Palm Scan For Food, Masks Back In Canada, Mark Of The Beast Or Precursor

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Today on Naturally Inspired Radio palm scanning starts at wholefoods and panera bread, the church, mark of the beast or precursor.
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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Well, welcome to your Wednesday, naturally inspired radio. I’ll tell you what. We’re gonna have fun today because I’m in a mood. I’ll tell you. I am in a mood.
I don’t know whose people think they are gas lighting everybody all over the place every every step of the way. But today, I’ve had enough. Did you see this Did you see this whole thing on Twitter that’s going on? I wanna talk about it because I just I can’t even believe it. Okay?
I don’t know if you noticed, but on on I don’t follow sports, and you’re gonna find that out pretty quickly. So I guess it was September eleventh. There was a tweet put out by somebody by the name of David Zaslov. Zaslov, I’m probably butchering that. Anyhow, This guy put out a tweet and it it says, Aaron Rogers is going to tear his Achilles on a rain drenched MetLife in two point five hours.
Okay? So this is two and a half hours before Aaron Rogers tore his Achilles. I don’t know how that happened. I don’t know how he knew that information before that event occurred. So you’re gonna have to explain this whole scenario to me like I’m five because I don’t quite understand it.
Turns out David Zaslav is actually the president and CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery the name holder, the person who holds that name is the CEO of Warner Brothers. Okay? The plot thickens. This guy’s this this guy’s Twitter account gets suspended.
It just gets suspended. And, you know, this this tweets, floats out there for a while, Because his account gets suspended, I assume people screenshotted the tweet because I thought, other people thought, other people that I follow said, what? What’s up with this bro? Like, how did you predict that? Then all of a sudden the account is gone?
Well then, a couple days later, we have a news story with the headline x account suspended after predicting Aaron Rogers achilles injury with a creepy precision. Was it creepy? Well, was it creepy? What? What?
What is even going on here? Okay. So Now, the story is being turned into a story about how this ex account holder is a parody account. So that’s why it got suspended. It’s all about the x account and how this person’s account got suspended.
Oh, oh, it’s just all about that. Can somebody tell me why this this tweet predicted Aaron Rogers, this Achilles’ tendon pull two and a half hours before it happened? Can somebody tell me that? I would love to know. I would love to know how that happened.
So if anybody out there happens to know how someone predicted, not just an injury, but a very specific injury, two and a half hours before the injury happened. I would love to know because this kinda like bending my reality at this point. Right? And of course, our brilliant news media. They don’t cover the fact that the guy predicted the injury two and a half hours before it happened.
No. Gosh. No. Oh my goodness. No.
We’re focused on the fact that the person who tweeted it, it’s a parody account. That’s the headline here folks That’s the headline. And that’s what the news media does. Right? They take the focus off the real issue and they try to get you to focus on this ridiculous other thing that does not matter.
It does not matter who tweeted that, We wanna know how the heck that information got out before the event occurred. That’s what we wanna know. I don’t know. Maybe word dumb. Right?
What the heck is going on in this world? I do not know But I’m sure glad you’re here with me today for naturally inspired radio. We have a great show. First up, we’re gonna be talking about this palm payment. Do you know what a palm payment is?
You should. You need to know about it, so stay tuned. And then we’re gonna talk about biometrics and tech in a cashless society. Moving along, Canada has decided that COVID is back. Yes, It is back, and boy, your six boosters, your eight boosters, ain’t gonna cover you?
Nope. Nope. Nope. Their health minister, Teresa Town, she says, You’re gonna need your mask. You’re gonna need it.
So get it ready. That’s what’s happening in town. Health topic today, we’re gonna talk about why. We always say here, you know, you need to eat healthy, you need to eat healthy. Everybody knows you need to you need healthy, but you need to know exactly why you need to meet who eat healthy because it’s more than just about your health.
There’s a lot more going on here, so we’re gonna cover that. And then lastly, of course, I’m gonna leave you with something inspired because I always do. That’s what we’re we’re here about. Naturally inspired. Right?
We’re here to inspire and give you hope because there is always hope. As long as we’re here, there is hope. So let’s get go in with his first top story about your palm. Maybe you have heard that palm payments are coming that this is this is a thing. And what does that mean?
