Rush Limbaugh🎙️ And RFK Jr Talk About The Cult👺. Mind 🧠, Body🧍‍♀️And Pain 💊 In America 🇺🇸

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Today on Naturally Inspired Radio Rush Limbaugh and RFK Jr talk about the cult that controls America, Yale studies the mind and body connection, Pain and how it affects millions of people every day,    

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Hello. Hello. Welcome to Thursday. You’ve almost made it through the week. Can you believe it?
I tell you what these weeks are just flying by especially December. I felt a slight pain of panic this morning when I realized. Oh my gosh. How many days do I have left to get all my Christmas stuff done. Fortunately, you know, we don’t you know, our kids are older now and stuff, so we don’t have to run now out and get the latest toy.
We don’t have to, you know, have all the things and all the secret stuff going on and in reflection, I can I can kind of feel grateful? Not that I didn’t enjoy all that stuff, and my kids were little, but I can kind of like, you know, embrace where we’re at at this point in our family and in our life that I don’t have to do all that stuff anymore. Although, you know, parts of me miss it, but at the same time, I’m like, I really don’t need to get this just stressed out about this time of year. I can just chill. I can just take my time decorating I can, you know, get the gifts that I wanna get.
It’s not like a whole bunch of stuff anymore. We’re really big on experiences in our family. Other than things. And so the house is different. It’s just different as your kids get older.
So I hope you’re getting ready. I hope you’re not stressing yourself out about this time of season. I know it’s easy to do, but don’t do that to yourself. You know, take a breath and try to to relax through the season and enjoy the moments. No one even remembers, you know, that thing you forgot or what they got last year or, you know, you know, they don’t remember that.
They remember the interactions that we had with each other. They remember if they saw or not. They remember how you told them what was going on in your life. That’s the stuff they remember. They don’t remember whether you brought a pound cake to and Jones party or not.
It’s not the stuff we focus on. So I hope that brings you a little peace of mind. I know I kind of did that self talk to myself We have a great show for you today. Lots of things, first of all, lots of lots of things flying around in the news this New Zealand story that we’ve touched on a few times over the last week or so. I’ll just refresh your memory if you haven’t been listening all week.
Very young, status a statistician out of New Zealand released some data along with the support of Steve Kirsch who verified the data. That approximately, you know, twenty out of a thousand shots given out in New Zealand resulted in deaths. That’s an approximation. You can go to my Twitter feed Tammy cupboard g and look at the post so you can verify all that stuff and look at the actual whistleblower, the story from Liz Gunn, who was a journalist, who covered the data, and covered the story with Barry Young. He was then arrested listed upon this, you know, this release of the data, not because the data was wrong or considered audilent.
No. No. It was because New Zealand government didn’t like the way he obtained the data. So five pass forward, Steve Kirsch, flies over to the UK for a hearing. Turns out a bunch of MPs show up, and more than expected.
Andrew Brigham is an MP there that’s kind of been banging the drum about vaccine injury and whatnot. He’s usually the only one in parliament that’ll present any kind of pushback against the vaccines. Whenever he shows apparently, in parliament, all the other MPs leave. So they weren’t expecting a huge turnout I believe Robert Malone was there, Dr. Ryan Cole, Steve Kirsch and some other people, maybe Dr.
Pierre Corrie, I believe. Anyway, They went there to present. They expected they probably just have Andrew there. But turns out there was a seventeen or so MPs, so that was like really a great turnout for this kind of thing because they’ve been stonewalled for so long. So Steve went over there, presented, he actually interviewed with Russell brand.
I recommend that that interview. I listened to it this morning. It’s really good. Reach out to so I reached out to Steve after I listened and he’s gonna come on natural inspired radio on Monday, and we’re gonna break down around what he knows about this New Zealand data because I think it’s really important. There’s you know, it’s exhausting when you’re this bad all that we’ve been in, you know, to to fight for our rights, for bodily sovereignty, and whatnot.
And, you know, there’s this sign just battling back and forth about the data all the time. You’re wrong. You’re wrong. I’m right. They don’t even look at the data.
