energy than what they were born born with they have the energy that they siphoned off from us in visibly.
And we can take that energy back even without even leaving our homes. All we need to do is understand that their control is based on our weakness. And the mind control that they fire at us will more have to go along the weaker we are. And they use mind control and group pressure and increase reference to certain messages. To make us think that the coffee group is the big group, then that’s what’s group is the big group, the red wine group is the big group.
And everybody — when you drink coffee in red wine and watch Netflix, you’ll be becoming weak because you’re poisoning yourself. I mean, there’s something called alcohol poisoning. There is no cauliflower poisoning. No one’s ever rushed into the arms. You know, Jimmy’s got college all in our prison and coincides.
No one ever says that. It’s alcohol poisoning. Alcohol is a poison. And if you go to a lot of fumigator, but sort of an insect specialist, exterminator, he would tell you that if the chemicals he uses down a hole around the foundation of the house won’t kill the infestation of bugs that he’ll just go get coffee and pour it down the hole because it’ll kill everything. Find an exterminator.
Their their go to their go to thing is coffee for exterminating insects that they don’t want We’ll be back after the break.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Absolutely. You’re listening to naturally inspired radio.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re back on naturally inspired radio. We’re talking to Jason Christoff. He is a self sapotage coach and so much more. Clearly, as you’re finding out, as I’m talking to them here. Jason, I wanna know about this program that you have coming up, the power in you that starts soon, but at the end of this month.
So tell us about it. It’s

Jason Christoff: sort of the I I I’m not calling with the last kick at the can program. It’s early. For Pete for pizza, who for people who want don’t want to end up in a fifteen minute city and eating crickets. I put together my best offering. I’ve done twenty years of research on mind control.
I know the enemy well. I know the way they work. And I know they maintain their power solely by destroying our power. So without trying to sound like Vince from the shamwow commercial, This program is there simply to show you the magic world that they operate from, I will show you all their hypnosis, all their mind control tricks, all their brainwashing tricks, so you can see them. And then I will show you all the white magic tricks that put your power back in your hands and the whole goal so that when they come around the corner again with who — I mean, the whole object of the program is not to care what they come around the corner with, you just have to be ready knowing how their magic operates and knowing that they’re coming after your power and they can steal it in invisible ways in ways you don’t even understand.
Like for example, guilt and shame. When they would say, if you don’t take your new medicine, you’re going to kill someone’s grandma The reason they’re doing that is because guilt and shame has been measured as the lowest vibration ever to come out of the human body and they know that that vibration is in a spectrum of general weakness. So if you put all their magic tricks into one box, you will see it doesn’t matter if they’re pushing poison under your skin, making you use your mouth as a garbage compactor on the Friday night, or they’re covering you with guilt and shame, which is an emotion. It’s something you can’t see. Everything they trick you to do, number one, you will do to yourself.
Don’t show up at your house and make you do any of this. They use the psychological manipulation to make you do it to yourself. And everything you do to yourself else that will make you weaker, which in the end makes you more compliant to mind control. So this is a two phase program. Gonna show you all their tricks, things that’ll leave your job on the floor.
You won’t. You will never look at the world the same after you go through a course with me. And then I will show you to put your power back into your own nervousness them simply because this is the only way to disempower them. They siphoning your energy away from you. They don’t have the hour unless you have no idea how to keep it within your own vessel.
And the only reason they’re wielding like this is like Dundens and Dragons, Harry Potter, they’re wielding these massive balls of what we believe is money. Money is actually only electricity, by the way. And they’re throwing it around like a Dungeons and Dragons movie. This guy gets this much energy. We’re gonna steal this energy from these people.
Leave them destitute. This is a man with a magic wand in the dark world and we’re the one fueling their drunken psychopathic rampage. Yes, through our taxes and I’ll teach people what to do about that because you can actually back out of the Canadian taxes But everything we’re doing, our compliance is based on our weakness and for people to stop complying, I’ll have to know how the magic — the magician does his magic show because when you know how the magician conducts his magic the magic show fails to impress. And that’s where we got to go to a society to know that this stuff is real. They can make you do stuff like the push.
They can make you push the old man off the precipice, and they can make you jump off the precipice too. It’s just a slight change of programming and we really got to watch ourselves because this is all they do and this group is hundreds of generations old on this in.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That’s fascinating that you describe it that way. I love that. That makes so much sense. And, you know, over the last couple weeks. It’s so interesting because I’ve been so focused on spreading information about frequency.
We do not under stand, what frequency means in terms of healing, in terms of power, and I think that’s the future. I think that this information is starting to get some attention and that understanding it is the future. Howard Bauchner:

Jason Christoff: Absolutely. We’re going to go back hundred and eighty degrees. None of our answers are in the future. It’s all in the past. And what’s going to come up is what we always believe a psych in science is either black magic or white magic.
And because you can make people — if I can make you push an old man off the side of the building without telling you to do it directly or putting my hands on you To force you to do it, that’s magic.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Tell us about the survival podcast. This is a great great thing that you’ve been doing it’s been a while now since you’ve had it out. It’s been helping people kind of get through this mess. So where can people find that?

