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Today on Naturally Inspired Radio Carol Ly explains her small batch CBD process and the amazing benefits, Anita Boehm talks with us about her incredible sacred geometry essential oils and all of her ways she works with people to heal.

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Show Transcription

Show Introduction: Welcome to naturally inspired radio. Coming to you from Weld County, Colorado a right to farm community in the heartland of America. Providing real solutions for healthy living, get back to basic Defend your right to health, big pharma, big insurance, big food needs a big overhaul. Naturally inspired radio, helping people feel good so they can do what they love for love.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Welcome. It’s Thursday. Holy man. These weeks are flying by. I hope you’ve had a good week.
It’s crisp and cool here in Northern Colorado. I think we’re gonna get some snow. I don’t wanna speak too soon, but it looks like maybe possibly we could have perhaps? I don’t I don’t wanna jinx it, but we might have a white Christmas. It looks like it.
It feels like it. It feels like it. I know we’re still a ways out, but it feels like it. It feels like winter. I had a great run this morning.
I did four point eight miles. Out on the county roads of Weld County, lots of open space here in Weld County, lots of farming, lots of dirt roads, but a great place to do my thinking and has been for many, many years. I hope you got your workout in today. I hope you got outside. Even though, you know, it may be overcast or cloudy or winter, there’s still so much benefit from getting outside every day especially in the morning.
So I hope you’re prioritizing to do that. It’s just one way, just one thing to build into your lifestyle. To contribute to optimum health. Speaking of optimum health, I have some guests today. I’m really excited because I just get to talk to my friends today.
And that’s always fun. It is fun to be able to expose these creators. These are these are people who really create today. They they they make their own products. My first guest is Carol Lee.
She is joining us from Paca Mana CBD. She is the owner and resident hemp expert of Paca Mana CBD. She grew up into Heidi. Can you imagine? That would be so amazing.
So she grew up into Heidi in the South Pacific. She was around cannabis and learned all about its medicinal value. Today, she continues to draw from that knowledge to focus on hemp and its healing elements in support of a more balanced life for people and for pets. She found a home on a farm in Boulder, Colorado where she produces high quality hemp and she I’ve been there. She this this woman is hands in the soil.
She is making this stuff. It’s it’s incredible. She produces high quality hemp with full spectrum hemp extract. Her tahitian background also inspired the name. For what she does, pakamana.
In her home country, the hemp plant is called pakalolo and that and the word mana means power. Her mission is the merging of her roots and her call to nature. I love that. And she wants to harness and share this with us. Pakamana, the power of the spirit plant, and this is Carol Lee.
Hi, Carol. How are you today?

Carole Ly: Hi, Tammy. I’m doing good. Can you hear me well?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: I can. Actually, crystal clear today. It’s awesome. We’ve got a great connection. I’m so I’m so glad you’re joining me today.
I want to just up update you on my dog because we visited you last week and got some CBD for our doggy. He’s not doing so well these days. And I’m so grateful to you for the product because we had a rough night on Friday night with him And I firmly believe that if it hadn’t been for your CBD, I’m not sure where we would be because he was in some pain, and I have a real hard time watching animals struggle and suffer. And because of the CBD provided us I believe that it got us through a really rough patch. So thank you so much, Carol, for for helping us in that way.

Carole Ly: Thank you so much for updating me. Yes, I was really interested in understanding if it did help him. So we’ll talk about that. To do show a little bit more if you want. But Absolutely.
Help. Yeah. I wanna continue helping, and I’m I’m happy you did for for that rough night.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. Thank you. So tell us, why is Pokemon a CBD an effective way to manage pain? How does it work?