Well, let’s listen to this quick clip so you can understand how this is gonna work. Here it goes.

Clip 1: Soon you will be able to pay for groceries at every whole foods in the US with just a swipe of your hand. Amazon says that the pay by palm technology will be at ALL OF THE STORES NATIONWIDE BY THE END OF THE YEAR, CUSTOMERS JUST HAVE TO HOVR THEIR HAND OVER THE DEVICE TO PAY. THIS MOTHER IS ALREADY BEING USED AT two hundred HOL Foods LOCATIONS ACROSS twenty states, and you can also find it in other places, stores like Panera Bread, hardware editor at TechCrunch. Brian Heater joins us now. Brian, let’s just start off. Tell us this technology works? Sure. So in terms of the actual enrollment process, the first time you go to one of these Amazon one location you waiver hand over it that will enroll you in the program and then you associate that with a credit card that you have on file. In terms of the actual underlying technology behind it. It it’s not actually getting a read of the palm itself, which, you know, I think is is what most people expect. It’s actually taking a look at the the vein patterns underneath your hands, which Amazon is is effectively saying is is a way to do this kind of biometric identification without actually giving any identifying in information away.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: First thing that comes to mind is this guy, Brian, you know, and the fact that people still call this news or journalism is hysterically funny. Can we lob any more soft ball questions that Brian hear, there is no exploration into the other side of this topic. No. This is all Amazon good. Technology good.
You know, just follow follow follow. All this is wonderful. Wonderful stuff. I don’t know how people watch this without their brains turning to mush completely. This this isn’t news.
I don’t know what this is. This is like a promotional video for technology and Amazon’s new palm technology that they’re rolling out. And yet, people tune in every evening to the evening news to listen to this stuff. It’s literally advertising. You’re listening to naturally inspired radio.
I told you, I’m fired up today. So glad you’re here. We’ll be right back after this short break. Stay tuned.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re back It’s naturally inspired radio. Hey, head over to naturally inspired radio dot com. Do me a favor and get signed up for the newsletter. Subscribe to my my sub stack have a new article out that I think you’ll really enjoy, and I’m always posting stuff on there. It’s a community.
You definitely wanna be part of it. So head on over there and get signed up. So I’m talking about this palm payment stuff that’s being, you know, rolled out in Whole Foods right now. I guess they have over two hundred stores that are already using it. And the people who are cognitively impaired that’s the nice way of saying it.
Are jumping on board with this thing. And it’s just so great. You know, you don’t have to carry your card. You got you don’t have to worry about it. It’s so great.
Let me just tell you, social, you know, these these tech companies, they are based on data. They are completely based on data. So what do you think they’re acting on you every time you swipe your hand. You know? They’ve got now your permission to collect their bi your biomet tricks.
Okay? You gave them permission when you signed up for it. Not only that, they have access to your bank account. Yeah. So, you know, while you’re waving your hand over this thing just, you know, for the convenience of it.
So wonderful They’re collecting every bit of data off you that they can. You know why? That’s gold to them. That’s their gold. They collect data.
That’s the primary function of their business. And you’re giving it to them for free. And guess what? They’re then going to use that data against you because one day, when there’s another pandemic and you go into the store and buy groceries and you swipe your little palm over there, they’re gonna go, baby, Oh, your temp is up. Your temperature is up.
You’re gonna need a health check right here so we can assure the safety of of the public around you. That’s just the beginning of it. That’s just the beginning of it. This stuff falls right into, oh, what you post last week on social media? Oh, sorry, your grocery bill isn’t going through, your your wrist, your hand, your palm, rather is being declined.
That’s where where this is going. And there’s a million reasons why they could shut you off a million reasons. You can look at them wrongly. We’ve seen that recently in the news this week where we had people convicted and put in jail for participating in an event, not in person, but commenting it, commenting on it online. So you can go to jail for commenting about things online.
That’s the world you’re living in today. And you wanna give these people more of your biometric data? I it blows my mind. It blows my mind that people are per taking in this willingly, which leads me to my next story here. So there’s this this is a like, a Christian newspaper online type of thing article.
So harbinger’s daily dot com. And this is an article about the biometric technology and a cashless society. So why people are asking questions about the mark of the beast? Oh, I can’t imagine why. Just wave your hand over this to buy sell and trade.
