Youtube Censors More Doctors, What's Up Canada - Wayne Peters Tells All

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Today on Naturally Inspired Radio youtube censors more doctors, what’s up Canada, Wayne Peters Tells All about the tyranny in Canada. 
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Intro: Welcome to naturally inspired radio. Coming to you from Weld County, Colorado, a right to farm community. A heartland of America. Providing real solutions for a healthy living, get back to basics, defend your right to how big pharma, big insurance, big food needs a big overhaul. Naturally inspired radio, helping people feel good so they could do what they love for longer.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to Thursday of Naturally and radio. I’m so glad you’re joining me. I can’t believe that it’s already the end of the week.
These weeks are flying by I tell you what. It’s just it goes by in a blink of an eye. I’m so glad you’re joining me today. We have an awesome show planned for you. Here in Northern Colorado, the weather’s pretty good.
Still feeling that, you know, overcast stuff in and out, which we’ve kind of had a taste of all summer long. But now we’re definitely heading into fall with the crisp cool air at night and in the mornings as well. If feels good. But, you know, I I I’m sad to see summer go as always. At eighteen ninety Homestead, we managed to feed our our cows off our pasture all summer long, which is awesome for us.
Normally, we don’t see that. That’s the benefit of all the rain that we’ve gotten. We haven’t had to bring in hay because we’ve had great production in our field because of all of the rain. But this weekend, this weekend’s hay weekend, we gotta go pull some hay, get some hay and I love it because we just get our hay from my husband’s high school friend. He went to school with this guy and this guy now grows hay and we get our hay supply from him and and that’s what it’s all about for me.
I love to be able to support friends and family and community in locally when we purchase things. That’s that’s to me so incredibly important. So We’ll be doing that this weekend. Poland, hey, I hope you have plans for the weekend that are a little bit more fun than that. Today’s show we got some great topics.
I got some good news for you, which is which is great. Right? Yesterday, I was all fired up. Today, I’ve got some good news for you. Washington University will no longer be prescribing puberty blockers for transgenders.
And that’s interesting. We’re gonna talk about why that’s happening. Taco Bell. Yeah. Taco Bell.
You know, I hear this over and over again with my clients when I’m counseling for nutrition that, you know, cheap cheap. They need cheap fast meals. And, you know, healthy food isn’t convenient. And it and and it isn’t cheap. This is what I hear over and over again.
Well, today, I’m gonna prove to you that places like Taco Bell really aren’t cheaper and why. YouTube has button down some more rules. Yeah. As if they could add anymore. But, yep, they did.
YouTube is now censoring specifically through algorithm, your information about health. And this should be really concerning to you. I know when I first started my journey name many years ago on taking personal responsibility for my health. One of my favorite resources was doctor Marcola. At that time, time.
He was just sending out a, you know, this old school. This is you, you know, decade and a half ago or more. He was just sending out an email And I started reading his emails, and I started putting his advice to to use, and it was working. And and I was just I was just floored by that. That that this works.
Hey, this works. And just getting his emails completely changed my thinking around how I was gonna treat myself and my family when it came to our health. And that just built up over the years. And then I just, you know, continued to see speak out different practitioners and seek out different information. And and that’s how it all started for me.
So this is super important that something like YouTube would decide without anyone’s knowledge or consent that they’re going to restrict what you can see when it comes to you looking for solutions for your health. So whoa. Bam. This is super important. You need to know about it And then at the bottom of the hour, we have a guest.
We have Wayne Peters from Canada joining us, from WhatsApp Canada, that’s his website. What’s up Canada? And they do a broadcast out of there. And I just love bringing attention to these brave people that are speaking up in Canada because, you know, I sit here every day and I and I say whatever I want and and, you know, that’s America. Right?
Well, slowly, that’s being deteriorated here in in America, but, man, it’s really deteriorated in Canada. Like, legally, they’ve put in they’ve put in different laws now that keep you from saying things and slap you with hate speech and they’ll put you in jail it’s terrifying. So any chance I can get to get a brave soul that’s living in Canada to come on and talk as you know, I’m Canadian and my family’s there and it’s super important to me that that that country wake up. They need to wake up And so I’m gonna talk to Wayne today and hopefully open some more minds about what’s going on over there and globally. Let’s get started with today’s top story.