Carole Ly: So CBD basically is creating a lot of internal balancing of processes, I guess. So homeostasis. So to be able to take care, CBD will help with things like inflammation, you know, things that are toxic in your body. And so if you take it regularly, you kind of microdose, you don’t have to take a huge amount, but it basically is going to help create balance of the systems within. So I would say though that to address pain when when we look at healing, it’s really just to think about it as a broad multidimensional work that has to be done.
And it’s not in one one size fits all. Right? So Pacomana CBD is really highly pure pure in the extraction, we use CO2 extraction, the concentration and then the high vibration from organic growing to processing, everything is tested from the growing to the manufacturing. And I use the purest ingredients I can find and local as much as possible and then USA made. And, you know, some things you can’t you can do otherwise, but getting it from international sources.
But my suppliers are in America and they’re really focused on quality, good manufacturing processes. And then the concentration, you know, I put high concentration of all ingredients and not just the CBD, So it’s jam packed with goodness.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: I love that. I love that. And this is a labor of love for you, isn’t it? You really I mean, you could just tell that by the way that you’re curating your farm and the way you talk about your product, that you’re really passionate about this, aren’t you?

Carole Ly: Yes. Yes. It’s from you know, yeah, absolutely. It’s from the the growing to the making and the formulating everything is very important to me. And, you know, the reality is that I create the product because I’m thinking about a solution for people like me.
So oftentimes it starts from the need to find something that I don’t find. Many products out there because of different rules and regulations and processes if people manufacture in large quantity Sometimes they have to have more preservatives. I do very small batch. So because I do small batch, I’m able to have natural preservative you know, that are not toxic or chemical made, they’re drawn from really natural sources. So, yeah, yeah, definitely liberalize, but but you know, the source of my happiness.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: I love that small batch. It it seems like, you know, when things get get too big, too corporate. It becomes more of like an assembly line type of operation and quality. Quality really suffers when that happens. And I think that’s something that people need to come back to understanding, you know, we’ve we’ve been pushed into this paradigm of consuming that we’re not so concerned about quality as as much as convenience, it seems like.
And this is a real issue because we sacrifice quality for availability maybe. And then we kind of cheat ourselves out of the quality and what it could do for us.

Carole Ly: Yeah, absolutely. This is why branding, you know, now everything is about branding. People are attracted to brands. And as much as branding is important because it’s an identity, it is also sometimes an illusion. And so local art local crafts.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’ll come back. Thank you, Carol. Just hold that thought one minute because we’re gonna talk about what you need to look for when you’re when you’re considering CBD with Carol Lee from Paca Mana will be right back after this short break. You’re listening to naturally inspired radio.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re back on naturally inspired radio with my friend Carol Carol Lee from Paca Mana CBD. If you wanna look at her website while we’re talking about this, you can you can search it under Paca Mana, that’s p a k a m a n a dot com to get to her website so you can start looking at her products. Carol, so what ingredients should people be aware of when shopping for a good CBD? I know that this regulation stuff that’s come down on CBD It’s tough. And and you can even buy CBD at a gas station now.
And, like, what do we need to be aware of as consumers? To make sure that we’re getting quality?

Carole Ly: That’s a great question. So the first thing is to know what are you trying to achieve. Right? So if you’re just wanting to experience it and it’s not something that you consider a health. Maybe it’s not as important.
But if it’s a health which should really because it’s a medicine. To try to find out if the brand that you’re getting is sharing how to source the CBD. So where the plant was grown, how was grown, and how was extracted, and the testing that has been done for the final product. So, you know, just like other ingredients also, check at the ingredients list. And see if everything seems like something that you understand.
If it’s not read it, research it, and find out what it is exactly. So, yeah, farming practice, location where the hemp comes from, where was grown, how it’s extracted, the testing and the ingredients overall. That would be the things I would look at first.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Okay. And so what you talk about the health benefits. That’s such a great thing to point out because what are you trying to achieve? Is there different CBDs that you should be using for different things? And what are some of the health benefits from CBD?