I can’t imagine why. They’re gonna be very sneaky and careful about the way they roll this stuff out because there’s a large group of people called that are going to be a little bit hesitant to partake in this system. So they’re gonna be really easy. And the way they’re gonna usher people into the system that may feel a little uneasy about it is they’re gonna go after their leaders. They’re gonna go after the leaders of the churches like they did with COVID.
They’re gonna offer them with COVID. They offer them PPE money, so they could turn the churches into vaccination sites. And then their pastors could leave them, lead them down the Primrose path to get vaccinated. That’s that’s what they do. This is a system.
They use large groups, they get control of the large group through leaders, and then they lead the large group to where they want them to go. This is no different. In this article, the author Mark Hitchcock talks about how Joe Hogan. Of course, he hates Joe’s Joe Hogan’s podcast, and he would never endorse it. Because he uses such rank language.
So make it clear that Mark’s not a fan of Joe Rogen’s podcast because of his language. But he was intrigued by the conversation that Joe Hogan had on his podcast about the mark of the beast and revelations, and how this cashless society may be leading us into the mark of the beast. And so Mark goes on to talk about that conversation that was had on the Joe Reagan podcast. But then further along in the article, Mark says, it’s important. It’s important to understand that these technologies that we’re talking about here, this Amazon One or chip technologies or biometrics are not are not the mark of the beast.
But they’re part of the infrastructure. So again, you know, it’s not the mark of the beast guys it’s the precursor. Well, I have kind of a question about that because I’ve been hearing a lot about this precursor stuff Why would you partake in a precursor to the mark of the beast? Why would you do that? I’m curious, why?
So if the vaccine scene wasn’t the mark of the beast, and this technology is not the mark of the beast. When’s the line? Because the whole thing is evil. The whole three and a half years we’ve just gone through is evil. It is taking away people’s freedoms.
It is pitting family member against family member People have died over these mandates. So what point is it evil enough for you to instruct your flock to not part cake. That’s what I want to know because I’m not seeing a whole lot of pastors out there that are leading the flock in the right direction And by all means, I am definitely not an expert of scripture. I am definitely not somebody that you could say knows her bible from front to cover. I’m not that person but I am noticing a little bit of hypocrisy here.
And if you have got in your heart, you’re feeling it too. I say move forward very, very cautiously when comes to following these people. I don’t know what their motives are. I’m not calling anybody out personally, but I am saying I would I would get on your knees and pray for guidance is as individuals and follow your own heart. That’s what I would say.
Because I don’t know how much of of this this thing that we’re going through that people are gonna partake in before enough is enough. It was enough for me a long time ago. Let me tell you. I was I was it was enough. And we all have our threshold.
Yesterday, we had Jason Kristoff on, and he was talking about a lot of this stuff, how we got pulled into thinking this or thinking that. And I understand the mechanisms, but my goodness. You’re responsible for your own behavior. You cannot blame, put all the blame on the system at some point. You’ve got to ask for guidance individually and be led by that guidance and have enough faith that you’re being led in the right way.
You’re gonna let somebody else leads you in the very wrong direction. Let’s take a look at this this thing that is going on in Canada. Holy moly. So this is Canada’s health This is Teresa Tam rather from from Health Canada. Let’s take a listen to what she had to say.

Clip 2: Here’s Teresa Tam. So it is a layer of protection. We hope people have developed the habit to better to use mask as needed during the respiratory devices and not just for COVID, for all the other respiratory pathogens that will be transmitted around this time. So I do think now is the time to get your mask ready if you don’t already have them. In our own particular context, we, certainly, in our area, there’s been an uptick in some of the COVID nineteen indicators.
For me personally, there there have been cases around, you know, my even my work colleagues. So That’s one of the reasons why we are wearing masks today.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: So masks are back. In Canada. I mean, I think this was kind of like a weird false start. Right? I think it was a couple weeks ago now that we heard that max mass gonna be coming back.
And then we had a couple rollouts. Right? We had Kaiser, I believe, that tried to implement the mask we had Lions Gate, which is a movie company, tried to roll the mask out, and even a school in Atlanta, that rolled the mask out for their students and their faculty. And then quickly, there was some backpedaling. Right?