Most of the time, from our point of view, they just gap slate us and tell us, oh, that’s not you’re not reading it right. And that’s a pretty standard response a nurse assist liar, quite honestly, is to just, you know, make you feel like you’re too stupid to understand the data. Right? You’re too dumb to understand the data. I’m a statistician.
I’m an epidemiologist. I’m this. I’m not. I have all these titles. So you or just a stupid little layman who can’t understand the data, and they sufficed that as a retort to any data that you bring to them.
So, you know, it’s it’s maddening and there’s been a lot of pushback online about this New Zealand data, whether it’s been infiltrated and the data is not correct. Act, and then they’re going to expose it and say this is the reason why we need to suppress the nation and not get it out to the people. I don’t know. I don’t know. I I’m so exhausted with the in fight needing.
But I’m gonna talk to Steve about it because to me in the in the Steve’s pretty point blank bank. You know? He doesn’t he doesn’t dramatize situations. He he’s just very kind of a point blank person. I’ve met him in person.
We’ve talked in person. I’ve I’ve interviewed him here for the radio show. He’s a very data driven type individual. And He believes this data to be accurate and correct. No one will debate him on it, of course, because although they just come back to the gaslighting technique, he he doesn’t understand it.
He’s not a statistician. He’s not this. He’s not that no. But he’s an MIT graduate. He invented the optical mouse.
He’s an entrepreneur he’s been very successful in his career. He no dummy. Right? And what I liked about this is this interview with Russell Brown end. As he said, you know, gaslighting me doesn’t work.
You’re gonna have to walk me through why my interpretation of the data isn’t right. And so far, nobody will do that. Nobody will do that. So that’s a red flagged to me, and I’m I’m excited to bring Steve on on Monday. So I hope you’ll tune in.
It’s gonna be three o’clock, of course, right here on thirteen sixty k HNC. And of course, we will post it online for all of our online audiences. That is growing. And I’m so grateful that you’re there and you are checking out the show. So look forward to that.
But in the meantime, I got lots to say and a great show planned for you today. We’re gonna talk. We’re gonna go back in time a little bit and we’re gonna visit some things that Rush Limbaugh said about the deep state about this kind of group of people that seem to be controlling our lives. We’re gonna compare and contrast, rushes opinion with that, with a little RfK in that, and a little facts based on that. Because I think still people tend to use the conspiracy theory of like Oh, yeah.
Wink wink the Illuminati. That what’s that? That, who are they, you know, enough with all that. This is a real thing. And multiple people in key positions for a very long time have been taught talking about this group of people, which I refer to as the cult, quite honestly.
We’re gonna talk that We’re gonna talk Ozempic for alcohol abuse. We’re gonna talk about America’s pain problem. And then we’ve got a wonderful guest today, Carol Lee is joining us from Pakahmana CBD. She’s gonna tell us her story and some things you should know about using the CBD. All that march day on the Naturally Inspired Radio Show, stay tuned. We’ll be right back. Need pain relief? Grusca’s topical mist spray on water based carbon sixty suspension quickly absorbs into the skin, penetrating into of muscles and joints to help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.
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Hey, let’s get to this top story I wanna cover today because a lot of people, you know, they still question if really is like a deep state of Illuminati, and I’m so tired. I’m so exhausted with the whole conspiracy theory thing and, you know, yeah, there are conspiracies, and they’re not really theories. They’re actually happening, and people do conspire for specific outcomes for their own gain of power hour and profit. And if you think that’s not possible, I don’t know where you’ve been living because people do it all the time. It is just a fact of life.
People do bad things for profit and power. And so I was telling you the other day that you know, sometimes visit rush limbaugh’s old podcasts and and such because I just you know, there’s such wisdom there and always kinda pick up new things. And when I was listening to this week, earlier this week was rush describing kind of the deep state. And how that how that that group, that tight knit group has such control over what goes on in our tree. So take a listen with new ears.
This is Rush Limbaugh.

Clip 1 – Rush Limbaugh: I have I’ve tried to come up with various analogies to further explain and be persuasive on on how this is actually structured in what it is. Searching for ways to explain just how elite and distant AND REMOVED FROM THE REST OF THE COUNTRY THE WASHINGTON ESTABLISHMENT IS. IT DOES COMPISE PEOPLE TO ALL PART not just both, but all parties. It’s made up of people who have certain university pedigrees. They’re in certain vocations, and it is a very exclusive, very arrogant organization.