I am talking about Washington University, so We’re winning. This is such a this is a good victory, you guys. So here’s the statement from the source on Washington University. So Washington University physicians will no longer prescribe puberty blockers or cross sex hormones to minors for purposes of gender transition, patients who are currently receiving this care through thewashing University Transcenter Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital will be referred to other providers for these services.
So they are disheartened that they have to take this step. However, Missouri’s newly enacted law regarding transgender care has created a new legal claim for patients who received these medications as minors. This legal claim oh my business have so much to say about that. This legal claim creates unsustainable liability for healthcare professionals and makes it untenable for us to continue to provide comprehensive transgender care for minor patients without subjecting the university and our providers to an unacceptable level of live ability. Oh, wait a minute.
Are you concerned that you might be liable for something? I thought this was perfectly wonderful treatment, course of treatment that was saving lives. And now you’re concerned about why a liability, not just concerned about liability, but so concerned about liability that it out weighs the benefit of them doing it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be cutting it off. Right?
They wouldn’t be cutting the treatment off if they thought they were, you know, that this benefit was so great that it would be worth it to put up with maybe one person that complained about it or took it to suit? No. They’re shutting the whole thing down because now they’re super concerned and why? Why are they so concerned? Well, lawsuit filed against Nebraska medicine over trans teens breast removal surgery in two thousand and eight teen.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re back. We’ve been on naturally inspired radio. It’s Thursday. I’m so glad you’re joining us.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Visit naturally inspired radio dot com. I have my new substack coming up. I’ll probably release it tonight. It’s about relationship health. So much is related to our interactions in life.
And if you don’t think so, oh, a quick search over on Harvard Health or any of the NIH publications, you’ll be able to find evidence that science reflects that we are impacted by our outside circumstances, especially emotional circumstances, and therefore, our relationships really have an impact on us. And so I’m writing about relationships right now because even though you know, we’re more able to communicate given all the technology we have available to us on the Internet, on our cell phones, text all the DMs, everything. Right? You would think that we would have more relationships, but actually, we don’t. We have less relationships.
I have a few theories about this. One being the over communication. I see a lot of you know, back in the day when I was in in the realm of school, I would see kids, you know, they over communicated because they could text all night long. And that just led to opportunities of getting sick of one another and maybe saying the wrong thing, and and it was over communication. So that was one thing that I really noticed.
The other thing I think is just authenticity. You can be a lot more unauthentic sick online and people tend to be. And so that doesn’t really cultivate healthy relationships. So I kinda of explore these topics and offer some solutions for for cultivating healthy relationships, you know, relationships that you align with. They align with you and these are healthy because that is what will create a strong community.
All of us knowing how to cultivate healthy relationships. So check out naturally inspired radio dot com. Subscribe to my Substack It’s free. You just have to sign up and there’s also subscriber content on there, but that’s your choice. You don’t have to subscribe to that.
Portion of it. But these blog posts I put out all the time, because I really truly wanna get the information out there. And I wanna help people feel good so they can live longer and do what they love. Okay. So this next story, crack me up because, you know, I hear this all the time when I’m working with clients in the past and whatnot that Taco Bell and these fast food places.
They’re cheaper. You know, I can’t It’s hard for me to get away from that because, you know, it’s cheap. It’s fast. I’m on the go. I gotta get my kids to soccer.
I’ve heard it all. Trust me. I have heard it all when it comes to main excuses. But listen to this video because it’s quite interesting. I think you’ll be surprised guys.
Take a listen.

