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Today on Naturally Inspired Radio getting ready for the holidays, Dr Leonard Horowitz describes how AIDS was developed, Factor 8 poisoning, Tucker Carlson and Glen Greenwald interview, Bob Greska and the benefits of Greska’s C-60 for human and pet health. Detoxing from plastics with Greska’s C-60

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Show Transcription

Show Introduction: Welcome to naturally inspired radio. Coming to you from Weld County, Colorado, a right to fun community, and the heartland of America. Providing real solutions for healthy living, get back to basics, defend your right to health, dig pharma big insurance, big food needs a big overhaul. Naturally inspired radio, helping people feel good so they can do what they love for longer.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Hello. Welcome to Monday. Holy cow. That was a fast weekend. Wasn’t it?
Kind of overcast here in Northern Colorado. I don’t know I don’t know if we’re gonna get snow or not. I know my little my precious little one, my daughter who’s not really little. She’s eighteen, but she’s precious to me. She loves to have a white Christmas, so I’m hoping for her that will get one.
But I don’t know. My running this weekend out on the country roads, it was looking just gorgeous. Grew just open blue sky. The mountains are looking spectacular here. It is it’s really a blessing to be in Colorado.
That’s for sure. And it is until you go other places, I think, you know, like, no shade to Texas or anything, but I’ve spent some time in Texas. And I’m I just feel like, man, there’s I was in Dallas, so no ocean near me, no mountains. I was like, man, I don’t know if I could do this on the regular. I’m so spoiled coming from the West Coast, Victoria British Columbia, and then to Colorado, both totally beautiful places to live.
So I hope you got outside and and enjoyed some of the beauty that is out there. And I hope that you are you know, pretty ready for Christmas. I, you know, I I hope you didn’t go to too much trouble and that it’s been a good journey for you as your as we head towards the holidays. We have a great show for you today. Man, I did some investigating back.
You know, this is stuff I knew before, but as I’m revisiting it, it’s mind blowing to me. Just how this has all come to be to happen. You know? Leonard Horowitz is who I’m speaking of. He’s somebody I followed years ago.
Kind of when I, you know, went down the rabbit hole to learn about real health, real solutions for health, when I started learning about frequency and light and all these of these other different modalities that have kind of been suppressed. And so I was revisiting some of his work over the weekend as I was doing chores and whatnot. And so I brought you to today, I brought to you just a little clip from him explaining about the origins of AIDS. And for a lot of you, I’m sure audience of thirteen sixty for sure, probably know this this history that has to do with aids. But for some of you, it might be new information.
And I would say, do your own investigation on it, you know, really look into how aids got to be. In our country. So we’re gonna touch on that and then we’re gonna go into a little bit of history of how these pharmaceutical companies have been operating kind of in Kahoots with our government for long, long time. Like, this really isn’t a new thing even though it’s much more heavy handed now and has been since COVID. They don’t even try to hide it anymore.
But the history behind it, we’re gonna just take a peek at that. And specifically, with the roots of bear, the company, pharmaceutical company, Bayer. And then another drug called Factor VIII, and just how that whole thing went down in a I mean, I don’t know how it got no press almost a little snippet on mainstream years ago, and still, you know, these companies are trusted. For solutions for health is mind blowing to me. So we’re gonna visit that.
And then I have another little clip for you from Tucker Carlson and Glen Greenwald recently sat down to do a podcast. And it’s fascinating to me to hear these kind of like Glen Greenwald has always been kind of cutting edge reporter, investigative reporter. Of course, Tucker has been notoriously, you know, right, worked for Fox News, but to see them kind of grow in their perspective of how the world works so the world really works is fascinating and and really good, I think, in terms of spreading the information and being so public with their own, you know, coming to to understand how how things really are. They’re public with it and they’re and they’re not afraid to talk about it. So I got a little clip from them talking about evil.
Because I think it’s really important to understand how we view evil has been constructed through books, through movies, through, you know, cultural understanding of what evil is. I mean, when you think of evil, you have a certain picture that comes in your mind. And the problem with that is that’s not always the way evil gets executed. Right? It’s not it’s not actually the way evil gets permitted to go to move forward.
And so we’re gonna visit that little clip And then at the bottom of the hour, I have mister Bob Gresca joining us from c sixty, carbon c sixty. We’re gonna dive into a little bit of a different conversation this time that Bob’s been on the radio with me twice, I think. And the first time, we’ve talked heavily about Carbon C60, what it was, and all of that kind of thing, how his Carbon C60 is is different from other carbon products. And the second time he came on, we talked about his journey into being an entrepreneur. Right?
Has we talked about c sixty as well, but we also kinda dove into how he got to be. An entrepreneur. And I found so fascinating because, you know, really smart guy engineer was using his his talents for creating, you know, weapons of mass destruction or innovating things that, you know, kind of went towards war. And through destruction, for destruction, and then made a conscious pivot over to something much more productive to help people. So we talked about that the second time.
And I think today, what we’re gonna do is just touch on some of the themes that Carbon sixty can help people with. So I really want to dive into that because I got into this, you know, more information on carbon on the NIH website, and it’s absolutely fascinating with all of the research that’s been done on carbon. Carbon sixty. So so, yeah, Bob’s joining us. It’s gonna be an awesome conversation.
He always brings a wealth of knowledge And these are real solutions that you can then walk away with and apply in your life. So that’s gonna be an awesome conversation. Don’t wanna miss it. And it it will be at the end of the hour. So let’s just introduce this first top story I wanna talk about before the break.
And then we’ll cover it more in-depth when we come back. But Leonard Horowitz, I don’t know if you know that name. But he was actually a dentist. And he was kind of commissioned in dentistry to be their media person. To go out and to help people come to terms of going to the dentist because going to the dentist is a scary thing for a lot of people.
Apparently. I don’t ever found it scary, but it is. It is a thing for people to be petrified to go to the dentist. So he was kinda championed. Like, hey, you’re gonna be the guy to pursue weighed people to go see the dentist.
Leonard never knew what he was getting into as he studied young about persuasion and understanding to throw the impact that government had on hold out.