It it does not have members there’s not a manual that that contains the names of everybody who’s a member. You know whether you’re a member or not. There’s not a single figure head leader of the establishment. It’s more a way of life and a way of thinking, and there is no amount of achievement, no amount of success that can get you into it. It totally is dependent on your education, your your family, it it depends on on much with your your background and what you’re trained to do and your and your way of thinking.
And I’m telling you it it’s it’s the most exclusive club in the country, and they have been rocked. They the establishment has been in charge, in control, and running things for longer than you would believe. And it gets away with disguising itself by having two political parties that appear to be at war with each other. So

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: it’s a pedigree. And that word kind of really stood out for me. Considering yesterday, I was telling you about how John Carey’s daughter is getting into the race of climate cultism attaching it to health, how this is such a this is a health issue. The climate is a health issue. The climate is killing people.
Same time, Hillary Clinton’s banging the same drum. The climate’s killing people. You know, it’s really a tight knit club and the way rush explains it here, a few things just kind of stood out for me differently. I heard this differently than I I would have years ago. And that is because we’re living it today.
We’re living through the obvious guessness of depopulation of their agenda. And so when he said something like pet agree, it just really stood out for me because why? Why is this such an exclusive club? Well, I in my mind, it’s an exclusive club because it’s built on crimes for power and control. And it has been for a long time.
So you only let your family and trusted pedigree into the loop because they’re the only people that are gonna continue the lie and the crimes. Now when I listen to people like Robert Kennedy junior, and I hear him recount the stories that he those are true. And you think about how suppressed his message has been through the years. I often wonder if he’s running just to be able to speak truth right now. It is an easing time to he’s a presidential candidate so they cannot censor him.
They cannot completely censor him. Although they do and they’ve him no protection because he’s not part of the club. I have to assume he’s not part of the exclusive club that may be the Kennedy’s were not, and that is why their family has been plagued with death. Check this next clip. This is Robert Kennedy junior.
He’s talking about the same kind of club and their path transgressions against our country. Take a listen.

Clip 2 – RFK Jr: And the CIA was running the bio weapons program. Why? Because because we didn’t have a bio weapons program after World War two. And the CIA’s first operation was called paper clip. And it was an operation to get all the bio weapons of nuclear and chemical scientists out of Germany and Japan where they had extensive biow habits program.
The Japanese at our horrendous program where they were doing, they did live vivid sections on three thousand people. You know, they killed them all. During the operation, we’re moving there infected organs while they were alive with no anesthesia. And these were horrible, horrible scientists. The sea EIA, elevated them, brought them over to four d trick, downloaded them and made them the heads of hospital systems and pharmaceutical companies.
In Japan and continue to work with them and they brought all the German scientists over here. And then they did all these experiments unwittingly on the American public. They spray toxins in national airport. They spray them in the Pentagon. I air conditioning system.
They put poison water in NIH. They put light bulbs so bacteria that they broke on the grades and contaminated the New York City subway system. Some of those microbes still in the subway today. They did aerial dosing and from ships of about sixty million Americans and they dosed San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Virginia, Norfolk, Virginia. All of the seaside towns were dosed from the air.
A lot of the Midwestern cities were also dosed. They did two hundred outdoor tabs on a Americans unwitting. And they developed bio weapons by nineteen sixty nine had a nuclear equivalent. They to kill people at twenty nine cents per death according to a CIA study.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Who is they? Right? People are who is they? This is your CIA. This is the people I just mentioned.
The people, the the the people with the pet agree, operating under the protection of a three letter agency, the CIA. We need to know knocky who we are dealing with here because this is unAmerican. This is not this is not American. Who are these people controlling our country? And how long have they been in control of our country?
What is the his history behind these people. Where have they come from? And why are they doing? What they’re doing? What have they been in pursuit this whole time, this is a long game plan.
Listen to this next clip. This is our f k junior explaining it a little further.