Clip 1: We just went to Taco Bell and got food for four of us, and it was fifty three dollars. This morning, we went to an upscale breakfast restaurant and got breakfast for all of us, including an appetizer, and that was sixty six dollars. So Taco Bell is almost the same exact price to feed a family of four as it is to go to an upscale breakfast restaurant. Make it make sense. I don’t understand.
I mean, I understand inflation’s crazy, but this has to be great. Taco Bell, I mean, We got three cheesy Gergida Crunches and they were fourteen dollars. So they’re like four or five dollars apiece now for at taco at taco though. A beefy five layer burrito is three eighty nine. I don’t understand how this can’t be inflation.
Taco Bell used to be like a dollar

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Well, listen. They get you hooked on that, you know, when it’s dirt cheap, fifty cents of taco or whatever. I don’t know. I don’t I’ve never been to Taco Bell. I’ll mess up right now.
I was born in Canada. We had TacoTime, and I definitely went to Taco time as a teenager and whatnot. But since I’ve lived in the United States, which is well over twenty years, I haven’t been to talk about. I I don’t I’ve never been there. But Stories I hear is that it used to be dirt cheap.
And when people were young and drunk, they went thereafter. After they got done drinking, they went to Taco Bell because it was cheap. And people go there primarily not for the quality of food, but for the quickness of it and for the cheapness of it. Well, newsflash, it ain’t cheap. So this model of junk food.
There’s very little reason to stay tied to it anymore. Your the excuses are not they’re not they’re not weathering the storm here. Fifty three dollars for Taco Bell that you’re gonna eat in your car on the side of the road or in a parking lot. We have to really consider this. Right?
Because there are other ways, other solution that we can come to. It’s also surprising, normal, it’s not surprising, but it’s some worth pointing out that this family has eaten two meals out in one day. And I think that’s the norm. Right? I think that that’s really easy to do.
And because you get caught up, but what I’m asking people to do is to take a pause and reflect on how that’s impacting your health. I’ll tell you these fast foods don’t have a lot of nutrition in them. They got a lot of carbohydrates. They got a lot of additives. The sugar or salt that make it taste good.
But, unfortunately, there’s very low satiety to this food, meaning after you eat it, you’re not feeling very satisfying side. And so what happens is you end up eating more or you go, you know, feeling unsatisfied side, and your nutrition requirement wasn’t met. So that impacts your health. And at fifty three dollars, you know, it’s just not worth it because then you start to to have symptoms, maybe you gotta eat some thumbs after that, you know, because it’s upset your stomach. Like, there’s all these added costs medically that people don’t tie to the cost of the food that they’re eating.
So it’s kind of that whole principle of like stepping over, you know, a dollar to pick up a penny. Because that’s what happens. You pay. You pay upfront or you’re going to pay later. Usually when you have to pay later, it’s more expensive.
So it’s not a good theory to live by. It’s not a good to live by, to consume these types of products, and think that you’re getting ahead in terms of spending less money or, you know, filling the need of it being convenient. Well, it’s not gonna be convenient when you don’t feel good, and it’s not gonna be convenient convenient when the kids are hungry again in an hour. And we have to start looking at these things long term rather than just quick fixes because it really is not helping us in any way. Medical bills are expensive.
You know, we all know that. We’ve all probably if it hasn’t happened to us, we have known someone where it’s happened to, where the medical burden upon them even with insurance has gotten so great that it’s it impacted their financial life horrifically. And we have to keep that in mind when we’re our daily choices, and I think this is the disconnect. We don’t connect our food to our out comes when it comes to our health. Because we it’s not immediate.
We don’t immediately feel sick. Sometimes we do, you know, after these types of foods. But we don’t immediately have this problem in our health that shows up. And so the disconnect is long term and we’re not making the connection that eating unhealthy equals this particular disease that you now have five years later. We gotta bridge that gap and understand that what we do now shows up later.
And so that’s what we have to expose. And so I’m I’m kind of glad that Taco Bell’s prices are going up because maybe people understand it’s not worth it to spend that amount of money on such, you know, non nutrition, nutritionally dense foods. It’s much better to roll through a grocery store if you have to pick up some, you know, a cooked chicken and and some berries and fruit and whatever, you know, whatever you can you can grab to go if you can if you don’t have time to to cook. And I’m I’m happy to give strategies for that type of thing because there’s definitely go to items that you can go to that will fill you up and they’re fast they just don’t require, you know, going through that Taco Bell drive through. So always here to provide solutions and expose the truth on those types of things.
The next thing I wanted to talk about was this YouTube censorship stuff, holy moly. This this this is scary. Very scary. And let’s listen to the clip first so you can understand the magnitude of the issue. Take a listen to this doc who has just found out that, you know, his videos won’t be so easy to find on YouTube.
Check it out.