We’ll talk more about it. When we come back each Monday, thank you so much for being here. We’ll be right back. This is a naturally inspired radio.

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Let’s get to the Leonard Horowitz. Interesting guy. So as I was telling you, he is a he was a dentist you know, kind of a charismatic guy. So I’m sure that’s probably why he got picked, you know, to kind of be the media person for dentistry and to help people with their fears about dentistry. And specifically fluoride, he was asked to look into, you know, to help people understand fluoride was necessary blah blah blah.
Well, they didn’t know what they were getting into because Leonard, you know, his brain fires like you would not believe. I have interviewed him once. And so he’s incredibly quick, witted, and and super smart. So he don’t he went in and his intentions were okay, I’m going to do this, fulfill this need, and help people understand why they need to use fluoride, fluoride, and all that. But what he ended up finding out was that fluoride wasn’t beneficial.
And that the side effects of fluoride were tremendous. And not in a good way. They, you know, impacted IQ. He he found out all kinds of different things about fluoride. So that kind of started him in his journey.
And as he went further into exploring health, he learned a ton more. Some things about some of the modalities that have been suppressed such as frequency, light healing, our true capability And then I think, you know, he started finding out a lot of things that our government wasn’t being honest with. And AIDS was one of them. Take a listen to this clip as he describes what he found.

Clip 1 – Dr Leonard Horowtiz: So basically, it was the nineteen seventy four experimental hepatitis B vaccine given to gay men in New York City and blacks in Central Africa that according to all of the epidemiological evidence, the science, including the DNA sequencing of the full viral genome. You’ve heard reports that there were viruses were a long time ago, centuries ago, AIDS, AIDS virus evolved. What portions of it did? But the full gene sequence, you find that came out in the mid seventies and that it all relates to this particular vaccine produced by the Merck pharmaceutical company, whose man, Dr. Morris Hillman, we have actually on the tape called Horowitz on vaccines, telling you that he brought the AIDS virus into North America and contaminated monkeys destined for vaccine research and development at the Merck pharmaceutical company.
Meanwhile, the Merck pharmaceutical company you could trust about as much as you can trust the Rockefeller family. They were the ones who received the lion’s share of the Nazi war just at the end of world war two. On August tenth nineteen forty four, the, quote, German flight capital end quote, was sent out to establish a virtual ever forever monopoly over the world’s pharmaceutical and chemical industries. And that seven hundred and fifty corporations receive that to secure that monopoly Delion Share went to the Merck pharmaceutical company and their president at that time was George W. Merck, whose at the time was when the Nazi windfall profits came in was none other than America’s biological weapons industry director.
Personally appointed by President Roosevelt and Secretary of Roy Stempsen,