Clip 3 – RFK Jr: In two thousand one, in June, the CIA sponsors the first of its pandemics emulations. It simulates a biological attack on Washington DC by sodom Jose. This is in June two thousand one. That simulation got got international press. And a lot of this see, I A.
People like Judith Miller from The New York Times was promoting it, going around doing all the talk shows. It triggered two added hearings won by Joe Biden’s committee. And that hearing was in September two thousand one. What happened in September two thousand one? The nine eleven.
So that hearing was going on during nine eleven. As soon as nine eleven happened, the NeoCon’s which were working all this stuff, the CIA, pulled out the Patriot Act, a three hundred and fifty page statue from a shelf where it’d been waiting for a while. And in one week, said we want to pass this in a week. There’s only one member of Congress who read it, which was Dennis Gisenage. And he went crazy.
And that you have no idea this is the end of American democracy. If you do this, it allows the CIA to spy on Americans. One of the things things the Patriot Act did is it did not get rid of the Geneva Convention or the Bio weapons treaty, but it said no federal officials show can be prosecuted for violating those two statues. So it reopened the Bio weapons arms raised globally.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: The Patriot Act has enabled what is happening today to take place. We are the reason why we’re experiencing this is because has been a long time agenda. There are certain tenants that come around with this cult. It’s a depopulation. They seem to think five hundred million is cat maps on our on our on our population.
Of course, we’re way above that. They seem to think mass surveillance is necessary for complete control. We’ve talked many times about this parallel synthesized version of nature that they want to plug us into that just so happens to benefit their profits and their power system. So it’s not just a bunch of conspiracy theorists that are coming out with this because of COVID. And now, this is a long time agenda, a long time plan to get to the point where we’re at right now.
And I hope that brings some clarity to more people because It’s not just one or two crazies out there talking about this. People have talked about this. For a long long, long time. The forces have just been so extreme through and marketing and just constant barrage of propaganda that been it’s it’s just led people to be complacent and to just trust. But now is the time to shift and to start realizing that this we’re in a very dangerous position if we don’t start pushing back and understanding what this force actually is.
We’re seeing the rise now through chaos that they are create creating of more division. Every week, there’s more division. Let’s see how we can break these groups down into more divided groups because that gives them even more power. Understood. Down the system, then you begin to understand your own power in it.
You’re listening to naturally inspired radio. We got so much coming up. Carol Lee is joining us from Pakahmana CBD. Stay tuned. We’ll be right back.
This is Tammy with Natural Aid fired health network. We created a group with real solutions for healthy living. Providers with products and services we trust. Need pain relief, Christie Sullivan. Vitality for life.
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You’re looking for people with real health solutions. Take a look at the naturally inspired health work. We are adding to that network all the time. We have some wonderful providers in there and just great solution real solutions for health. We have somebody joining us today from the health network.
Before I get to Carol, I just want to mention I wanna mention that be on the lookout for Ozempic. Ozempic, we’ve covered here on the show several times. It’s the new weight weight loss drug they’re promoting to young girls, specifically through Instagram and through social media. It’s a dangerous action that can cause stomach paralysis and trouble with your thyroid and trouble with pancreas. They’re now promoting that are starting to promote that for alcoholism, saying that it reduces cravings for alcoholism.
Never over estimate the power of fire command. They will multitask a drug to make sure it can hit the most the biggest demographic as possible. So I just wanna make sure I get that out there because that’s a fairly new story. The other thing I want to talk about right before we bring Carol on is America’s pain problem. This is why it’s so important to explore, you know, different solutions for your health issues.
America definitely has a pain problem. And we didn’t see that any clearer, couldn’t have seen it any clearer with the opioid epidemic and how many lives that cost us, simply because Americans are trained to look for pain relief through pharmaceuticals. And that isn’t the only way to to help ourselves. We have to do take personal responsibility and look for solutions on our own. So Caroline is joining us today.
She is the owner and resident hemp expert of Pakamana CBD. She grew up into Heidi in the South Pacific. And she was around cannabis and learned of its medicinal values. So today, she continues to draw from that knowledge to focus on hemp. And its healing elements in support of a more balanced life for people and pets, which I love.