Clip 2: YouTube has just now banned anything related to health that doesn’t align with the general medical consensus So if any information related to health doesn’t agree with the World Health Organization, they won’t necessarily always take down the the video, but they’re gonna change the algorithms. So they’re gonna replace those videos that were popular that had lots of likes and lots of engagement with medical information This new partnership with YouTube is supposed to protect you against misinformation and promote high quality health information?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: So that right there, I don’t know if you remember a week or two knock out with Rant and Raving over this whole freedom of speech does not equal freedom of reach. That was on Twitter rate. I think it was Twitter CEO that coined that phrase, not a big fan of that one. That’s for sure. But that’s what this is.
Right? So, oh, we can’t silence your freedom of speech, although they do mine all the time. So what we’re gonna do is we’re going to we’re going to just censor who can see it. Yeah. That’s what that Right?
So pretty soon, you develop reeducation because this is how they’re gonna teach you, oh oh, if you don’t say the right thing, then we’ll punish you. Right? So you get a little slap on the wrist. Nobody can see your stuff. Oh, well, you learn pretty quickly and I can’t say that.
I watch high profile people play that game. Well, we can’t say the v word on YouTube, so we’re gonna v this and v that, you know, these little games that people were playing is just ridiculous. Imagine if we’d all come together and said, you know what? We’re all actually gonna come off YouTube because we can’t say the V word on there. So we’re and I mean, vaccines.
By v. Can’t say that on YouTube, you know, because you were getting censored. So everybody’s jumping through their hoops you know, because they’re bound down to the advertising dollar, the monetization on YouTube. And how did that did did we comply our way out of that guys? Did we comply our way out of fixing YouTube so that we could say whatever we want?
No. Now we’re at an even at a worse stage. Now we’re at a stage where they’re programming, the artificial intelligence, the algorithm, to bear your information. If it doesn’t align with the WHO or the CDC or the FDA, right, that’s where we’re at. So now when you’re at home, like when I used stay home with my kids.
And, you know, kid comes up with a little cough and you’re like, oh, it does. I wonder what I can do about that. Type it in. Oh, get yourself some honey, get yourself some, you know, lemon, this or whatever and give it to the give it to baby and, you know, it’ll help sore throat. Right?
Oh, look at that. Works. You won’t be able to do that now. Instead, you’re gonna get a Mayo Clinic video that tells you there are no tried and trued and scientifically proven remedies for sore throats for kids. You’re just gonna have to deal with that kid all day or go ahead and make a tell a tell a appointment with us at the Mayo Clinic.
We have operators standing by. It’s only twenty five. Dollars That’s what you’re gonna find. Do you see how their hijacked king your freedom here. Now, you can always go down to the old library and pick up a book, but certainly less convenient, isn’t it?
We’re gonna have to push back on this stuff and get off of these platforms so that they under down that we mean business, that we aren’t gonna tolerate being censored like this. If you don’t wanna take the natural route with your health, all the power to you, all your information’s out there. Clearly, you can access it, call a doctor, you can go to the farm to see, you’ve got plenty of resources. But if I don’t wanna take that route, who were you to tell me that I can’t by censoring the information I need. This is wrong.
We’re gonna be back with our guest From WhatsApp Canada, Wayne Peters, after this break. You’re listening to naturally inspired radio.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re back on naturally inspired radio. As I always say, you know, naturally inspired radio wants to part are with you. We want to know. We want to know about your business. We want to know how we can help you get new clients we don’t wanna know how we can grow our community because that’s really important to us that we start bringing these solutions to our community so that we can tap out of this global reset and the people who are trying to push us into using their products and services forever.
It’s time. This is the way we tap out is through buying local, supporting our community and providing solutions that don’t involve them. That’s what will get their attention. So we wanna do that, visit naturally inspired radio dot com. We wanna know how we can work with you.
So my guest today is Wayne Peters from WhatsApp Canada. As I said the beginning of the show. You know I’m from Canada and that this is this is an issue for me. I need to make sure that people understand in the United States, what’s going on in Canada. It is merely a glimpse as to what they will try to roll out here.
We have constitution here. A little bit different. Canada has a charter, which isn’t as rock solid as our constitution. So we should be in globally grateful that we do have the constitution, but that means that we need to help our neighbors, you know, we need to help them and we need to understand what they’re going through and so that it doesn’t happen here. So I am very happy to introduce you to Wayne Peters from WhatsApp Canada.
Hi, Wayne. How are you today?