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: So I’m playing in that clip. Okay? Because I I think that this establishes that a couple things here. But first of all, we need to know who we’re dealing with. And I think that we’re so far removed from our history our real history these days that we don’t understand who we’re dealing with.
So it’s really important that we go back and we visit this type of information and understand who we’re dealing with here. Okay? There was a direct relationship with nazis and with pharmaceuticals, chemicals. This was used as as as a tool for experimentation, for death, for torture, and there was a direct relationship between the two. So the then government and these pharmaceutical companies, these science experiments were being done.
To torture people, to kill people. And I think what we have forgotten is that not all bad ideas go away. So we’ve been led to believe that, you know, we won World War two, and everything was neatly buttoned up and no bad ideas escaped. And we we stopped that in its tracks and and we’ve, you know, we don’t have to think about that. And and the reason why I know that is because people have told me that.
I have had conversations with people saying, and they have said to me, we’re done with all that. That would never happen. We’re We we we went through all that. That would never happen. And to you, I would say, I know it is very frightening.
To think that this kind of ideology still exists, that we could create the perfect human, that this would be a utopic type of world where they’re you know, everything is just about the master race or the master human or the the perfect human. Okay? And maybe back then, it was through genetic alteration. They were trying to achieve that. They were you know, trying to stamp out any bad jeans that were, you know, being put forth forward so that people, you know, would procreate in a more efficient, better, utopic way.
Maybe that was the the the idea back then. But the thing is is that that that whole idea was just an idea and not all ideas go away. Project paperclip, for example, was an operation that we were a part of as a country to take these types of people, scientists, different military people, take them out of Germany, and take them into our own companies or countries to use the information that they had, to use their talents, to to use it for good is what we were told. But then I say to you, isn’t it possible then that these ideas that came from World War two could be so prevalent today. If these people integrated with a certain ideology of perfecting the perfect race, the perfect human beings, stamping out any what they deem, you know, less than perfect genes.
That whole idea, could it not have continued forward if those people lived and thrived here in the United States and had families and taught families and continued research and live their lives. I think it’s quite a possibility. And I find it extremely interesting that over the last, you know, since two thousand sixteen, really, there’s been a huge effort to devalue the the name Nazi. Completely devalue. It means nothing anymore.
It means people call each other nazis like it’s nothing. It’s it it it it has no weight anymore because it’s so overused. And I find that interesting because now we no longer really have a word to identify what’s happening here. But this is an old ideology, a very un old one, just wearing new clothes. And the new clothes are genetic manipulation.
It’s transhumanism. They are tearing down your humanness, any which way they possibly can. They’re telling you you can be whoever you want. There’s no such thing as gender. They’re they’re conditioning you to to not individualize anybody.
That by individualizing somebody, you are actually bad. That’s that’s That’s awful to do that. We all have to be equals. We all have to be the same. You don’t you don’t assume someone’s gender and they’re doing a good job.
Let me tell you. Let me tell you. They’re doing a good job because there are third graders correcting adults about not assuming someone’s gender. That’s real and happening. So I would love for you to dive into Leonard Horowitz and his work and understand that not a lot has changed in terms of this ideology and creating the perfect human.
And sometimes, you know, when I was watching I thought, well, maybe that is why some people really got injured with these COVID shots. While other people didn’t. You know, if it was genetically put together in a way, purposefully to weed out those who couldn’t tolerate it. We certainly know that’s a fact that they can do that. We’ve covered that here on naturally inspired radio.
I, you know, there were doctors that testified in Congress that said, hey, this is a real concern. We’re giving all of our genetic material to China. And China will not do that. China does not export any of their genetics out of country. This is a weaponry.
This is an arsenal bio weaponry. This is a whole new way. To to execute a plan. See, last time they had to go to war. It was kinetic war.
They had to round people up and put them in camps. They had to put them into hospitals to experiment on them. And this time, We’re in a different era. We’re in a different era. It’s about technology.
You don’t need to round people up to keep them from speaking because it’s a digital forum now. All you gotta do is sensor them online. All you have to do actually is sensor enough people online that your average person will self censor in fear of being censored online. And that is the way it’s working. And if you if if you can identify some of these ideas and just just contemplate.
I’m just asking you to contemplate how they’re being put in place today. And if they could be. Because there’s no explanation for some of our government’s transgressions. Let’s queue up this next clip. I think we’ll just barely have a time to listen to it.
But it goes right in line with what I’m talking about in terms of are these companies trustworthy?