Because there was some pretty big pushback on that. People Lots of viral videos of people saying, you know, not gonna happen. And rest sure that this social experiment of social media is where the government checks in to see how we’re gonna react to things. We know from the Twitter files that the government had a backdoor to Twitter, I’m certain they do still have a backdoor to most plot forms, they pay for it. So, you know, it’d be hard to say no to a whole bunch of money.
By the way, that’s your money. So you’re you’re paying the government to a fair value on social media so that they can get a feel for how you’ll respond to the next tactic they roll out upon us. But there was a lot of pushback so lots of videos about it that, you know, we’re we’re not gonna take this kind of thing. So oh, hush hush hush. Right?
So So then we saw a backtracking from Kaiser. They said, oh, you know, due to people expressing their concerns, we’re gonna roll this back. We’re not gonna we’re not gonna mandate it. We’re gonna suggest it, but we’re not gonna mandate it. And then all Lionsgate entertainment same like that stance, you know, they started to pull it back.
So then they give it a little break. Right? Calm down everyone. Calm down, and now the Canadian government is saying, you’re it’s common. It’s common.
Right? So mid September, end of September when you start to see people get the flu season is upon us. Right? I mean, kids get back to school and the weather starts to change. Change.
You change your daily intake of vitamin D, but they’ll tell you that’s just coincidental. Right? Just coincidence that everybody there’s a flu season. Has nothing to do with the fact that people are indoors more or, you know, have changed their life style. It’s got nothing to do with that.
It’s all about flu season. Right? Just happens. There’s no reason for it. Because that’s the that’s the allopathic model.
There’s never a reason for your sickness. You just it’s just the luck of the draw people. It’s just nothing nothing nothing could you could’ve done, could’ve changed your your outcome. That’s the way they look at things. And it’s the same thing with the flu season.
Right? There’s nothing we can do about it. We can’t make sure we’re getting enough vitamin D, exercise, clean up our diet, take out the sugar, the feed oils. None of that will matter. It’s just your luck.
It’s funny how They’re constantly pointing to science to prove their point, but yet we’re supposed to believe that everything that occurs is basically idiopathic. Right? It’s a remarkable paradigm that they’ve been able to get away with for so incredibly long. So masks coming back for flu season. I saw something shortly online just before I came on air that there’s reason to believe that they’ll be putting them back on and mass back on planes and back in airports.
Of course, that’s how they control people. Right? They know that was a big pain point for you, not being able to travel Right? That was a big pain point for a lot of people. They did things because they didn’t want to not be able to track travel.
Imagine if we had just said no, nobody travel for a few days. I bet it would only have taken a a days, and then that would have been relaxed. So hopefully, this time, people can understand the importance of Unity, right? Hopefully, I don’t think I need to remind you, they have a new vaccine, a new COVID vaccine that’s come on the market now. And we had a a politician come out and say that you know, don’t rely on your old vaccines.
Don’t rely on your old five shots or however many shots you’ve had. Don’t rely on those. They they don’t work. This is what she said. They don’t work.
Don’t rely on those. Go get the new one. Go get the new one. The new one works, guys. The old ones don’t, but the new one does.
They are, you know, Dr. Cole says at Bath, when he says, you know, there COVID left the building three years ago. And you’re still the original COVID, let me clarify that. The original COVID left the building three years ago. These are variants that are floating floating around now.
Right? And you’re still taking shots based on the original COVID. Makes no sense. It makes no sense. You can’t make it make sense.
You can’t it rationalize the irrational. So somehow, we have to pierce through this veil that has captured so many of our loved ones, our friends, our family members, and try to just peers through that with some truth so that they don’t take products. Willingly, that can harm them or God forbid kill them. That’s what we’re dealing with today. Here, in the United States of America.
That is what we’re dealing with. It is easier for people to believe. Let’s go back to what I was talking about at the beginning at the top of the show with this whole gaslighting experiment on Aaron Rogers and the NFL and all of that. It is easier for people to believe that someone is telepathically predicting an event then that there might be some corporate corruption for monetary gain. You think What’s more likely?