Carole Ly: So I actually can’t really make any health claims, right? Because of course, this is more of a supplemental ingredient, but and we are not allowed to make health claims per se. But if people research some research is out there, not much, but some research is out there. But overall CBD cannabinoids are creating homeostasis, which means balance within in the organ functions and the systems in the body. So hemp CBD or CBD cannabinoids profile, multiple cannabinoid profiles.
They can help us seed cycle regulation with pain management, things like keeping cataract and overall relaxation, inflammation. Some studies have shown that CBD and THC correct do help with cancer management as well. So that would be just that would be for pain, but also for regulation of those things that are important to help with the body to heal. So the sleep, the the the information that comes from maybe the medication that comes from treating cancer. So there’s a lot of stuff out there.
And what I would say to simplify it is that we have receptors for the sea, the cannabinoids on our cells. And so obviously we if it’s inside our body, that means that we are producing those cannabinoids. Some people may produce less or not at all, and maybe I think this is why some people like to smoke the plant as well. I’ve taken the CBD THC up compound because they may be not producing enough. So in that sense, it helps them to get the molecules that they’re not creating on their own.
But otherwise, we have that ability to we have the receptors on our cells So if we have it, that means it’s meant to help us as humans just like other compounds, chemical compounds from plants. Help us. Like, lavender will help people feel relaxed. Right?

Carole Ly: So yeah. So so health benefits are many, and like any other medical, sorry, medicinal plant, it’s about really fine tuning and finding out what works for me. So taking, you know, the medicine and trying to tune in to see how do I react with it and give it time, you know. So

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That’s that’s an important part right there that you mentioned about giving it time because I think we’ve been trained in the pharmaceutical model to expect a direct result. I’ve a direct reaction So if we take an opioid, it’s going to dull our pain immediately. If we if we have a procedure, it fixes the problem immediately. But when you’re approaching something with a lifestyle for long term, you know, benefits, it’s something that builds up. Isn’t it?
It’s something that we have to work out. It’s a lifestyle. And we have a cannabinoid system, like you mentioned. So it’s like a lock and key type of relationship where we’re feeding that receptor.

Carole Ly: And sometimes you have to lay off of it. Right? If you take it as a supplement, let’s say, and you take it for a certain time, you know, give it a break at some point. You don’t have to take things constantly every single day, like take do those those for a few months and then stop or, you know, starts try something else, you know, just make sure that you’re not overloading your system because that also creates imbalance. And we’re trying to create balance and not imbalance.
We’re sometimes using sparingly and not overdoing it is very important.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Oh, that’s an excellent point.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Absolutely. Tell us about Pakamana product line. You have it’s more than just humans, isn’t it? Tell us all of the things that you’ve created.

Carole Ly: Yeah. So I have I have products for people and products for pets. And so I have either internal things that you can take internally. So for people and pets, for people will be tinctures. And then topicals for people who have a face tear on the massage oil and massage cream and massage muscle and joint release foam and a muscle and joint release cream.
So these are the topicals for people. For pet, I have tinctures, and I also have which are supplements. Right? And then I am just coming out this weekend with pet treats that are so awesome. So I’m going to be showcasing them this weekend at a local event at the yellow barn.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Oh, that’s wonderful. Where is that located?

Carole Ly: I don’t have the address in front of me, but the yellow barn is in Longmont, that Longmont. And if you type yellow barn, winter fare, f a I r e, you should get some information on that. Mhmm. And Yeah. And so and then I also came up recently.
I decided to create some bundles, and I have three bundles, two for people, and one for pets. And the bundles are two products that make sense together, and they have a twenty percent off already automated discounts applied. So that’s a great great way to get introduced and also to have gifts for people.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Oh, that’s wonderful. Yes. Give the gift of health and homeostasis with CBD. What a great stocking sufferer?

Carole Ly: And you know, you know, for all of your listeners today, they can use the quote Tammy for an added ten percent off on their order. And I also have a couple things that I’d like to share, which is that I have an affiliate program for anybody who wants to be part of the family, right, of Pacamana family, which we call Finua and Tahidi. And they can just email me through the network, the naturally inspired network or at contact at packamannal dot com. And of course, I’m very proud to be naturally inspired health network members. So thank you guys for creating that.
That’s really a blessing. And the the website, as you said, pacemana dot com. And if people want to call me, they can call me as well at seven two zero two nine two seven two nine four.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Seven two zero two nine two. What was the last four?