Clip 2 – Glen Greenwald & Tucker Carlson : I don’t I say this not to do that, but you know, Hannah Aaron observed when she watched the Nuremberg trials, which called the imality of evil that like you think that people who are doing evil things and tyrannical things have horns growing out of their head and are like things with blood dripping out of it, And usually, they’re just kind of like very mild personalities who get swept up into their own righteousness and have no ability to see what it is they’re doing, and I think most of all, they know the public hates them. They know the public doesn’t listen to them anymore. In fact, the public, they hear them saying something. Wants to do the opposite, which is why Trump being indicted actually has politically strengthened him because people don’t trust the guardians of these systems like the people at the Atlantic and like the people who are in DC. Let me just ask you about one more question before we get to your new media, because I When do you think you’re we we can can can I interject Yeah? And just say about One of the one of the great shocks for me as an aging man is to see Hannah Arendt and Sigman Freud written out of the public conversations. Both of them were huge when I was a kid.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That was Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald. We’ll talk briefly about that Klippy we bring on our special guest today, Bob Greska from c sixty dot com, will be right back. Would you like to be a part of a growing network that provides real solutions for optimum health? Join our affordable health network campaign get an annual membership to naturally inspired health network and all of its benefits. A naturally inspired radio show appearance be featured in hundreds of commercials played on radio worldwide, get special access and pricing on naturally inspired events, and much more.
Naturally inspired health network, helping our community reach more people. Nine seven zero four seven five four zero eight three. We’re back on naturally inspired and radio so much to cover. That that clip by lap the the last clip I played with type of Carlson blend green wall. I really wanted to just you know, have people understand that really for evil to take place that doesn’t have to look like, you know, horns and steam and fire and all that stuff that really it is just a bunch of complacency that can allow evil to take place.
But I think what we’ll do is table the rest of what I have to say about that. And also, I wanna cover IG far been in and the history of the Bayer Corporation. You know, that was actually a Nazi corporation. IG Farben, and then it turned into Bayer. And then factor VIII.
So I’m gonna table that, and we’ll talk about that tomorrow because it’s super important. And I want to forget to my guests. I don’t want to keep him waiting out there. So I I bring him on in just a second. Bob Grass he is the inventor, the innovator of Carbon C60.
I know you’ve heard him on here a couple of times before. I won’t waste any more time. Let’s get him on the air so we can ask him what we need to know about c sixty. Bob, how are you doing today?

Bob Greska: Hey, Tammy. I’m doing great. How about yourself?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Good. Are you ready for Christmas?

Bob Greska: You know, I’m getting close. Yeah, we’re having a a couple of Christmas parties to go to. So and I have one myself. So it’s gonna be a pretty pretty fun pretty fun season.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Awesome. Well, I

Bob Greska: How about you?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re we’re getting there. We’re getting there for sure. We’re we’re almost there. I’ve been so excited because we’ve had a couple of our listeners come in to the station to ask about c sixty, and I’ve been getting some emails and some feedback about c sixty. So I’m just so grateful that we can bring the solution to our audience.
And I know that you’ve been on the radio a couple times with me. So I think today, what I really wanted to focus on is briefly, I want to just give so in case there’s any new listeners, I just wanna give them a short description of what c sixty does for people. Let’s start there