You think someone some random dude out there is telepathically predicting injuries of an NFL football player? Or do you think there would be motive to control outcomes of sporting events that draw in millions and millions of people and millions and millions of dollars Do you think somebody would be able to benefit off of knowing certain things before they happen? I don’t know. I don’t know. You know?
I just can’t wrap my brain around it today. It’s just a little bit all too much today. I think that they’re getting pretty used to just gaslighting us through things with no response from us. Right? No response.
What do these little people gonna do? What are these little people gonna do? They can’t do anything? We’re this massive goliath. They can’t touch us they can’t do anything.
We’ll just keep going. We’ll just keep going and keep going and keep going, because these people can’t do anything. There’s one big thing you can do. It’s not violence. It’s not anything illegal.
Nothing. You can stop giving them your money. That’s what we do. We tap out of the foe reality that they have created, the fakeness of all of it, their fake food, their fake medicine, their fake sports, their fake everything. Which is tap out.
We switch our dollars over to people that we know like and trust that provide good services and products. We do it as much as we can until the market corrects and there’s more products out there that we can know like and trust. But that’s a hard thing to ask, isn’t It’s a very hard thing to ask. Very hard thing to ask. But Nobody is coming to save you.
You have to save yourself. And that is where we are at in this environment, in this world. We have to understand that we’re here to save ourselves. Nobody’s gonna come in and save the day even though we may hear things about that or there may be those underlying narratives that this is all going to be taken care of and everything will be fine. We should start taking action ourselves in the form making sure that we’re not feeding the beast anymore.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t wanna wave my hand over over over anything to pay for my groceries or just give away my biometric data especially when you don’t know what they’re doing with it. Now this technology is mapping your veins structure. What does that mean? What are the long term effects of that? These are some questions we should be having as a nation, right, that we’re not allowed to have.
All this technology, we’ve talked about it over and over about how it leads to transhumanism, that you know, there’s some and if you don’t know about transhumanism, definitely check out Patrick Woods work from Technocracy News. He’s probably the God father of all of that information now. So it’s definitely something you need to get familiar with. But we need to have a NASH conversation about that. And that’s not being permitted.
It’s not being permitted online. It’s not being permitted in what now is the community square, the public square. And I know there’s a lot of people out there, especially conservatives that think that you know, we don’t have the we don’t have the the ground to stand on because these social media companies are private. They’re private. They’re private companies.
They can censor who they want. They can do business, but they want, you know, right to refuse service. All of that stuff. Right? No.
Not when the taxpayer money is funding them. And now that we know that that is true through the Twitter files that the government is funding the social media platforms, they don’t get the right to take away our first our first right of free speech. That’s not how that works. You don’t get your cake and eat it too. You don’t get to use my money to censor me because you don’t like what I’m saying.
That’s something totally different, isn’t it? That’s a totally different government than what we’re used to. Now it yet. Here we are, and that happens over and over again. Alright.
Let’s talk about our health topic for today. I wanna talk to you about what you’re eating. And I know, you know, over and over again, you’re told to eat healthy. Right? You’re told, oh, you know, eat healthy, but you know why?
I think I think that eating healthy when it comes to just you know, changing changing your habits for your health. It’s largely dependent on willpower. A lot of people think they just need more willpower. And I talk about this a lot with naturally inspired nutrition when I help people get control of their diet and get better health results. That it really isn’t about willpower at all.
It really isn’t. It’s about deciding. It’s about your belief system. It’s about what you believe. It’s about focus It’s about awareness.
It’s about so many more things. And when we try to rely just on willpower alone, It’s impossible. It’s impossible. You’re just trying to white knuckle it through when you don’t need to. So looking at some wellness trends, I was doing some research the other day.
And by the way, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I show have noticed that my search engine results are not the same that they used to be. You know, especially, I think, like, four or five years ago, I was able to pull up different articles about natural health. I was able to find resources for the topic I was researching really easily. And now it’s not so easy. In fact, today when I was getting ready for for this show, I was looking up some different trends in health.
And the top three searches came back from the WEF, the World Economic Forum. So the top three results I got in for for for looking up health trends were from the World Economic Forum. So not only does the World Economic Forum know how to control your climate, but they also are the foremost leaders in your health, and they’re going to give you your health advice. So from the World Economic Forum, these are the things that you need to pay attention to people when it comes to your health These are called megatrends and there’s six of them and they control your wellness. So something that you should be aware of.