Wayne Peters: Oh, I’m awesome. Thanks for having me on to to to share a little bit of the insanity called Canada.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yes. First of all, I’m very empathetic to what you all are going through over there. As I said, I have family over there and I’m from Canada, Victoria, British Columbia. And it just breaks my heart to see some of the stuff that’s going on there. And it breaks my heart even more.
To know that there’s a whole lot of people that don’t get what’s going on. They got their head in the sand, and they’re calling out, you know, people who do know what’s going on saying, you’re crazy, you’re nuts, and they’re lining up their sixth, seventh, and some even eighth shot. Is that what’s happening over there?

Wayne Peters: Well, I you know, I I I called myself a cynical optimist because things are absolutely insane and it would be easy to get very cynical towards life if that’s all we looked at. But One of my mantra is that insanity is unsustainable. So the sooner we can get through to the other side of it, the more optimistic everybody can be. So I’m very optimistic these last year, particularly especially here in Canada with seeing how many people are waking up. It’s going to take some time for people to understand the magnitude of how far things have gone.
But they’re waking up to serious problems and acknowledging that there are serious problems in this just name calling and taunting by the media. Is no longer adequate to keep people silent. And I do a lot of talking on American radio and it’s it’s still surprising to me how deceived the American public is about what’s been going on in Canada, how soon beer it is. And for all of the polarization on the southern border, I think that there being misdirected nation be very afraid of what’s assembling yourself on the northern border.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: I agree so much. So please tell me why did you start WhatsApp Canada. What was the trigger point for you where you’re like, wow, I gotta do something?

Wayne Peters: Well, most people in the world are now familiar with the Conway, the truckers Conway that happened last year in Canada. And that was globally monumental, but what people don’t know is that wasn’t the first one. The first one actually happened in twenty nineteen and it was so much smaller in intimate, more intimate, but the effect was the same on people that took part from both sides of participants and those that supported it along the way. And it was really — that was the event honestly for me. I took part in that for ten days to cover it.
It was a much shorter event. And when I came back from there, I literally fired all of clients in my business and took advantage of poverty to become an independent journal because I knew that they were – that people were being lied to and that literally a rock to do a better job of disseminating truth across Canada than what the fraudulent legacy media was doing. So that was kind of really the impetus for me After that event, in February twenty nineteen, I was really mentally a mess and It was April third, I turned on the camera, and I said, hey, what’s up Canada to do a live stream? And it just hit me like a set of bricks that day. What I was being called to do, and I’ve never looked back.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That’s amazing. That’s so interesting because I started my natural health podcast in two thousand nineteen before COVID as well. Because I was seeing all of this, you know, corruption and big pharma. And it’s just amazing how God kind of aligns us. Doesn’t it?
Doesn’t he need to get us in the right position for for the battle? It it