Bob Greska: for Okay. Well, it’s a Nobel Prize winning molecule that was discovered in nineteen eighty five, so it’s fairly new. And and the beauty of it it’s made out of carbon and it’s symmetrical, it’s spherical, and it can give up electrons. And I know that’s a little bit science y for people, but you had a show the other day there talking on to pressure and talking about tele mirrors and eliminating free radicals with blueberries and antioxidants. Well, carbon-sixty is very similar to that and it’s it’s an antioxidant, but the beauty in what makes it works is very, very, very small in size.
And so it’s much more bioavailable like two hundred thousand times smaller in size than the antioxidants you get in foods, like blueberries and red wine and so forth. So ours is it just it comes in a bottle and just the website is c dash six zero dot com. I think earlier you said c sixty, that’s a headhunting edge here, but we’re c dash sixty. You can’t forget the dash. And there’s

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. Don’t forget the dash.

Bob Greska: No. But but it’s not a drug. There’s no negative effect. It’s carbon. It’s why it’s what’s in food.
It’s why we eat food to get the carbon out of it. And we’re made out of carbon ourselves. We’re based on carbon. So what it does is, and I’ll talk about what it does, how it works and where to get But basically, what it does, it basically targets the root cause of a health issue. Now, and most of those root causes are caused by free radicals, which are molecules missing electrons.
And when a molecule missing an electron, it doesn’t know what it is and how it works and what it does. So it causes, you know, problems with your muscles. If you have too many free radicals, It causes trouble with your nerves if you have too many free radicals located in your nerves and your joints and even organs suffer. With too many free radicals. So the carbon gives an electron eliminating that free radical.
It also gets rid of toxins too. So card, by definition, toxins are electron dealers that come in your body to steal an electron. So to carbon give us an electron to the toxin neutralizing it so that toxin can no longer do any damage.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: You know what’s fascinating is that I read on your web site about glyphosate. So we’ve covered glyphosate at length here. And there’s a great testimonial on your website about glyphosate. So does it help detox from glyphosate state?

Bob Greska: Well, according to the pictures and according to this one gentleman’s testimony, he he said Bob you need anything done anywhere, anywhere, any anything done in your in my lifetime, let me do it for you. I’ll help you out. So this guy was so convinced. He worked in a flour mill would they actually process Lysofate killed flowers so they can harvest it all at the same time, dries out on on the stock there for a little bit and then they harvest it and it makes it better for harvesting, but it still has but you’re putting toxins to kill the plant. And so in the flour mill, he breathed all this, you know, flour contaminated with with with glyphosate, and it shows a picture his light was all swollen up, all purple and crusty looking and very large.
Yeah. Yeah. So any so after a month of putting the carbon sixty on it topically, you know, he he was able to walk and his light was all better, so to speak. You know, that considerably better. Let’s put it that way.
It was a hundred percent, but It looks a lot better. It looks more functional.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. Yeah. It was absolutely fascinating. It caught my eye because that’s a major concern for everyone now. That we have found glyphosate even in human tissue.
Most people have it. So

Bob Greska: Yeah, it’s Same thing with Asian orange over to Vietnam more that they used to defoliate the jungle. Agent orange is also a deoxin, like glyphosate, so deoxin. And so that’s toxic. And they cause they still cause problems over in Vietnam because it doesn’t go away. It’s in the ground.
It’s in the groundwater. And generations have been people who are born with birth defects quite often over there and it’s all due to that that agent orange, that the oxen, that was in the groundwater. Right. So yeah. It’s not not not not good.
And there’s another picture on our website of a young boy who he he was from Vietnam just to bridge the gap here, but he had a birth defect and he had that wine colored discoloration on his face and he put the carbon sixty on topically And within six days, eighty percent of his birth defect went away. And that’s something he had from birth. So carbon sixty is Carbon’s the essence of life is why we and so the carbon apparently went in there and fixed his and that’s a genetic problem. I don’t know how it did that, but it did it. And we see a lot of we got a lot of testimonies on our website.
You should take a look at us at c dash six zero dot com.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yes. And for all my science nerds out there, when you go to c dash dot com. If you go to the top right hand corner, there’s a little black box, it’s the menu, and you click the black box, the tabs will come down and you can click on the science tab. And when you do that, it says NIH and there’s like sixteen different NIH studies there. For the benefits of carbon sixty.
So can you just briefly mention some of those studies and what they entail?