Carole Ly: Seven two nine four.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Seven two nine four. Seven two zero two nine two seven two nine four. I know a lot of our listeners love to call. Rather than just order online. And it’s just so wonderful as being a local provider.
I mean, you can talk to who is making these products. If you’re going to buy it, why not buy it local? It just makes sense. Keep your money in your community. That’s what we always say here unnaturally inspired.
Carol, tell me what a tincture is because I think a lot of people may not know that.

Carole Ly: Absolutely. And there’s different kinds of tinctures. And actually, herbal tinctures usually are in alcohol based. I mean, sometimes they can oftentimes be in alcohol based. So my tinctures are just two ingredients, MCT oil, which is the carrier oil and organic hemp extract.
So there’s nothing else but MTT oil, which is good and healthy, you know, oil for the body. And the hemp extract which is raw and diluted basically into that blended into that oil. The only third ingredient that I have in the tinctures for people is an added organic citrus essential oil, which is an orange. And it was for taste, but realistically, you know, natural tinctures, which is the ones that I have for the pets, can be taken by people as well. So there.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Alright. And what about the face serum that you developed? What is the goal of the face serum? What does it does do for our skin? I’m very interested in that.

Carole Ly: Yes. The fager was actually a blend of twenty ingredients, and my goal was to create a so you know, your skin is a high prolific barrier. So it needs oil and water to be supple and to have that little of, you know, being plump. And so when you’re lacking oil, you lose the water. And to like oil, it’s basically a jam packed night and and and the readings are easily absorbed by the skin, but that all have anti oxidant.
And, you know, properties and, you know, taking care of finelines and wrinkles. And I also have in there some shaling oils like kamanu, which is a, you know, a pollination nut that is extracted into an oil. Pump and dried oil. I have really a lot of ingredients and people can see it on the website. I also have blog on the website, blogs on the website, and we can look at more information if they want.
But the face oil was made to create protection for the skin. And here in Colorado, the weather is so dry. You know, it’s really good to add this so that we don’t evaporate all the water. So you can put it directly into the skin. You can put it mix in with water or you can mix it with your moisturizer.
I kinda absolutely whatever feels right for me, but I use it every single day morning and night, and it’s really light. So it doesn’t, you know, still heavy to the skin. And it’s anti aging. It’s the, you know, the properties are to create gradients. And I also have some ingredients in there that help with pollution of the of the the skin.
Right? You wanna get rid of the dry cells at the top so the new cells can come up to the surface.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Oh, that’s wonderful. And so the CBD also probably acts as a little bit of an anti inflammatory. Right? I know that can be an issue for people with our skin, you know, we wake up and maybe have puffy eyes or whatever. This would be a way to kind of mitigate that, I would think as well.
I’d be really interested in in trying that. Can you tell me about your ingredients to these pup treats that you have? Because we got to sample them and my doggies both loved it. So tell us how about these whole ingredients in there?

Carole Ly: Yes. So basically, there’s two flavors and the The base ingredients are organic oats, cheese, apples, sauce, and all of it is organic, of course, and and human grade most importantly. So we’re trying you know, I always try to do things that I can eat. And that if I can eat it and they’re and they’re approved for pets, that is the best quality. So So you have the the gluten free oats, the the the applesauce, coconut oil, and chisces, which are the base ingredients.
And then I have two flavors, blueberry parsley, or carrot cinnamon. And the treats are five milligrams, sweetie, per treat. The you know, and I have two different size bags, so one which is a thirty day supply and one that is a ten day supply for people to try. So Yeah. Then Yeah.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: What events do you have coming up? I know you mentioned the yellow barn in Longmont coming up. But will you be up will you be anywhere else before Christmas so people could come and visit you?