The first thing that you should be aware of according to the World Economic Forum is an aging population. Yes, we have an aging population. Yep, those were the people that we stuck into old age homes together when they were positive for COVID. Yeah, that’s what we did. That’s how we treated our elderly three and a half years ago.
Now all of a sudden, the World Economic Forum is concerned about people who are aging. So guess what they wanna do about it? Oh, well, they’re gonna provide the aging with the best technology. Of course, they are. So researchers expect new technologies like smart tattoos.
So don’t worry though because this isn’t the mark of the beast. This is the precursor. So researchers expect new technologies like smart tattoos, which use sensors injected into the skin that change color to monitor things like your glucose level and your body temperature. Remember when I said they’re gonna collect your data. This is of course just going to help you and help our elderly people.
It’s going to help monitor all the layers of your health Uh-huh. This is why we’re gonna talk nutrition when we come back after the break because you are in charge of your health and there is never been a more important time to take control of your health. You’re listening to naturally inspired radio. This is Tammy Cuthbert Garcia. Stay tuned.
We’ll be right back.

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So why why why is nutrition so much more than just about your health. Well, that’s kind of what we’ve been talking about the last hour. When you give up your health because you are you continue to buy into these solutions that make you sick you’re gonna pay a price and that’s what I wanna try to stop here. I that is that is my mission is to help people understand there is a better way to cultivate health and you need to start doing it. Otherwise, you’re gonna get swallowed up by the system that doesn’t give a darn if you’re well or sick.
In fact, they’d rather you be sick because then you will give over all your power and your money to their products and services and trust in them, and they will have a new customer. This is so much more than you know, looking good in your bathing suit every summer. We we are so far beyond that. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about personal responsibility and control over your life choices.
Take a listen to this next clip because you won’t believe this. You won’t believe this product. Take a listen.

Clip 3: This is a pumpkin swirl frozen coffee. Who the It was a good idea to put this on the menu because this drink has a hundred and eighty five grams of sugar in here. How much is it? It’s in this mush. It’s forty six teaspoons of sugar to give you another perspective. The amount of sugar in there is equal to fourteen glaze donuts.
Yes. There’s no pumpkin in here. It’s artificial flavors. There’s twelve mentions of sugar and high fructose corn syrup in the air, there’s nine hundred and thirty calories and a hundred and ninety four carbs. Two thirds of us are already type two diabetic with pre diabetic.
If America runs on this, we’re

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Sorry about the beeps there, but I thought it was very important. So this is a, like, one of those rappy, you know, iced coffee type products. I won’t name the company because there’s several that are guilty of it. It’s not really fair to point the finger at just one company. It’s a lot of companies making these, forty six teaspoons of sugar, forty six That’s fourteen doughnuts.
Would you send your kid to school after eating fourteen doughnuts and expect that kid to do well at school that day? Probably not, but you might go through a drive through and when your kid sees that picture sure of a frothy whipped cream top delicious looking drink. You might give it to them because you think it’s just a drink. This is all designed to sell products, and we have protect our kids against these products. Forty six teaspoons of sugar.
You know, we now have children with fatty liver disease. It ain’t because they’re drinking Jack Daniels. It’s because they’re drinking crappy mappy pumpkin spice, whatever you call it, that’s that’s what that’s what’s happening here. And moms, you know, we’re kind of condition to love our kids with food. If we’re providing food for our kids, then we are loving them.
Kinda how we’re we’re raised and we we love our kids so darn much. It’s hard for us to not give them what they want. But this is the line between parenting and being a friend We gotta step this up because our kids are being poisoned with sugar. Nine hundred and thirty calories in the drink. Nine hundred and thirty calories.
You there there aren’t word. This this is this is, you know, again, you know me, I’m not about taking away people’s freedom to choose. I’m about people choosing freedom. And they say, they take a look at that drink and they go, no, I choose freedom because I don’t want to be on diabetic medication. Thank you very much.
So this is part of this whole paradigm of changing your habits. It’s not about your willpower. It’s about knowledge and understanding that this choice disempowers you. You’re feeding into the hands of the cult here. The cult that sells you poison the cult that could care less if your kid’s healthy, the cult that could care less as long as your by their products, their disease care products, and that’s what they are.