She found a home on a farm in bolder color wrap where she produces high quality hemp. With full spectrum hemp extract, her tahitian back Crown also inspired the name for what she does in her from what she does. In her home country, the hemp plant is called pake low low. And Carol, you can correct me if I didn’t pronounce that right. And the word mona means power.
So her mission’s name is the merging of her roots and her call to nature. To harness and share with everyone, Pakamana, the power of the spirit plant. Carol, thank you so for joining us on naturally inspired radio today. How are you doing? Oh, do we have Carol on the line.
Maybe we are experiencing a little lapse in time there. Hopefully, we can get her on. But I met Carol actually right before the Naturally Inspired Health Summit. And she joined us there as a vendor. And I was so happy to hear that so many people purchased her products, and I’ve gotten a lot of different feedback from people using her products.
One particular story that lounds out in my mind is from a gentleman who’s an amputee. And he actually had tried several different products to to help him with phantom pain and stump issues that or were occurring, you know, from his prosthetic and whatnot. And he he connected with Carol, and that was just a wonderful connection for him because the product worked better than any other product he had used before. And so those are the types of stories that get to hear when it comes to our naturally inspired health network. Seems like we’ve lost Carol on the phone.
She’s calling back now again, so hopefully we can get get her up very soon. So let’s just talk a little bit more about the issue with pain when it comes to Americans. So I was doing a little research on pain. Actually because this seems to be a huge topic, and people tend to get and trap into the pharmaceutical model because pain is intolerable. You know, it’s not it’s not pleasant to live with plank pain every single day.
This is something you have to face that affects your view on everything. So some comment common chronically painful conditions, our back pain is number one. This is the first thing that people tend to reach out for pharmaceuticals for. It is something that’s more elusive. You know, that doctors seem to struggle with identifying why along with migraines is another one where people are, you know, struggling with these things and there’s not a lot of answers for it.
Frozen shoulder, sciatica, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and metriosis, slip disc, neuropathy, and complex regional pain syndrome, which is something think not a lot of people have heard about, but it was actually featured in that six part documentary that we had Todd Michael Harris on discussing the big picture. There was they they they talked about this this issue, and it was it was really interesting to hear about that. So no no bones about it that America has a pain problem. And this is what we tend to do is look for solutions outside ourselves. So when we understand pain a little bit better we can we can take the time that we need to explore the option better options.
So think there’s probably like three pillars to explore when it comes to pain. So, of course, there’s physical impact in an injury from pain. Right? So if you you have an acute injury, of course, you know, that’s that’s an obvious, a thing to to, you know, impact impacts with pain. But there’s there’s also the emotional side of pain.
And I know I’ve covered, you know, this idea that we harbor pain in our traumas, in our actual in our else in our being. And this is part of of understanding understanding that is part of a solution. Because you can hit the physical all day long. Right? With the I have a physical injury and it’s crime chronic, you know, maybe it started as a physical impact, but then it’s gone on so long, it’s become chronic, and then there becomes emotional ties to that injury as well.
And so there’s those two things that actually happening, and we only tend to address the physical part of it. And we never are taught or told that we have to address the emotional part. So you can have a physical injury. You can have an emotional trauma that can cause physical pain, that you actually feel pain, and that’s important to stress that I’m when I talk about emotional pain, I’m not I’m not suggesting that people don’t have pain, that they’re making it up in their head, or that it’s all in their head. That’s not the case.
Our our bodies and our minds are so intricately tied together. This is real pain, that manifest in a physical form, but it it is stemming from emotional pain. And we know that there are studies fees about this and we know that we have to address both sides of this so we can get to the root cause of pain. Especially with outside effects because when you talk about pharmaceuticals. You’re opening up a whole new thing.
We’re gonna be back. Hopefully, we can get Carol on the line. If not, we’ll talk more pain and we’ll get back back in just a minute.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Well, that’s That’s the thing with a live radio. Right? You just never know what’s gonna happen. When technology works, it’s awesome. But when technology isn’t working, it makes it a little tough.
But hey, this is it. This is authentic. Right? This is live radio. This is what we do here at thirteen sixty k.