Carole Ly: No. Besides this, Sunday. So the the yellow box event is this Sunday. That’s the only event I have for this remaining of the year. And hopefully, next year, we’ll have more local events to go to.
But so far, this is over this year, this is the last event. So I’m hoping to meet a lot of the local people and talk about Pakamana. And as you said, I’m very, very happy to with anybody who called me and Correct. They’re healing with, you know, a perfect conversation.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Perfect. Thank you, Carol Lee, for joining us today with Takahmana CBD. Phone number is seven two zero two nine two seven two nine four or visit pakamana. Pakamana dot com so you can get more in information. Are you looking for a simple, powerful way to boost your health and wellness?
Gresca’s c sixty oral supplement detoxifies your body at the cellular level. Supporting brain, muscles, joints, organs, and nerve function. Joe’s been taking c sixty in sunflower oil for six months and it improved his chronic joint pain and inflammation. Visit c dash six zero dot com. Or call seven two zero six zero zero six zero four zero.
Tell them naturally inspired radio sent you. We’re back on naturally inspired radio. So glad you’re joining me today. I’m so inspired by people that are creating their own products. It’s a lot of work.
I mean, we think about I don’t think we think about the work that goes into innovating something. We walk the stores. We pick up stuff off the shelf. We put it in our basket. We walk out the door with it, we use it, we kinda take it for granted.
But behind that finished product that we hold in our hand, is somebody’s dream, somebody’s idea, and the the from getting it to your dream to having it in the consumer’s hand, there is so many steps and so much work you really have to believe in what you’re doing. In order to bring forth a product to the marketplace. You have to just have a fire in you to do this. And that’s what I have always seen since I met Carol. And our next guest is along the same lines.
Her name is Anita Boam. She is the owner of Mountain Sage, wellness. She holds a master’s in environmental health from CSU. Bachelor’s in geology from the University of Michigan. She’s a certified master teacher She my goodness.
She has so many certifications, but she’s very practiced in acupuncture, myof facial release, gong, healing, cupping, and so much more. She has been a practitioner of Reiki for over ten years. Her fascination is with merging science and the metaphysics. So she is also the creator of mountain sage wellness essential oils. This is a very unique line of essential oils.
It incorporates sacred geometry, which we’re gonna talk about, and the vibrational frequencies of crystals which is super interesting. She’s she’s taken all this knowledge. So she’s got a background in science. She’s got a background in geology. She’s taken her understanding of frequency, and she’s molded into this wonderful product line.
And she’s here to talk about it with us today. Hi, Anita. How are you?

Anita Boehm: Hello. I’m good. I feel like we might have a little bit of a disconnected connection here. So, hopefully, we can get through this in a nice flowing way. I just wanted to make sure they’re hearing me okay.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yes. It does sound like we have a little bit of a patchy cell phone connection. Sometimes that happens. Let’s let’s take a stab at it. If if we can’t get a clear connection, we will do it again on an at another time for sure.
But let’s try to see if we can get it through here. Let’s start. Let’s start with a little bit of your background. Can you tell us about your story? How you got into creating essential oil products?
And what does your wellness practice all encompass?