Bob Greska: Well, yet while carbon-sixty reduces oxidative stress, that’s the free radical again. One molecule stealing an electron from a neighbor and a neighbor and a neighbor and that domino effect is called oxidative distress. And that’s what that that’s what antioxidants do. The same thing. They they they give a rock strong and reduce the oxidative stress.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’ll cover this. And more, when we come back, we’re talking to Bob Breka, that c dash sixty dot com will be right back you’re listening to Napoli inspired radio. Are you looking for simple, powerful way to boost your health and wellness. Gresca’s c sixty oral supplement detoxifies your body at the cellular level. Supporting brain, muscles, joints, organs, and nerve function.
Joe’s been taking c sixty in sunflower oil for six months, and an improved chronic joint pain and inflammation. Visit c dash six zero dot com. For call seven two zero six zero zero six zero four zero. Tell them naturally inspired radio sent you.

Speaker 3: Have a comment or a question for Tammy, caller text her at eight seven seven five three six thirteen sixty. That’s eight seven seven five three six thirteen sixty.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re back on naturally inspired radio. We’re talking to Bob Gruska from Gruska’s c dash sixty dot com is the website. We’re getting into some of the science here and I’m just looking on these studies because I read a few of them. I often get asked about some of these things, so this is really good information for me. One of the things was preventing acne.

Bob Greska: Bob, do

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: you have a story about that? Have you have you helped anyone? Has anyone come back and told you about that?

Bob Greska: Yes. Yes. By that effect, one of my employees, his son, his race was all you know, he had acne and it was kind of a breakout. It was all reddish, you know


Bob Greska: Into it. It’s in tone to it. And we have a water based carbon sixty, which it comes in water. It’s just much more convenient to use than the oil to put on topically. And he sprayed it on his face in, like, within a short time before they went out the door.
The redness of his face went away. And so, you know, it didn’t didn’t fix all his acne, but, you know, it’s been the the redness part of the problem related to acne that went away very quickly.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. Right? So Yeah. It has information on these NIH pub meds sites. It has information, studies on anti aging properties in it.
Yeah. Of course, free radical, which you mentioned. Neurodegenerative disorders, which this is something a lot of people are struggling with. So it sounds like, you know, there’s their scientific evidence here that it helps with that. Even if there’s the one on here about preventing liver cirrhosis and RAS, all kinds of different things.
So if you’re the science guy listening out there, head to the website It’s c dash sixty dot com and just click on that science tab because I was I was all in there. I was all in there for a while, Bob. I was fascinated by it.

Bob Greska: Yes. Well well, you you talked the other day about telomeres and, you know, your telomeres regenerate cells in your body. And as your cells get older, the free radicals, you know, generated by your, you know, from your mitochondria making the ATP, which is the food currency for your body. Mhmm. So your body makes all this energy from food to ATP.
Generates these free radicals. And if your body doesn’t get rid of them fast enough naturally, well carbon-60s right in there to help eliminate those free radicals by giving that electron that they’re missing. So as your body has a lot of free radicals to deal with, that’s for like premature aging. And with the toxins, we have in the air, food and water that we can’t get away from nowadays. I don’t care Even if you eat organic, you’re still getting toxins out of the air or out of the water, but a lot of them come into foods.
And so if you minimize those by eliminating them with the carbon sixty, your body doesn’t have to regenerate cells and saving your nanometer. For a longer life. There was a RAD study that they did back in two thousand twelve was when they published it. And they actually increased the lifespan of these whisker rats. It it actually doubled ninety percent longer they lived.
And they didn’t have any tumors in their body when they dissected them after they passed away, these rats. So it it it helped with that as also, there’s another article that, you know, Carbon 6G prevents metastasis in your body and that there’s a pubmed. We have it on our website somewhere. I think it’s on a home page. But you can Google Carbon sixty and basically any health issue and find a study.
It’s been out long enough since, you know, a lot of people started working about the turn of the century, started working on Carbon sixty. Because they realize how bioavailable it is, how small the particle is, and it’s spherical. So it’s very compatible to your body. It’s not like a jagged piece of crystal like some of these industrial grade carbon 60s are. The ones that we produce are very spherical they’re round, they’re very biocompatible, and they’re small, and they have the property of giving up an electron, which makes them work.
So a lot of things that helps with.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: I think preventative is so key to people understanding. We’ve been conditioned to think. That we sit and we wait until something goes wrong, and then we go to the doctor to get care. But here at Naturally Inspire, we’re always, you know, we just can’t stress enough. It’s a lifestyle that you’re living.
So like if carbon, you can take carbon c sixty on a regular basis, it’s a preventative measure. That you can take and it’s easy. It’s something you can incorporate into your lifestyle. Preventative.