H n n c. And sometimes it just doesn’t go. But we’re gonna try again. Let’s try to see if we can bring Carol on. If we can’t bring her on, we’re gonna more about pain, and we will go back to that article I told you about with Ozempic.
Two, Carol, are you with us? No, I don’t think she is. Darn it. Well, I will bring you Carol on another day if we cannot get her through this at this point. It’s just not enough time probably to talk with Carol.
So let’s visit some of the articles that I mentioned. Let’s get back to pain because this is a this is a real epidemic here in in America. And understanding that your pain can come from not just physical injury or physical impact is crucial to solving your pain. Because we can be, you know, if all you have is a hammer, then all you know how to do is hammer. And a lot of times, that’s what happens when we go to allopathic medicine for users.
We expect that they will have solutions for us. We treat it in a one dimensional way. When in reality, we should be looking at it in a more multidimensional way. And that includes emotions and that includes trauma that you have experienced in your life because people often start taking pain killers on a doctor’s order And that’s important to remember. It’s often after a surgery or because of an injury, and then they need more of that opiate, that pain medication to get the same benefit over time.
So at least a hundred thousand people died from drug overdose last year, and most of them from opioids, which is a dramatic increase from forty thousand deaths five years earlier. So we’re still seeing this as a problem. And what does that say, it says that America has a pain problem. There’s a lot of pain here, and we don’t have the right resources accessible to everybody to help bring relief from this pain. And that’s why we keep going back to the same solution and we’re not getting the answers because we could continue to see new diseases popping up.
Right? New die no cease rather that include pain as a signal. And I think we just have to start looking at it from a multi way, you know, from multiple ways, which would include, you know, if you have pain, then we have to dive into that emotional ass spect of it. And that’s that’s simply not even on the table when you go into an allopathic appointment. And that’s why it’s so important that we take personal responsibility for our health and acknowledge this other side of it.
Emotional pain does not mean that you were weak. We all have trauma. If you’ve lived a day on this planet, then you’ve you’ve experienced some sort of trauma. Some philosophers argue that even being born and, you know, having the innate drive to live and persevere knowing that one day you’re going to die is a trauma in itself. That’s a trauma in itself.
Self. So it’s not a weakness as a human being to acknowledge that you’ve had trauma and that emotional pain can be part of your physical pain that is not a weakness and by kind of, you know, shoving it down and refusing to acknowledge the emotional part of our pain. We’re we’re getting further and further away from being pain free. When we indulge in pharmaceutical remedies, long term all we do is bring more pain upon ourselves due to the side effects that come with that. So now we’ve not only gotten maybe this physical injury compounded with this emotional trauma, then it’s now compounded with pharmaceutical issues on top of it.
And that’s a very dangerous combination for all of it. But that doesn’t mean that big pharma is gonna give up marketing to us because they’re marketing to us from every which way, all all the time. And I happen to notice that Ozempic, you know, they’re they’re now touting a very small study. So a small scale study that shows Ozempic could also help treat alcohol use disorder. A very, very small study, and they’re claiming that it actually brought new research shows that Ozempic as well as other popular diabetic drugs that are also used for weight loss may help curb alcohol addiction.
The results are from a small scale study composed of just six people. Six people who’s screen positive for alcohol use disorder. What is alcohol use disorder? This again with the the language. Right?
We have to be really skeptical of this language. So whatever that is, is it an alcoholic? Or is it somebody that abuses alcohol? Because, you know, alcohol just turns into sugar. So if you’re a sugar addict already, and then you go on a zen pick while it makes sense that you, you know, wouldn’t be craving sugar as much.
But that doesn’t mean that it’s a healthy remedy to your problem. Right? Because then looking at why why are you abusing alcohol. In the first place, why? Why are you using food or alcohol as an escape?
Never this whole model is not designed to get to the root of any problem when it comes to our health. The whole thing is designed to slap a band aid on it, so you can sign up for a lifetime, subscribe to pharma, where you have to buy your pills every month. You have to the Ozempic isn’t a remedy for weight loss. Either. It isn’t.