Anita Boehm: First of all, I tried to correct this with you because just being somebody who’s pretty busy with my practice and treating all my products. I haven’t updated my website. I’ve actually been a Ricky practitioner for twenty two years. So over twenty two years. So that’s that’s the I’ll do it on the website, and it hasn’t It’s something that slipped through the cracks that I tried to inform you of.
I got into I I was an environmental scientist as my bio state, and I merged into teaching science education programs. There were science education programs. And I was seeing a conference that was entitled keeping outside the box about five years prior to my founding Mountain State Wellness, and two thousand and six. And I was offering an afternoon workshop, exploring stream full and water quality but I wanted to attend some other workshops from my learning games, and I was interested in additional plant workshops that were offered at the workshop conference. Or, you know, workshops or offered at the conference.
And most of them connect constructive with my workshop. And all that was available in the morning was a chemotherapy workshop. And the bubble over my head was getting over as was the chemotherapy sitting in the morning. And a lot of really attend some additional plant workshops. And I ended up going through the rotherapy workshop, which is three hours long.
And being a environmental scientist in a past life in this life, I was you know, just being open minded when I attended, and she started to bring up about how we understand and know that there are toxic effects that one can experience from hazardous waste chemicals in the environment. And why is it so difficult that you know, we can experience adverse effects from those through inhalation adjustment during the contact. Why is it so difficult to understand and know that we can have medicinal benefits from percent to oils, you know, which are abstracts. And I just worked up and I ended up going out and purchasing every single book that this woman recommended because I used to numbers about the risks associated with ingestion, dermal contacts, and inhalation of hazardous waste. Macles when I was in environmental sciences.
And so I started creating my own formulation since I purchased books she read recommended. I was making my own muscle and joint pain relief formula for because I’m an athlete, and I tweaked myself a fair amount. And senior, which was two thousand one, I also earned my certifications in ranking level one too. And in two thousand six, when my grand funded South Education outreach physician was ending, I founded Mountain State’s wellness, and I built a to setting on campuses, teaching Rokey, honk, Broadway, and she’s gone. I have an integrated energy body service practice.
And my essential oil product and wine now has expanded to over twenty five formulations.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Wow. Wow. I love how I love how you have taken your knowledge from science and acknowledge the toxicity and all of the issues that we’re having in our environment today that are affecting our health. And it’s kind of that, you know, when we’re when we’re drawn to the natural space, I feel like it’s kind of out of necessity for a lot of people that I interview. And it sounds like to you from you that that is what drew you to it as well out of necessity.

Anita Boehm: Yes. Absolutely.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That’s wonderful. I I it sounds like we’re having some trouble still with the the cell phone service I don’t know what it is out of Boulder today. It sounds like something’s not not working too great. I’m getting some messages from some listeners. So what we’ll do coming up is we will we will during the break, we’ll we’ll hang up with Anita and we’ll have her call back to see if we can get a stronger signal there.
But let’s try to push through and see if we can get some more information here. So Your essential oils are different than other people, so and that’s what I noticed right away. You’ve developed a very unique line. Can you it kind of slain sacred geometry and how you’ve used this in your creation process. Is there evidence that sacred geometry is effective.
And what’s the science kind of behind that? We may start on that. And then after we return on the break, we can finish up more.

Anita Boehm: Yes. My Such oil products are handcrafted, energetically attuned, and created through a combination of inspiration and research, incorporating both sacred geometry and crystals for the added vibrational frequency. I incorporate these elements because we live in a vibrational universe And because all of the major structures are governed by state or by geometric patterns and mathematical ratios, such as supply ratio. Essential oils naturally hurtled a vibration, and so did a geometry use the foundation of life.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Wow. That’s fascinating. Let’s stop there and we will be right back after the break. Let’s see if we can get a better connect Stay tuned, everyone. This is Naturally inspired Radio.
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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re back on naturally inspired radio. I hear you. I hear you. I got your messages coming in. I know I know we’ve got a bad connection with Anita.
I’m so bombed about it. She’s giving some great information. Of course, you know, we’ve talked about frequency here on naturally inspired radio many times. We’re electrical beings. You know, when you look at a cell underneath a microscope, it isn’t as, you know, it vibrates it’s vibrating.
A healthy cell vibrates. And this idea that we’re more, you know, we’re beings that that that thrive on a frequency level is something I think that might be new to some people. But it’s actually ancient. And I think we have Anita back where she can explain more about sacred geometry And that’s not really a new idea. Is it Anita?

Anita Boehm: No. Absolutely not. I could start where I was before I’ll just jump in where I was. Basically, I started to say that essential oils naturally hold a strong vibration. And sacred geometry is the foundation of all life.
The intention of aligning the essential oils with sacred geometry and crisp and crystals is about awakening our consciousness using structural forms that stimulate the brain in certain ways as has been done throughout history. For example, if you’ve ever been at a beautiful sacred site anywhere in the world, such as a cathedral or a temple or a church, you may have felt and uplifted energy being near or in these sacred structures through the geometry of the building. And I can go more in-depth about that sacred geometry. Sure.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. I I think that makes perfect sense. I mean, architecture reflects historically the power of of geometry.