Wayne Peters: it it truly does. And and and for me, personally, there was a huge struggle at that time to walk away from everything that I put twenty years into building and that was self employed, all of those things. And so there was this huge turmoil and it took me about a month to come through it and it was really a genuine surrender. I could not have been in a dark place with the mindset that I had in that chaos and confusion. And from the moment I surrendered to that calling, my life has never been the same and I cannot imagine it any other way.
And I’ve come to learn that everything that in my life up to this point was part personal of what I needed to to be the person that I am now to be as effective as what I do. So as well I am. So that’s kind of the nutshell of what makes Wayne tick on Savagely Canadian and I’m under contented for it. And I wasn’t you know, when they tried to silence or censor us, I’m that here, hold my beer guy.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: I love it. I love it. That’s so great. What what are your thoughts on this latest press drop that you know, Teresa Tam and, you know, go get your new vaccine and and Teresa Tam saying that, yeah, yeah, get your mask ready. What do you think the public’s response to that was?
I’m seeing online mostly mostly people are saying, I don’t think so, lady. What do you think?

Wayne Peters: For the no. No. Thank you, lady. No. Thank you sir.
Yes. Whatever you want to use, it’s appropriate. But it’s going to be very interesting to see what happens Now for most people that aren’t aware, when Justin Trudeau came into power, one of the first things that he said was that he would make Canada the first post nation state of the United Nations. Nobody knew what he meant. Do all of these globalist centralized controls.
So all of these mandates and everything are part and parcel of the bigger agenda. And last summer fall, there was a huge bounce were going on over this international pandemic treaty that the WHO wanted signed and it was initially it was stopped due to a huge resistance from independent groups from South Africa, South America and Europe. That’s what stopped to that publicly because anyone behind closed the door.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Let’s take a break, Wayne. Let’s take a break. And when we come back, let’s talk about the international pandemic treaty and what that impact will have on us all. You’re listening to naturally inspired radio. I’m with Wayne Peters today.
What’s up Canada? Stay tuned.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: You’re listening to Naturally Inspire Radio. I’m talking to Wayne Peters from Canada today. His website is what’s up Canada, that’s WH a t s UP Canada dot org. So make sure you head over there. He’s got some wonderful connections on here.
And that’s so important because once we know something’s wrong, we need to know how to shift, how to shift our spending, who to go to for help, like, it’s really really important that people get connected because if we don’t have a solution, then it’s pretty hard to walk away from the enemy me. And I noticed here on Wayne’s website that this is with information on the international pandemic and who treaty?

Wayne Peters: Well, that’s the the treaty to end all other treaties. What they’re doing is they’ve infiltrated the health of our nations, the health governing bodies and set up this treaty now that we’ll allow them the next time the WHO says that there’s this plague or that pandemic, that the nation states that are contractually obligated to this will see their national control to the WHO. And this is something that Biden’s team is leading you guys into, but you can watch it take traction and hold in Canada first. That’s the canary in the coal mine for all of the, what I call, the forthright stuff that they’re implementing. And then these these things are all subsidiary, subset boxes that were to be ticked off off under that UN SDA agreement.
So this is it’s coming to you guys too, but you guys gonna be able to watch it, play it real time in Canada. First, I hope that it is less successful this time around than last time. But these guys have seriously long ways to weaponize the perception of safety and they keep people moving around in a constant barrage of fear and and hurting us into these things that we believe are safe like treaties and vaccinations and those kinds of things. So it’s a diabolical plot that is nowhere near over yet.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. We have had Jeff from save canada dot com on the radio program to talk about the fifteen minute cities. And this definitely links to this plan. And and it’s frustrating because a lot of people look at the fifteen minute city and think, oh, well, who doesn’t wanna live in a fifteen minute is so convenient. It’s great.
It’s great for the environment. I know, la la la. Everything’s good. No. Not so good.