Jason Christoff: Well, there’s two. I do. I think I’ve done eight of them so far, and I tell people you can all go back to all eight of them and see how accurate I’ve been. I’ve been pretty accurate.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Even our podcast that did together a naturally inspired podcast a couple years ago. I re listened to that. I was like, oh my gosh. Nailed it, unfortunately.

Jason Christoff: Yes. Well, if you know the group, they’re very

Jason Christoff: to be honest with you, don’t be afraid of this group. They’re very They’re known as very low IQ throughout history. They’re not creative. They act talking things like children. And they do battle with themselves because they’re psychopaths.
Right? If we were to get all these group members, the psychopathic group, on an island by themselves and give them a bag of hammers, they would take each other out in about a week because they just like killing things and they don’t know how to get along and So they’re probably fighting behind the scenes right now because some of the cycle paths are having a very hard time with their various countries that they’ve been paid to loot and pillage. But the survival podcast if people would like the last two The second last one, we had a very good detox for the new medicine so that they could remove it from the system. We also tried to explain what is in it and why they should try to remove it, hint hint, maybe listen to that one. And then the last survival talk asked was about strength and sort of what the same message that I was just talking about right now, be strong and And it all starts with your health.
That’s why I don’t drink alcohol. And I know everybody — no one’s going to want to start drinking alcohol. I know people love their coffee. But for every percentile less of poison that you put in your body, you will actually remove their power. So if you if you hate them and I know a lot of people do take the poison out of your life out and move the power back into your own sis.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We have one more segment coming up with Jason Christophe. We’re gonna focus on three things you can do to take action Stay tuned. This is Naturally inspired Radio.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re here already at our last segment with Naturally Inspire Radio and Jason Christoff is joining us. We were talking about solutions. And of course, you know, this is naturally inspired, so we always talk about health. I want to get some advice from Jason here today about our health. One, three things that we can kind of walk away with.
So first, he’s already said, Number one, take the poison out of your out of your habits. Right? Stop putting poison in. That’s great advice. Can you give us two more things, Jason?

Jason Christoff: I would say the best book in the world to leave around the house can understand what really real healthy living is. It’s a man. I I don’t get any money from this fan. And I think I annoy him every time mention his name. So definitely a good endorsement here.
I’m not getting anything. No friendship and nobody. But his book is the absolute best His name is Paul Chek, c h e k, Paul Chek, and his book How To Eat move and be healthy is the best best book on Healthy Living ever written in my opinion. And I’ve read a lot of books. So I would suggest to do that.
And the third thing is, well, If you’re going to get the poisons out, please understand that the same psychological manipulations that got those three people to kill that old man in the push. They’ve used the same against you so that you do poison your out. So it’s not as easy as like a lot of people have tried to remove the poison they’ve tried to join the gym, they join in January of one year, and then they don’t go the whole year, and then they come early the next year to cancel. They got the treadmills in the basement that they use as clothing racks, very expensive clothing rack, a two thousand dollars or three thousand dollars treadmill. So people have tried, the smokers have tried to quit smoking, the ice cream meters have tried to lose weight, understand that there’s nothing wrong with any of you.
Zero. The the thing is there is a mechanism in your grain that seeks the bigger group and the more repetitive the message that represents the bigger group. So in our society, the Pepsi, the fun times, the alcohol, the cigarettes, the vaping, anything that disempowers you has a huge repetitive tsunami that it’s gonna drown you in. So don’t be surprised when you can’t quit it because of the that’s what mind control is. Is that it’s being used against you, you don’t know it.
And the reason you’re having a hard time being healthy is that their particular mind control is to to trick you, to poison yourself. Now, IT all their tricks and how to basically reprogram using the same tactics that they use So in in mind control, there’s only one form of manipulation. So you can manipulate the person to be an app absolute human mess or you can manipulate them to be an absolute human success. I do the success part. The government and the media do the message part.
And you will you will have to you will have to expose yourself to content like mine and in order to know how to reprogram and literally mind control yourself to be to stop eating the stuff or to stop smoking or to stop drinking. And most people have enough experience in this area to know they’ve tried to be better They’ve tried to make money online. They’ve tried to start a business. They’ve tried to quit their job. They’ve tried to treat their spouse better.
And they just end up, it’s like a one legged dock. They just keep going in a circle. They just keep rearranging the furniture. On the deck of the Titanic, which means it’s not going to matter. So the average person might want to come over, just get on my email list, Sometimes I’d even let my programs out for free for seven days.
Trust me, if you want to become better and stop using your face as a battering ram and your mouth as a garbage compactor, you’re gonna have to expose yourself to it’s exposures up to someone like me who will tell you how to get out of that cycle.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Very important. Community. And we talk about this all the time, unnaturally inspired. You can’t you don’t have to be out there alone. You need to be purposeful though in placing yourself around people that can make you better.
You’ve been listening to the nationally inspired radio and Jason Christoff, He’s a self sabotage coach. Jason, give us your your website one more time so people can connect. The Jackson.

Jason Christoff: J christoff dot com.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Awesome. Thanks so much. See you tomorrow on naturally inspired radio.

Contact Tammy: Thank you for listening and watching today’s show.

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