Their disease care products products don’t heal. The body heals. The body heals. Your god given body heals. Not the pills.
The pills slap a band aid on things. They don’t heal nothing. You heal you, but you have to unlock that code. What is my body trying to tell me? When it signals to me, that it can no longer regulate my blood sugar.
What is it signaling to me? These are the questions we have to start asking. And then when we find the answers, we can’t make excuses. We can’t say, oh, but I’m not my pumpkin spice froppy mappy drink. So I’ll become a slave to big pharma, so I can drink it?
You’re free to make that decision in this free country. But realize realize that you work in control of that decision, that that is your choice to live a life like that and that there are consequences to it. Big consequences. And that we all aren’t going down on the ship with you. You’re listening to naturally inspired radio Stay tuned.
We’re gonna be right back after this last break.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re back. Thanks so much for joining me on this Wednesday edition of Knacks really inspired radio. I’m so glad you’re here. And I hope that this information is inspiring you and getting you fired it up because it’s time. It is time to be fired up and it is okay to be fired up.
There are some things going on in this world that should not be going on. And so you’re perfectly in the right to feel fired up. And use that inspiration, that fire, to make the right choices so that you can protect yourself you can protect your kids, and you can be the advocate you need for your friends and family. The best way to lead, the very best way to lead. Is through example.
People follow a good example, someone that has good results, and that’s the best thing we can do. We’ve done a lot of talking, and I’m not gonna stop talking, but you gotta lead by example. It’s a number one way. The World Economic Forum also wants to customize your personal diet. Gee, I have a feeling that that probably involves fake meat and crickets What do you think?
They also want to remove mental health taboos so that you can have access to medicine for your mental health choose. Of course. Right? There’s only one solution to mental health that from the World Economic Forum and that would be medication. Of course, they’re very concerned about your environment The environment concerns will impact your health.
And so that’s that’s something that you need to be very concerned about. And then, of course, the solution, a smart home. You need a smart home to control your health people. And of course, they will have access to all of that data. But that’s okay because it’s the World Economic Forum, and they can be trusted.
So those are your solutions. For health trends. I wanna tell you that there there is no greater action than you can take than action for yourself and for your family. I am rolling out a course that will drop at the end of this month. And I know this course has been so effective for so many of my clients with nutrition.
And so I want I wanted to go ahead and and and make it available to everybody because you don’t need willpower to change and the world was not set up, not set up with coffee shops on every corner and fast food drive thrus and alcohol being portrayed as, you know, the sex this thing on the planet and all all this consumerism isn’t doesn’t equate to you being a healthy individual. So you can set your your shame aside for whatever results you have, you don’t need to feel shame about it. The best thing you can do is take action and understand. It’s not your willpower that’s gonna help you transform your habits, but it’s your willingness to learn why you have the habits you have and how to transform them. And that’s what you’ll get with the naturally inspired transformation system that’s coming out end of this month.
It’s going to take you through eight steps Eight precise steps so that you can understand where you spend where you have to spend your time to to transform yourself because it’s not about willpower. It is not. It is about learning and it’s not about the finish line. Right? Just getting to the finish line.
So many people start diets and they start protocols and they start things. They just wanna get to the finish I just want to get to the results. What you really need to focus on is the journey because before you get to the finish line, you’re transforming every day. Every day you push back on resistance. That’s the resistance that you have to not take the action that you need to take every day that you push back and you win against the resistance inside of you.
You’re winning. That’s the finish line. And then slowly but surely as these wins stack up, these finish lines, every day stack up, Guess what happens? You’re transformed. You’re transformed into the kind of person that you need to be to have the results that you want.
Because right now, if you’re not getting the results that you want, it’s because you don’t possess the characteristics of a person that can sustain those results. It’s science. It’s not magical Nobody’s better than you. Nobody has more talent than you. Nobody’s more gifted than you.
You are enough. You just need a little more guidance

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Thank you so much for tuning in today. This was your Wednesday show, naturally inspired radio. I’ll be back again tomorrow. Thursday, three o’clock, thirteen sixty, k h n c. I’m so glad you’re joining me.

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