Bob Greska: Yeah. It’s easy. There’s no taste to it. It’s very clean tasting. You don’t have to take a lot of it.
It’s made with we use sunflower oil as a carrier oil, which happens to be one that’s low in omega 6s, so we got a low in omega 6s count in it. So it’s a very, very good lowlidelic acid, which most nonflowlers have highlidelic acid, but this one’s cold pressed in its organic non GMO. So we meet all those criteria and we have an approved manufacturing facility. It’s a certified good manufacturing process. Where a third party comes in, the company comes in and verifies that we have lot traceability and cleanliness and all those kind of things.
So it’s kind of a it’s a good good supplement to take. Howard Bauchner:

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah, and I love that you mentioned, you know, you can’t get away from toxins because I I I know, you know, when you start becoming aware, of what’s really in your water, what’s really in your air, what’s really in your food. It can be scary. And you can you can feel like you have to become over conscious of everything that you’re doing, and it can turn into a problem. I have seen it turn into a problem for people. And so it’s not about eliminating every single toxin you know, you can’t do that.
It’s about lessening your burden. It’s about, you know, easing it up on your body. And and that’s where I think carbon c sixty comes into. It’s such a a great thing you can feel like you can put your mind at ease when you’re doing something to counteract. Some of these assaults that get put on us on a daily basis.

Bob Greska: Bauchner: Yeah, and like you say, there’s toxins and everything hundred years ago, we didn’t have the toxic load in the water in the food and we didn’t have the industrial revolution that appeared and caused all the concentration of these toxins. And and that’s what really caused the problem. And now they then go bury them in a landfill and then they leach into the water system plastics here in Colorado, they eventually those micro particles when they break down to small amounts, they don’t go away, they just break down smaller pieces. And they they end up in the ocean.

Speaker 6: Absolutely. And and they’re they’re

Bob Greska: yep. Yeah.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. We just No. We’re going everybody. Eats a credit card a credit card size plastic in a year. That’s what the average American consumes because plastic doesn’t go Right.
It just goes somewhere else.

Bob Greska: Yeah. And and plastics, some of them have toxins in them. That leach out the plastic sizes they use. I’m a plastics engineer, by the way, aerospace, I worked in carbon for decades. And, yeah, yeah, they they leach it leaches out of these some of these plastics that you have in food, and they’re even talking about PVC piping now being you know, leaching out, you know, you know, different toxins out of the PBC.
You know, it’s it’s not they’re not good for you. They’re probably vinyl syrup.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. We can do something about it, and that’s that’s when it our lifestyle comes into play. We’re talking to Bob Rresca, c dash sixty dot com, visit his web site, we’ll be back when we can learn more about the product. Which which should you start with? What where do you go?
We’ll tell you all that when we come back. Stay tuned. Need pain relief? Gresca’s topical mist spray on water based carbon sixty suspension quickly absorbs into the skin. Penetrating into muscles and joints to help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.
Spray it on to mist away your pain. Visit c dash sixty dot com or call seven two zero six zero zero six zero four zero. Be sure to tell them that naturally inspired radio sent you. You know what I love most about most of our our partners and naturally inspired health network and our partners here on naturally inspired radio is that they’re local. So you can call Bob.
You can call c sixty. And the number is seven two zero six zero zero six zero four zero. This is the innovator, the creator of the product. These people who as if it’s not Bob that answers, somebody close to Bob answers that knows all the same name for information that he does that can help, you know, advise you on what the what you should buy and what you should you know, what you should target or or what have you. Whatever the information is, they have it.
Bob, what what products do people start, say, with if they have pain. Is there, like, a synergistic effect to C60 where, you know, if you can use the roll on, the spray, and take it orally, you get better, better fits? Or is it better to start with the roll on if you have a pain in specific area? What what’s your advice on that?