Wayne Peters: Well, that’s have my my thing about that is is I call it convenience, Satan’s candy. Because every philanthropic idea or every good thing that they try to portray as good or convenient is automatically attached to another red in the stitches of slavery. There’s no maybe the photos. It doesn’t take, you know, an arthiologists to dig into the roots of all of these kinds of things to find out sooner or later, there’s dark money Guard people where this is all tied back in some way to the UN SDA, which is the source of the DEIs and the CBDCs, all of these things are part and parcel lengths to keep us completely off balance and looking for that thing, oh, this will help us. This will be convenient.
This will be safe, and we’ll sign under that. And we keep they keep moving us in — as societies in that direction. So the fifteen minute cities are just ways for them to literally put us in people coupes so they can manage control and govern every moment of time that we spend. In every penny that we spend. And although they will be punishing us for thinking things before we leave can stop them at that point.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Talk to me about Canada’s financial crisis. What do you know about that? I

Wayne Peters: think the runway is almost up, unfortunately. This is I think one of the big distractions that’s going on around the planet is in the U. S. Is probably going to suffer more for that than even perhaps Canada. But this de dollarization around the world, this move to commodities back currencies, bricks, those kinds of things are picking up steam and momentum.
Literally, in doesn’t make me a supporter in any way, shape, or form. It just makes me aware in watching what’s happened in Africa over the course of two weeks, pretty much one hundred years of investment in Africa has been through own out as the African continent refused no longer wants to do business or trade with Europe and America. So that is going to go to people that are creating goodwill there. So these people that oppose us were literally able to sway the influence and goodwill of an entire continent in two weeks. This is seriously concerning when we look at what’s a direction that is gonna take our dollar in and they keep printing more.
This is a a a runaway freight train. It’s it’s not be if it’s gonna collapse, it’s when and how bad it’s gonna be, and I think we’re running at a time.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Howard Bauchner: So the real issue choose that Canadians and Americans are going to face. What are those? Like, what’s the pain point going to be for us? Here in our own countries? Is it inflation in food?
What will we see?

Wayne Peters: We’re going to see the typical standard issue collapse, the same thing that happened in Venezuela. It’s – this is really the implementation of a new society. You can look back at at Mao in China. You control the food. You control the people.
These manufactured destabilization of all of our supply chain, all of our food sources this is all done by design. Food controls people. And the inflation is going to be going up exponentially quicker very soon. It’s to get you to the point where you can take a wheelbarrow full of paper money to the store and not be able to buy a loaf of bread. These are the real things that we’re going to be seeing happening.
This is — I just partnered up with the precious metals company up here in Canada, because they see this coming too. And their expectations that was gonna happen in the next year is gonna make two thousand and eight. Maybe probably the nineteen thirties looked like a kindergarten picnic.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Wow. Wow. And that’s, you know, I I hate to focus on the doom and gloom. Right? But we we have to pull our heads out of the sound here because this this is this is something I think that’s we’re so detached from in the generations that we’re in now because we haven’t really lived through a whole ton of pain.
So we’re so detached from this this type of of reality. We think it can’t happen. That’s literally an answer that when I’m in conversation with people who don’t understand what’s going on, they An answer is, oh, Well, we’ve been through that. That that wouldn’t happen again. We’re talking to Wayne Peters, a naturally inspired radio.
We’re gonna be right back with the last segment him. Don’t touch that dial. Stay tuned.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: We’re back on naturally inspired radio. I’m talking to Wayne Peters. You can visit wayne Peter’s website at what’s up canada dot org. Like I said, he’s got some wonderful resources on there. He does do some shows.
So Wayne, tell us about the different shows that you have. Oh,