Anita Boehm: Yes. And doc

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: sorry. Go ahead. So how did you come up with sacred geometry for your essential oils. What was the inspiration?

Anita Boehm: I feel like this is just to touch upon this real quickly, there’s He’s he’s deceased. Dr. Golan, his name is he’s a Ukrainian scientist and mathematician. He conducted a extensive research showing that crystals and the five ratio of pyramids both have profoundly positive impacts on human and physical and mental well-being. And not only is the FI ratio shown to have been beneficial for people, to people such as in Goulav’s biracial pyramids or in nature or the Phiroir show is also found in many proportions and the thyroid ratio is also found in many proportions of the human body.
An example is Leonardo da Vinciuz. Vitruvian man is a famous drawing, depicting these proportions. So basically, through research, it it the thigh ratios of the sacrogeometry affects and the crystals that Dr. Golar did, it affects our emotional health and well-being harmonizing and balancing on all levels. So initially, I got into incorporating sacred geometry into my essential oils because I met a person at one of the very first holistic shows that I ever did for my business.
It was a woman named Jerry Kors. She has now since passed on She died way too soon in life. She was inspired to say sacred geometry symbols. And when we met, we knew that her sacred geometry symbols my oils had a synergistic connection. The first was my balancing essential oil blend and her great balancing like great, great balance or excuse me, sacred geometry symbol.
Then I was inspired to create essential oils that were in alignment to other symbols that she created. And then since her passing, I have been inspired to create essential oils with specific intentions to enhance the vibration frequency of these intentions, I use meditation guidance and help from people who are tapped in energetically to create a vibrational connection between the ratios of the essential oils that go into each blend, sacred geometry and crushed crystals. When I attune the essential oil combinations using raking another saccharde onto to finalize the process.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That’s fast fascinating. And when I hear you talk about this, I find it so exciting because this means that there’s a lot more that we need to explore when it comes to the capability of our own body. And the fact that, you know, we have this opportunity during, you know, what’s happened with our healthcare system over the last four years. This is our opportunity to start branching out and opening our to the solutions that have kind of always been there, but maybe that we haven’t been exposed to. So I get really excited when I hear you talking about this.
What kinds of medicinal benefits do the essential oils offer? And are there specific ones that you recommend for specific things? Or can you explain that a little bit?

Anita Boehm: Yes, I can. Essential oils may be used topically. As I mentioned through my experience of the aromatherapy workshop that I attended initially back in two thousand and one, this scientists that was presenting the aroma therapy workshop, talked about how essential oils can be used topically. And then also, of course, you can inhale them and they may be also also ingested in small amounts. And the inhalation pathway into the body is as the only one of our five senses is directly linked to the limbic system of the brain that controls heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, memory, oxygenation, stress levels, cortisol and hormonal balance.
And so therefore essential oils aid in balancing all of these physiological functions. In my product line, I’ve targeted several essential oils that help people with different things. I have an insomnia release blends, for example, stress relief, headache relief, muscle and joint pain relief. And most of those are just topical applications are used through the inhalation process. I also saw a wonderful essential oil that is called sorghumia that I import from Australia that is an amazing oil that I used throughout all these past four years really robustly basically because it’s balancing emotionally.
It boosts the immune system. It helps respiratory system. You can ingest it in small amounts. You you can gargle with it to fight sore throat. You can also put it in a netty pot it’s great for travel and for jet lag.
It’s an amazing oil that hits on a lot of levels to keep people well. And also emotionally balanced.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Wow, I feel like so we talk about here on naturally inspired radio quite often. The fact that you really can’t heal when the body’s in fight or flight. You know, when so and so many of us are stuck in fight or flight nowadays just because of the you know, the situation that we live in, the world we live in, it’s constant input and we’re inundated with stuff. So would essential oils be a good way to kind of coax the body out of fight or flight, would you say?