You don’t learn anything about your lifestyle. Why you may be self medicating with food or why you are choosing unhealthy lifestyle habits. You don’t learn anything about that when you are taking Ozempic to lose weight. You’re cheating yourself of the journey of discovery of who you are and why you make the choices you make in your life when you opt in for these temporary remedies. They’re temporary and often cause way more problems in the end than you had when you started.
This study of six found all participants had a clinically significant decrease in symptoms while they were using Osympic and WOGOVY for weight loss. They claim. So they’re saying, you know, of course, you know, don’t don’t don’t don’t go and stop, you know, your alcohol disorder treatment plan right now. Now. The boy, we probably got something for you coming soon.
Some to remedy your alcohol abuse. Big pharma. Your list thing to naturally inspired radio will be back after the short break. Hi. I’m Tammy Kelsberg Garcia.
From naturally inspired nutrition. We can help you build a lifestyle, not a diet. Together, we will discover unlocking your food stories building a food philosophy, eating food for medicine, will use a simple swab system. We will use an easy transformation system and there’ll be no more diets necessary. Naturally inspired nutrition, helping people feel good so they can do what they love for longer.
Get more information or book today at naturally inspired nutrition dot com. We’re about back. I promise next week we will bring you Carol Lee with Paccamana CBD. My apologies to Carol role. And those who are expecting to hear from her today, I’m not sure what’s happened, technological problem in there.
We’re not really sure why we can’t get her on the line. So again, my apologies for that. But I wanna go back to what we talked to at the top of the show, what we talked at the top of the show. And this idea, you know, of conspiracy theorists and, you know, trying to convince other people, I think we’re past past that now, that we don’t we don’t have to convince anybody and we can simply just live what we believe through our actions. So be if he hears a quote from Aristotle, be a free thinker, and don’t accept everything you hear as truth.
Be critical and a value you wait what you believe in. And we can all take personal responsibility for that. We can, you know, talking about, you know, the pedigree of this this agenda. Right? I mean, I I read today too that Samsung is actually got a a sustainable goal UN app, the Galaxy.
Galaxy Alexi Samsung phone has a automatically installed UN agenda twenty thirty, seventeen sustainable goals app on the phone when you buy it and you can’t take it off. Make no mistake about it. This is a cult, and it’s got long, familial roots. Rush Limbaugh described it. Robert Kennedy junior describes it.
Those are just kind of new voices in the last few decades that are talking about it. But it’s been talked about for many decades. And we need to know who we’re dealing with and why we’re dealing with them. That these people and they are just people. We have to that in mind.
They aren’t any more magical beings than you or I. They’ve just gotten used to working within a system, a very tight closed system for very specific goal. And that’s amassed a ton of power over the decades. They’ve not managed to hijack homeopathy. They’ve managed to hijack our financial system.
They’ve managed to hijack Jack, journalism. One by one, they’ve kind of penetrated every institute solution of our country. But they aren’t magical any more magical beings than you or I. They’re just human beings. And so our counter to them is to live good, doing good.
Understand standing what is good and modeling that for other people. We don’t have to convince anybody that we’re not conspiracy theorists. We don’t have have to, you know, fight and argue, we can just do our own research. We can be critical thinkers. We can have discussion with each other to narrow down the facts and get down to the bottom of what’s really happening.
Again, given today’s situation, you don’t have to be a status statistician, you don’t have to be an epidemiologist. Listen, here is a fact acts. When it comes to the COVID-nineteen shots, did they tell you that it would stop transmission? Yeah, they did. And that was a lie.
Did they tell you that it would keep you from getting sick? Yeah, they did. And that was a lie. Did they tell you upfront that you were gonna have to take six, seven of these shots, eight of these shots? No, they didn’t.
They told you two at first. Did they tell you that it would cause myocarditis, that, you know, there would be I did facts in it? No. They told you they were safe and effective. I don’t know about you, but that enough lies for me.
I don’t need to crunch all the data, argue over statistics. I’d don’t need to, you know, take offense to you calling me a conspiracy theorist. The results are here, and we see you. And we know you. Thank you so much for joining me today on Naturally inspired Radio. We I look forward to joining you next week on Monday with Steve Kirsch joining us and Carol Lee.

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