Bob Greska: No. Well, the oral product we started out, that was our first flagship product, the forty five day supply and that’s carbon sixty and sunflower oil. And people started applying it topically and, you know, getting very good results with it, you know, with, you know, chronic joint pain and in knuckles as you get older or muscle pain or anything like that. And then we developed the water based product, which is more convenient to use. It’s a spray, it comes in a little spurt bottle and you spray it on topically, like on the bottom of your feet, if you have peripheral nerve pain, or or muscle pain or, you know, we’ve got athletes that use it that have muscle, you know, they work their muscles hard and it gives them relief.
We have a cyclist that wins all the time and he attributes it to carbon-sixty for helping him get through that muscle pain. Yeah, yeah, we have a roll on which is an oil based product. It’s a little more convenient to use to put it on. You don’t have to get your hands oily if you want to put it on topically. And we have a pet product.
The pet side gentleman called me today. He says my my my dog, everybody comments on how healthy my dog looks. He’s nine years old. And he runs around, like, a two year old puppy. Mhmm.
So the pet product works. So, you know, there’s no placebo effect with the pet either.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That’s right. They were a horse,

Bob Greska: daughter. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We have yeah.
For for persons that have a foundry, their hoops go bad. This corrects that. They start throwing out it helps them to grow new heights.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: So Yeah. I’ve read I’ve read that. What what does that mean exactly when I read I read on on the website that It actually promotes the proliferation, sorry, of healthy cells when it’s applied. To the coronary band. What does that mean in terms of horse talk?
Because I know I have horse people that listen. So what does that mean?

Bob Greska: Well, people people that eventually when their hoods go bad, they basically like the fingernail comes, it curls up and it like a finger, they’re curling up and it basically causes pain and they have to put the horse down eventually. Oh. Well, this actually stops stops that problem. Well, it promotes it doesn’t stop the problem. It promotes good healthy hoof growth.
So it starts there at the top of the cuticle where your finger is and it starts growing down. And we’ve got testimonies and pictures and videos and all kinds of things on our website under the equine banner. I could take a look at that and and see. So it works. There’s no placebo effects with horses either.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: No. No. That’s fascinating. But a terrible reason to have to put a horse down too. You know?

Bob Greska: Well, yeah.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That seems like

Bob Greska: I I agree. And and well, they’re in they’re in so much pain. We had one horse. You know, they used it the first horse we tried it on. They said, well, in three weeks as they said, if that horse ever walks again without being in pain, I’m convinced in in in three weeks that horse was trotting.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Wow.

Bob Greska: And yeah. The pain the pain goes away.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Do you have any specials for Christmas Do you have anything we should know about special offers?

Bob Greska: No. Yeah. We do. We do. We have special you know, you get you get you got a discount plus free shipping.
So on a bottle of a forty five day supply, you can that sounds like of product you could use after anything. You’re just going to be oily for a little bit, but it’s a good starting point and we make we produce quite a bit of it. So it’s not our most expensive product. Let’s put it that way. So, yeah, that’s a good place to go.
Just come to our website at c dash sixty dot com and give us a call and say, hey, I wanna talk about this. I got a health issue. We’re at seven two zero six hundred sixteen forty.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Perfect. It gives t dash sixty dot com a visit. You’ve gotta try this product. Thank you so much, Bob, for being on the naturally inspired radio show today. We’ll be back tomorrow, same time, thirteen sixty KHNC

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Thank you for listening and watching today’s show. We aren’t here to tell you what to think but to inspire and empower you to do your own thinking for better life results. We are being shadow band, censored, canceled, and deleted simply for sharing our message. Go to contact tammy dot com and always stay connected with us. At contact tammy dot com, sign up for our latest report on health, freedom, and organic lifestyle Text the word health to eight three three eight three eight one zero two zero and get free access to our community and chance to win free merchandise and products.
Send me a quick message and become a supporter. There are many options available and you will have a direct impact on keeping independent media healthy and growing. Go to contact tammy dot com and let’s stay connected.

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