Wayne Peter: wow. There’s no particular genre or rhyme or reason to it. It’s it’s try an attempt to be in formative, you know, groundbreaking. I do a lot of whistleblower stuff as well. Some of my the people that I look up to and admire the most are going Tucker Carlson in those spaces.
I work directly with Wendy Bell in Pittsburgh, so I get a lot of influence in in in a lot of – just relating to the people that serve the people that’s the end of the day, what they want to know about and what they need to know about the most. That’s what I’m gonna be looking for. So there’s there’s literally no rhyme or reason you’re not gonna you’re gonna see a a broad spectrum of stuff when you go to my site and that’s part of what I do. I also have a look and glass media coalition where we’ve got fifteen content streamers that are all working together in one platform. So we’re doing a lot to try and place the legacy media void of truth in Canada and North America.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: That’s great. And that’s that’s exactly what we have to do because if we don’t provide solutions than where people to go. That’s exactly what it’s all about, and I’m glad to hear that you’re doing that. It is super important. What impact do you think the media has had on the spot that Canada is in today?

Wayne Peter: Think media is the most existential threats to humanity in our time.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Wow.

Wayne Peter: In Canada, it’s a hundred percent owned by the establishment. There is less news and truth coming out of Canada than there is out of North Korea and China. America is not seeing it except for a few rebels with platforms like ours. It’s unfortunate and dangerous how unplugged America is from what’s really going on in Canada.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Howard Bauchner: I would agree And I I I mean, I I was living in a bit of a different universe before I got banned off of Facebook because I’m permanently banned off Facebook. Now my producer has full control of Facebook pages, but I can’t even look at Facebook without a closing on me. So I had a really difficult time connecting with friends and family from Canada from my point a view because they just weren’t getting the same information. And I didn’t realize how restrictive it was until I started sending things to specific individuals. They’re like, yeah.
No. We’re not hearing that here. Yeah. No. We’re not hearing that here.

Wayne Peter: Yeah.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: So that’s that’s an amazing

Wayne Peter: They’ve removed numerous YouTube channels. Seventy percent of my content on Facebook for my platform. You cannot share my link on Facebook to my platform. It’s deemed a news platform. So that’s forbidden from being shared in Canada or on Facebook or Google.
So this is kind of what we’re up against trying to get a truth out of Canada.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Yeah. What is your Facebook page so people can follow it?

Wayne Peter: It is WhatsApp Canada on Facebook. Pretty much anywhere, slight iterations, what’s up Canadian perhaps and some URLs, but that’s that’s you’ll you’ll find me. You will find me. I am like a dog with a bone. I don’t want to give up.
So I would just adapt the Verizon overcome. That’s the order of the day?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Well, I just wanna say thank you so much for being that person, that is a dog without a bone because Canada need you more now than ever. And I, for one, am so grateful that there are voices in Canada that are speaking up, and I’m happy to connect with any of them so I can bring this mess message to Americans and Canadians alike?

Wayne Peter: Well, we’re grateful for getting the opportunity when there’s track to talk to somebody that is outside of the echo chambers that we’re trapped in. We’re like in a desert with no water when it comes to that. So thank you so much for giving me a time to share a little bit of what I do up here.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia: Absolutely. And we’d love to work with you going forward at naturally inspired radio to support one another. We this is what it’s about people. You gotta hear this this alarm he’s sounding. You gotta hear it and you gotta understand it’s time to act.
Thank you so much. This has been Wayne Peters with WhatsApp Canada, and I’m Tamika Garcia for naturally inspired radio, and this is the week. This is the whole thing. So I won’t see it till Monday. Stay tuned, though, three o’clock Monday, thirteen sixty AM.

Wayne Peter: I’m gonna mess around.

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