Anita Boehm: Absolutely. There’s a really wonderful way to apply essential oils. It’s called a carotid sinus massage and basically you take the essential oils and Mhmm. You do our massage. And I can describe that in just a moment.
Sounds like we’re going to bed another break.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yes. Let’s go to a break, and then when we come back, we’ll talk about that application. You’re listening to naturally inspired radio with Anita Boym. Today’s show is brought to you by naturally inspired minerals dot com. If I could pick only one supplement to take with me?
On a deserted island, it would probably be my plant derived minerals. I’ve been taking these minerals for years now, and I can’t say enough about them. Our bodies need efficient amounts of minerals, many in trace amounts to function at optimum levels. Keep your mineral levels tie and your body feeling good with naturally inspired minerals dot com while supporting our show. We’re back And before we dive into back in with Anita here from Mountain Sage Wellness, I want to make sure that we give you her websites So Anita, could you give us your website and a best phone number where our listeners can reach out to you if they want to have a chat?

Anita Boehm: Yes. It’s mountain stage wellness dot com. And if you go to my store, on that website, you can see all my current offerings of my essential oils. And my best phone number is three zero three two four one three three four three.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Perfect. Three zero three two four one three three four nine. Is that correct?

Anita Boehm: Four three.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Four three. I’m sorry. I wrote that down wrong. Yes. Reach out to Anita and, you know, again, I can’t stress enough how important it is to shop local.
And you don’t get this kind of service if you are, you know, buying from a big corporation It’s not like you can call up the maker of the product and say, hey, what was your intention with this? What’s the best thing? What what do you think I should do? You just don’t get that unless you shop locally. And so thank you Anita for providing this wonderful product for our audience.
I’m I’m grateful for your practice.

Anita Boehm: Absolutely. Would you like me to describe some of the uses and just

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yes, please. If you want to go back into the the artery, that sounded really interesting.

Anita Boehm: Yeah, the carotid sinus massage using essential oils actually, your heart and your neck contain neurons that have receptors called barrel receptors. These are specialized neurons that detect your blood pressure and transmit the neuro neuroma the neuronal signal to your brain, which goes to activate the vagus nerve that connects your heart to lower your blood pressure and your heart rates. So if you do this carotid massage, you basically take essential oils and put them on the ends of your fingers and do a circular massage on the sides of your neck below your ears, and just do a circular motion. And again, that process helps lower blood pressure and heart rate because it activates these viral receptors. Additionally, it it detoxifies and activates the vagus nerve, which is the parasympathetic aspect of our autonomic nervous system, which creates more the calm, relaxed state of being instead of being in the flatter site that you’re describing before.
And all of my essential oils have many essential oils in them. All my blends have many essential oils in them that help detoxify and activate that vagus nerve to create that more calm sense of being. So it’s a wonderful application for it. Additionally, you can put the essential oils on the side body and activate and detoxify the lymph system as well. So there are many applications to help get us out of fight or flight by help detoxifying and activating both the vagus nerve and the limb system.
And that’s really key for health and wellness at this time, especially.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Oh, I couldn’t agree more. Do you have any events upcoming or any specials that our listeners should know about.

Anita Boehm: I have all my specials in my online store. I’m also offering free shipping. Through the twentieth, although with Christmas being on a Monday and a weekend being interfering, somebody people may want to get place orders before the twentieth so that shipping can get to them in time for the holiday. And also, if anybody wishes to start by where I am at my location in Golden just yeah. They can just contact me and we can make an arrangement for people to come explore the oils personally and make purchases that way.
Right now, I don’t have any events coming up. I am going to be offering breath work in Shigong workshops next year with a sound vibration facilitator, co facilitator and making some plans to offer I have a Ricky level one class actually on January twelfth as well. And if anybody is interested in any of my workshops or classes or coming to explore my oils to sign up for my email newsletter or feel free to call me or email me to find out what I have offering.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That’s wonderful. And can you give us that website one more time?

Anita Boehm: Mountain stage wellness dot com.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Thank you so much Anita for joining us today on naturally inspired radio. That concludes our show for today. Our so glad you joined us. We’ll be back on Monday. So Make sure you tune in the three box thirteen sixty k ten c. For naturally inspired radio.

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